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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

What is Mixed Reality MR? Even Apple is actively involved in the development of mixed reality applications revealed!

Metaverse mixed reality (MR) has been discussed a lot recently, and even Apple has invested in the development of mixed reality application devices, actively deploying the Metaverse, and being the first to gain future business opportunities! After all, what is the famous mixed reality MR? Let's keep reading.

【King One Design Column No.01】From the phenomenon of companies building their own digital marketing platforms, foresee the future business opportunities of Meta Universe

Will Wang, the design director of KINGONE DESIGN, made a special appearance to talk about the difficulties faced by different industries in the global post-epidemic era with a unique perspective in the industry. In addition, with years of experience in interior decoration design of international exhibition halls and an insightful vision of the digital age, we predict the future changes that Metaverse will bring to website design/interactive multimedia installation design/interior design/exhibition design. Let brand companies in different fields use technology to adjust their marketing plans.

What are AR, VR, MR, XR? Quickly popularize their differences and applications in one minute!

AR, VR, MR, XR, there are too many Rs! With the rapid development in technology, AR and VR already stepped into all aspects of lives. And now, the latest trendy word - "Metaverse" is bombing the market with integrated awesomeness. Today, we are going to explore the fundamental technology of Metaverse, and learn about all kinds of "Rs"!

The indispensable 3D modeling technology for realizing the meta-universe era (continuously updating)

Too much information, don't know where to start? This article summarizes the latest "3D Smart Marketing" and "Meta Universe" related information, and provides you with a quick search! If you are afraid of missing the update information, please subscribe to the official website monthly report.

What is Metaverse? The key to entering Metaverse era - Virtual Reality!

The Metaverse Era is coming! Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced that Facebook is changed to "Meta"! In this article, we are going to discover the secret to metaverse, and the technology - VR that creates the metaverse!

Meta is coming soon, mastering the three major online activities will make you a pandemic player!

Due to the pandemic, many physical events are now handled online. There are many types of online events and various presentation methods. It's easier for companies to record the footprints of customers' website activities to achieve a series of digital integration experiences.

[3D] AR for branding? Choose the key AR technology to boost your marketing results!

Speaking of AR, Pokemon GO! may come into your mind first! Today, we are going to explore the BACKSTAGE of famous AR App, WebAR, and Interactive AR Designs, and learn about the technology and SDK. Different AR presentations may be suitable for different marketing campaign, you just need to choose the right one for it!

Don't Waste Time on Cross-Company Communication, let our IN-HOUSE Team Fulfills Your Dream!

You know what? Don't let your creativity go in vain just because the marketing/website company you are working with has to find another 3D modeling contractor! King One Interactive offers you a profound and professional IN-HOUSE team that help you to fulfill your dream work!

Digital interaction is in power! How to use these two technologies to bring customers a new AR experience!

The new generation of consumers have different shopping needs, interactive images are better than pictures and text, and they are more accustomed to digital and convenient life! Today in the article, we are going to explore what is hiding inside of AR - Image Target & Ground Plan. With a deeper understanding, you will be able to choose and plan wisely on the AR marketing campaign!

To build a good 3D modeling, which platform should I choose to present the effect?

In today's article, we are going to guide you through the pros and cons of two major platforms: App and Web. When it comes to 3D modeling marketing, you want to make the WOW effect on the product or you want to maximize the spreading? Let us tell you then!

What is 3D Modelling? Come and read, you will learn everything within 1 minute!

Do you have a 3D product model on your interactive webpage? With the rapid development of digital technology, the online consumer experience now emphasizes a lot on these two major elements: "interaction" and "experience"! And guess what? 3D modelling technology can just satisfy both wishes at once!