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3D Logo - The Little Secret in Exhibition Design

2019. Mar. 211,349

「Sometimes we are struggling for THE answer, but the answer is hiding in so many different situations and designs, and it can be applied in various ways.」

Pic Source: https://www.behance.net/ilovedust

After learning the basic forms and knowledge about 3D Logos, now we can move on to the advantages and the ways of how we incorporate them into our booth design. From the design point of view, 3D Logo breaks the boundaries of 2D flatness, adding one more dimension, getting one more possibility.  Speaking from the practical point of view, 3D Logos served as a great non-stop glowing beacon to attract people; some lightbox also can be the area separation titles. Last but not least, in the environmental friendly viewpoint, the consumption of disposable material is tremendously used in booth decoration; however, some 3D Logos, like channel letters, are highly secure. With enough care and storage methods, they are definitely re-usable!

Design – Breaking Boundaries

3D tech has been a trend in several design-related fields, such as gaming, movie and graphic design. With the hustle and bustle in the exhibition hall, if you want to stand out, breaking the boundaries are the best choice to go with!

exhibition booth design

2018 Automation – NEOUSYS

In this example, we can see the name of the company printed in both 2D(Chinese on the right) and 3D(English on the left). Comparing both logos, the 3D one has a certain thickness, able to show the shadow texture, making the logo popped out, overshine the 2D logo on the right.

2019 ICE – EFCO

EFCO is a perfect example of using simplicity to create elegance. The booth design is simple and the back wall is also on point, only printed with a few product descriptions.  To the upright corner, we put the 3d cutting logo on. The light and the shadow, together, is telling the story to the visitors, raising the quality of the design to another level.

Practical – Theme Title and Attention Catcher

Since we are going to talk about practical use, inevitably the money will come into our discussion. As we mentioned in the previous article, 3D logos are usually more costly, but the functions are much more effective. In pavilion design, we have small booths in one booth, so to distinguish them from each other, the light boxes are made for this purpose. 

booth design

2018 Taiwan Innotech Expo – TWC (Theme Title)

In Taiwan Innotech Expo, we could see this booth made by King One Design with TWC(Taiwan Water Corporation).  We have to show 4 state-owned corporates in one booth, so the lightbox comes in hand. It served as the title to help visitors distinguish different themes.


2018 METALLOOBRABOTKA – TAMI (Small Booth Title)

Here is another example of using lightbox as the theme title in the big booth. In METALLOOBRABOTKA, King One Design made Taiwan Pavilion for TAMI and the companies came along with. This time, the lightbox stood straight up and bigger, more like a pillar, also printed with booth number to increase the reachability and visibility to each booth.

Environmental Friendly – Re-use and Don’t Waste

exhibition booth design

2018 Computex – ATEN

Since the premiere of <An Inconvenient Truth> by Al Gore, environmental issue and over-consumption are officially the responsibility on me and you. In the exhibition design and decoration business, the disposable materials are excessively used, which we try to avoid. So, in order to reduce the waste, high-quality 3D Logo, like Channel Letters, is the best alternative. Due to the outer aluminum shell, the whole product is more secure; most importantly, we can re-use it over and over again!


「Only in the right spot will the light shine on you.」

No matter you are a sales, a designer, or just an ordinary visitor who accidentally clicks into our website, we all need to know one thing – “Only in the right spot will the light shine on you!” By that, I mean there is no best design, instead, only the most suitable one.


Sometimes we are struggling for THE answer, but the answer is hiding in so many different situations and designs. It can be applied in various ways. Only when you learn deep enough about your own design will you find the most suitable 3D Logo for your booth.


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