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Digtal Transformation


6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

From CX to DX: 4 Major Immersive Technology Applications in Brand Marketing

"Can't tell the difference between CX and DX? With global e-commerce booming, Digital Experience (DX) is becoming increasingly important, surpassing Customer Experience (CX). Brand marketers must understand how to use personalized technology to create key touchpoints and provide captivating, more intuitive 5-star digital experiences."

Exploring Rediscovery through Immersive Experiences: The three major popular scene marketing strategies with 3D interactive websites.

"Do not let yesterday's technology hinder tomorrow's innovation." Taking inspiration from this famous quote by Bill Gates, we delve into the mindset of digital transformation for 3D interactive websites, leading to enhanced immersive experiences that have also revolutionized the way people interact with the world!

What is WebAR? A new AR experience you must know in 2022!

Having second thoughts on putting AR into marketing campaign? Don't worry, WebAR is here to save the world! WebAR is a technology to show anything that AR can do but on WEB, instead of in an App. This breakthrough helps marketing in so many levels. With a simple URL, the users all around the world could experience the first-hand AR experience on their phone!

Immersive shopping experiences take center stage! How can you show your products to the world through virtual exhibitions and online 3D displays?

In the post-epidemic era, online immersive shopping experience has become a key factor for consumers to decide whether to purchase goods. Professional 3D modeling technology is the key to a good online display. Good product 3D modeling can perfectly present product characteristics. In addition, the 3D modeling of products allows consumers to use highly interactive immersive experiences to clearly grasp product information in their consumption behavior.

What is AI smart customer service? Top 3 reasons why you need a chatbot in your next marketing campaign!

What makes you the best customer service experience? Experts and researchers will tell you "RESPONSIVE ANSWER!" With higher and faster rate of respond to the customer's question, it is already proven to increase the purchase willingness, for sure! Today, we are going to introduce AI chatbot system, and why you need them on your next marketing plan!

[Post-pandemic] How to use VIRTUAL ONLINE EXHIBITION to reach a new level of high conversion!

When we are seeing the light from a brighter post-pandemic life, we are also reminded of a new era of VIRTUAL ONLINE EXHIBITION! With the current traveling policies, the international exhibition industry is still under the weather. What we need to do is CO-EXIST with the virus. Do not just sit and wait for the virus to disappear, let's take actions and start your VIRTUAL ONLINE EXHIBITION marketing plans!

What is Inbound Marketing? Two Major Benefits and more examples to help you get better at it!

There are tons of marketing strategies, but which one is the most suitable for you? In this article, we will introduce what "Inbound Marketing" is and how to apply it to your marketing campaign, leading you to see the best result!

Check it out! Have you mastered all the four design points of optimization to build an interactive website?

Check it out! Top 4 design concepts for optimise your interactive web design! Have you wondered why the conversion doesn't increase even though you paid a lot for web design? "We do have interactive design!" "We added well-designed CTA already!" Do not worry! Today we will go through some simple ideas on how to examine your own website, especially on interactive design level. We will also offer you solid recommendations to make sure the upgrade goes well and FUN!

Immersive experience activities are popular! Retrieve the touch between people through technology!

What is FB/IG filter marketing? Directly let consumers advertise your brand!

[Case Study on Digital Transformation of Transmission and Production 2021] Break through the dilemma of transmission and production! Nangang Tire won 70,000 views like this