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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

As the Green Building Materials Ambassador with a mission, the CHAMPION continues to create sustainable and beautiful homes.

Against the backdrop of the ESG trend, the grand 35th Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition took place in 2023, attracting nearly 500 exhibitors from around the world and featuring over 2,300 booths, creating an unprecedented spectacle. King One Design is honored to have assisted Champion Building Materials in designing and planning their exhibition booth for many years. In line with the theme of the exhibition, 'Grand and Aesthetic Homes' and 'Versatile and Secure Homes,' this time, they specially utilized eye-catching naked-eye 3D technology to enhance brand visibility. By incorporating tile flipping and product carousel effects, they vividly showcased the product advantages, creating brand vitality. The black and white color scheme, combined with the high ceiling space, crafted an art gallery atmosphere, transforming products into artistic pieces to elevate the overall sensory experience. Through situational arrangements, they demonstrated the diverse practicality of the products, proactively generating consumer demand. The smooth flow of the layout guided visitors to the negotiation area, effectively retaining the crowd and promoting business opportunities.

Interview with Grace Han | A Love Letter Unfolding Across Space and Time

Kate Middleton has gained international fame for frequently carrying Grace Han's Love Letter clutch in public appearances. With Grace Han's flagship store returning to London and participating in Asian Art in London, themed "Metamorphosis," designed by King One Design, we interviewed Grace Han to share the beauty of high-end fashion accessories and their collaboration with King One for the overseas exhibition.

【Special Report】Pop-up Store Marketing Strategy Q&A - @cosme Beauty Wonderland

​In the Post-Pandemic Era, as physical events gradually recover, physical marketing activities remain a crucial channel for brands. These events provide companies with the opportunity to showcase their technologies and products, and trade shows serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and trend exploration, fostering business opportunities and partnerships. King One Design specifically visited the @cosme pop-up store to interview collaborating partners. Let's explore their marketing strategies and how, with the assistance of Wang Yi Design, they maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts!

Human-Centric Business Spaces:Three Case Studies of Corporate Digital Transformation

Business space design has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with one of the key reasons being the shift towards a "user-centered" approach becoming mainstream in brand marketing. In other words, designing business spaces from a "human-centric" perspective. Commercial space design encompasses aspects such as spatial flow, visual elements, product displays, and interactions, allowing users to immerse themselves in a way that intuitively connects with the brand's image and values.

Web AR interactive experience is ramming! What is the charm that makes the big brand manufacturers love to use it for marketing?

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) must be familiar to everyone, and we often experience various interactive designs everywhere, but in an era when people's average attention span is only 8 seconds, how to make the activities Retaining visiting customers is a big challenge. Make good use of Web AR interactive design to solve this problem perfectly!

How to do brand marketing? Five brand marketing examples teach you how to successfully catch consumer's attention

Brand marketing is not only limited to large enterprises, it is also very important for small and medium enterprises! Brand marketing knowledge is high, and good marketing strategies will make the public more memorable about the brand and make advertising more efficient. Internally, use the corporate value to unite employees' centripetal force, and formulate consistent content marketing to improve marketing efficiency. Let's take a look at the five major marketing cases of well-known brands to teach you how to successfully attract consumers' attention!

The office design upgrades the overall image of the company, and the interactive office makes your products more eye-catching!

The importance of office space design is more important than you think! The office design style will affect the corporate image, and good design can enhance the overall corporate image. The interactive office can enhance consumers' impression of the company, create a good reputation, and make the product more eye-catching!

Too little change in booth design? The double-deck booth design became the focus of the audience!

There are many types of booths at trade shoe. How to attract potentisal clients' attention among other booths? Double Decker trade show booths are your best choice! Beacuse they are easier to spot on the floor. It allows exhibitors to expand usable space upward. Double Decker adds prominence and visibility from across the show floor, helping you to drive traffic into your booth.