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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

【Corporate Interview】Tung Ho Textile Softly "Spinning" its Way Out of the Sustainable Business Opportunities.

Textile products are an indispensable part of people's lives. With the passage of time, the textile industry faces both opportunities and challenges. It requires measuring diverse customized demands and efficient mass production. Digital transformation is the necessary path towards sustainable operation, and realizing sustainable values is a key factor in standing out among numerous brands. This interview features Tung Ho Textile, demonstrating how the company integrates novelty into production, management, and marketing to transform brand advantages into opportunities!

The Interactive Digital Showroom for the Motorcycle Industry!

The motorcycle industry is considered a limitless prospect because it represents personalized freedom and is a revered contemporary lifestyle. According to a research report from EMR, the global motorcycle market's Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is projected to reach 8.5% from 2024 to 2032. Asia, North America, and Europe are expected to be key markets. Against this backdrop, how should the motorcycle industry undertake the most effective digital transformation during this opportune period?

The changes brought about by immersive 3D digital platforms! The three key digital application keywords in the consumer electronics industry.

The application of digital transformation has become a crucial trend in the transformation of the consumer electronics industry. Faced with the evolving habits of consumers, including the increasing prevalence of online shopping and mobile usage, companies need to meet consumer demands and maintain a competitive edge through digitized sales, marketing, and customer experiences. During this shift, an excellent digital platform becomes particularly essential.

Deciding the future of smart real estate through asset digitization!

The real estate market is booming, a fact undeniable in Taiwan and globally. Indeed, the real estate industry has made significant contributions to both global and regional economies. However, in today's era of continuous development in digital technology and the digital economy, the digital transformation of the real estate industry lags behind other sectors. Bridging the gap in this scenario depends on how efficiently the industry adjusts its pace. How can we seize the opportunity to steer the digital transformation of enterprises towards intelligence in the real estate industry?

【Special Report】Exhibition Marketing Strategy for Companies QA - SEMICON Taiwan 2023

In the post-pandemic era, physical events are gradually making a comeback, and physical exhibitions remain a crucial marketing channel for brands. Companies can showcase their technology and products at these exhibitions, which also serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and trend exploration. Exhibitions provide opportunities for businesses to connect with potential partners and generate new opportunities. Many companies collaborating with King One Design have been exhibiting for several years. Even though they all choose participation in exhibitions as a marketing method, each of them has their own considerations and perspectives, resulting in varying benefits. King One Design specifically visited the exhibition to interview three collaborating companies. Let's take a look at their marketing strategies at the exhibition and how they maximize marketing effectiveness with the assistance of King One Design!

【Corporate Interview】Taiwan Nanotechnology:Transforming Brand Marketing with Innovative Presence in the Pigment Market

In an era of rapid change and constant technological advancements, King One Design serves as a driving force for marketing brands. We continuously seek innovation and develop diverse solutions and technological tools. We combine their expertise with both online and offline channels to create a comprehensive brand marketing strategy for businesses. This series of interviews will share the key points of King One Design's innovative collaboration with companies. We consistently strive to be the best partner for businesses looking to expand their domestic and international market opportunities. We conducted an interview with Taiwan Nanotechnology company this time, exploring how they incorporate new ideas into management and marketing to transform their brand strengths into opportunities.

CES2023 exhibition, new brand L'AiR launch preview - three major digital marketing technologies announced!

In recent years, with the change of consumer habits and the development of the 5G environment, all generations are increasingly relying on electronic technology. This time, it also focuses on how innovative products can improve the lives of people everywhere. Participants can also experience global The brand's new technologies are mainly exhibited on themes of sustainable development, virtual world, electric vehicles, transportation, digital health and so on!

Do I need digital transformation? Let professional consultants help your business do the health check!

Do I need digital transformation? This article will introduce you to digital transformation, and at the same time, let you understand the advantages of digital transformation with two major digital transformation cases at home and abroad, and provide well-known digital transformation professional units to seize the opportunity of transformation!

[Digital Transformation of Traditional Industries] Benefit increased by 300% within half a year! Broaching Faucet - How does Chengyou Seiki do it? (Company Interview No.03)

How can traditional industries better reduce operating costs and increase profits? Of course, digital technology is indispensable! How to make good use of digital technology to solve corporate marketing problems, and at the same time meet the expectations of enterprises and customers, and jointly create economic value, which requires professional assistance.

Goodbye Digital Marketing, Hello Intelligent Marketing: Are You Ready for the AI Era?

As early as 2014, Marc Pritchard, the international brand manager of P&G, said: "The generation of digital marketing is over!" But today, after seven years, why is the discussion in Taiwan's marketing circles only about digital marketing? Hurry up and stop reading other articles talking about digital marketing. This article will introduce you directly to Level Up to see what is a super-evolutionary version of digital marketing: "Intelligent Marketing"!

Take This into Your Tourism Factory: Interactive Design and Digital Transformation!

Taiwan has been undergoing industry transformation over 20 year, in which you will see one specific type of new business model rising: TOURISM FACTORY! The makeover, the interactive AR/VR activities, and heart-warming tour all bring the traditional factory into a customer-centered market now! And here we are going deep into the digital transformation side of tourism factory and show some successful examples to inspire you!