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The combination of exhibition design and marketing strategy uses digital integration and interactive design to redefine the brand image!

Online Exhibition|Cross-border digital marketing under the impact of the epidemic

Taiwan Wine Mega Evolution | How to detonate the customer rate of trade shows? Rely on digital somatosensory interactive games!

3 Key Points to Keep in Mind When Undergoing Digital Transformation

While the COVID-19 pandemic goes on all over the world, lockdowns and border control making traveling and international exhibitions impossible, Taiwan, as if another alternative universe, has lifted the restriction and the business is slowly coming back! Here are 3 key points for the traditional industry that wants to make progress in digital transformation.

Commercial Design Talk - Digital and Futuristic Design

6 Steps to Make Your Own Instagram Filter!

How to do digital transformation of enterprises? Start by making a brand-specific mobile app!

Business Weekly Interview

Under the huge impact of COVID-19, every country imposed strict policy on border control or lock-down to lower the curve. One of the most influenced industries is definitely exhibition industry! However, King One Design has dived into the blue sea of digital transformation and helped many local corporate to sail toward a brighter direction.

Current status and trends of AR commercial applications in the second half of 2020

Since 2019, there are so many tech company, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, all stepped into the AR related market. According to a survey conducted back in May of 2019, the number of users that owns AR supporting mobile phone has reached 1.5 billion! Now, let’s get back to 2020. The trend has already been established and we can tell more and more leading tech company has dived into the market, which has the value of 5714.2 billion! Therefore, we are going to introduce the AR related applications in all aspects of life that will also grow rapidly in the future of 2020!

What you need for Situational Design - 2.5 D

Nowadays, you basically can’t live without interaction and digitalization in every perspective of life. Yet, what about we put two together and make it Digital Interaction? Today, the topic is Digital Interaction, a combination of AR and 2.5D design! We have been talking a lot about the digital transformation and AR recently, so in this article, we are going to cover more about the design, especially 2.5D, or most of the people would call it “Fake 3D”!