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2017. Dec.


Introduction to The 4 Exhibition Booth Styles

Good tools are prerequisite to the success of a job! The enemies will be frightened just by looking at your stand!

International trade show is the battleground of big corporate, where they are fighting to be the top.  As a saying goes, “Good tools are prerequisite to the success of a job!” And in exhibition industry, having a well-designed stand/booth is just like owning the best armor, the enemies will be frightened just by seeing you.


So, today, King One Design will guide you to look at Intro of Stands, to learn which type of stand suits your company the most!

Open space, open mind – Island stand

booth design


Open space, open mind. Island stand is exposed to traffic from all four sides. This is a huge strength! Yet be careful, this may be a double-sided blade, too! As a result of this, we must put flow and floor plan into profound consideration for the purpose of guiding all the attendees to have the best route and experience to the products.

One wall up, one chance up – Peninsula stand

exhibition booth design


Peninsula stand is exposed to an aisle on three sides, which owns the open feature as the island stand, but with one wall up at the back, more graphic design possibilities could happen here. This is one of the most popular and common stand you will see in the exhibition.

Success is always around – Corner stand

exhibition booth design


You know what is around the corner? Your success! With a well-designed stand and organisation, corner stand could bring the success to you. We could optimize half open and half close feature of corner stand, to keep the attendees in longer than previous two; furthermore, it’s easier to put more information on two back panels to draw the attentions.

Easy and focused – Wall stand (in-line)

exhibition design


Last but not least, Wall stand, also known as Inline stand, is the simplest one of all. Generally speaking, wall stand has only one side exposed to an aisle, which means the door is already there open for the attendees. It’s just simply focused! With this strength, the stand could filter out the random and non-interested customers and lead the potential ones in.