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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

【Lecture Highlights】Culture and Technology: Enhancing Immersive Experiences - Smart Museum Innovation Application Workshop

King One Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of King One Design, recently partnered with the Ministry of Education's Smart Museum to host a lecture titled "Digital Technology in Progress - Smart Museum Innovation Application Workshop" on May 17 at the International Conference Hall, Duxing Building, National Taipei University of Education. The lecture covered various aspects from management to curation and from display to experience, focusing on how museums can utilize digital technology to create more immersive experiences through cultural technology and achieve more sustainable development.

【Register Now for Free】King One Interactive Technology x Smart Museum | 5/17 Innovation Application Workshop & Lecture

【Smart Museum Innovation Workshop】Digital Technologies in Action! Bringing together the essence of academia, museums, and industry, National Taipei University of Education, the Ministry of Education's Smart Museum Project Office, King One Interactive Technology, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Amazon Web Services Limited, and Awu Corporation cordially invite you to participate in the "Academia x Museum x Industry - Exciting Cross-Domain Dialogue" workshop.

Sustainability in Action! Exploring Green Initiatives Through Three Exciting Exhibition Cases.

What do you primarily think of when you see the term "sustainability? Taking public transportation? Or environmental conservation and plastic reduction? Sustainability is not just a goal but also the outcome of our actions. In the bustling exhibition scene, we can truly experience that sustainability is not a noun but a verb in action!

Keep up with the digital age! Has the digital transformation of the enterprise been done? Five minutes to take you to understand the digital transformation strategy

This article will provide the direction of digital transformation and the digital transformation strategy of enterprise digital.

[Director King One Design's Column No.03] Layout 2023: ahead of the industry's three major digital media technologies, designated by major industrial companies!

More than half of 2022 has passed, let's take a look at the key changes in the past three years. Since 2019, the new crown pneumonia virus (COVID-19) has changed many things, from life to work to industry types have undergone major changes; at the same time, digital media has developed more diverse application methods, the Internet It also started to promote 5G to prepare for the metaverse world. Under such mutual influence, everyone has also discovered that the new form of digital media marketing will be more in line with the status quo and bring better benefits. It will not only maintain great adjustment flexibility and future expansion and development, but also make the use area more convenient. Extensive, you can get better benefits without raising the cost again and again.

【King One Design Column No.02】Marketing Trends in 2023 - Development and Application from AR/VR to Digital Fields!

Will Wang, the design director of King One Design, once again appeared to talk about "the development of AR/VR and the digital field" from the perspective of the industry in the post-epidemic era. Carefully explain why AR/VR is a must-have for corporate brands, and then emphasize the importance and context of AR. Finally, predict the changes that the metaverse will bring to website design/interactive multimedia installation design/interior design/exhibition design. Let brand enterprises in different fields use technology to adjust their marketing plans.

Here are the four things you need to know about going abroad to participate in the exhibition!

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, foreign exhibition venues have recovered, and the pre-epidemic exhibition events have returned to the mall! There are many things to pay attention to when participating in overseas exhibitions, such as booth design, moving line planning, display design, air ticket and accommodation planning, etc., are the key points that cannot be ignored. This article will be divided into three aspects: before the exhibition, during the exhibition and after the exhibition, and explain to you three matters needing attention when participating in overseas exhibitions, so that overseas exhibitions are no longer a headache for corporate brands!

Create the strongest eye-catching technique! Three creative marketing strategies and cases to make your brand shine

There are many ways of brand management and marketing, of which the most important is creative marketing. This article will share three creative marketing strategies, and then introduce creative marketing cases in different industries. Teach you how to formulate your own brand creative marketing plan and master the key to successful brand management!

[Booth Design Evaluation Form] How to plan and design an exhibition booth from scratch?

Want a most-visited booth in the international trade show? You will need a design company that not only understands you but also knows how to design and market at the same time! In today's article, we will be walking you through the process of making a booth from scratch! Let's have a look!

Break the traditional rigid structure, interactive office design and planning, creative life starts from the working environment

Why do well-known brand companies need to invest heavily to build a dream interactive office? The working atmosphere and comfort created by the office design are the key elements that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. The content of modern office design is red tape. KingOne Design Senior Editor specially sorted out the following points for readers, so that readers can quickly grasp the main "community" points of modern office!

SAVE THIS PAGE! Useful Vocabulary and Sentences for Exhibition Goers and Exhibitors!

In this article, we will give out ALL the vocabulary and sentences that is commonly seen in international exhibition industry! Don't hesitate and SAVE this page! It will help you a lot when traveling is back to normal!