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Current status and trends of AR commercial applications in the second half of 2020

What you need for Situational Design - 2.5 D

Nowadays, you basically can’t live without interaction and digitalization in every perspective of life. Yet, what about we put two together and make it Digital Interaction? Today, the topic is Digital Interaction, a combination of AR and 2.5D design! We have been talking a lot about the digital transformation and AR recently, so in this article, we are going to cover more about the design, especially 2.5D, or most of the people would call it “Fake 3D”!

What you need to know about Interaction Design!

Among all types of exhibition activities, which one is the most suitable and eye-catching one? You have to admit this, the most influential, nowadays, is INTERACTION DESIGN. With both emotional and rational factors, interaction design has become such a hit in the exhibition and, undoubtedly, a powerful one!

Digital Transformation for Traditional Industry? Nankang Tyre Example!

"Tyre Maker" and“Tyre Run”are two major digital transformation project from Nankang Tyre. We are responsible for all the planning and design, and finally, the outcome is a huge success. With the launch on both Google Play and App Store, the apps are sold worldwide and put traditional media behind. Moreover, the interactive experience can bring the products into customers life rather than just displaying it, which creates a huge ripple effect for rebound marketing. While playing, products, services and brands can still get comprehensive exposure, which is undoubtedly the preferred method for digital transformation.

How to make an outstanding Counter Design? Follow these 2 examples!

What are the criterias for a good counter design? Authenticity? Practicality? Or Marketing ability? Counter design is actually an art form composed of space management and products display. We need think more than just the design level but also the balance in between authenticity and marketing value. No matter in booth or business space design, always remember to think of all these criterias at the beginning phase of the plan in order to bring out the best quality of counter design.

What is an online exhibition? Break through the social distance, the first choice for marketing integration in the epidemic situation!

While ton of exhibitions are got canceled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, Online Exhibition rises with a strong wind! With no limitation on time and space, Online Exhibition can save up a bunch of bills due to the reduction on traveling expense and actual booth materials. Plus AR technology, the adaptability and interactivity can introduce Online Exhibition to another level where the normal exhibition booth can’t reach, bringing people all around the world together without stepping out of your house front door.

Consumer experience is the core! Subvert the tradition-4 ways to augment the reality marketing!

What is the definition of Experiential Marketing? From 5 perspectives, you will get it!

As purchasing, the seller would try every possible way to raise the purchasing desire through experiential marketing.  Therefore, we can take a look at 5 perspectives to hit the customers heart with touching brand story through various emotional and rational factors such as sense, feel, think, act, relate, etc. Furthermore, to reach the win-win situation, we can definitely incorporate business space design for stronger experiential marketing propaganda!

What Are the Commercial Space Design Concepts? Let's Find Out From these 4 Major Works!

Commercial Space Design is the best way to present the market position, and therefore the design needs to match the brand image to bring out the effect. Normally, you would probably think that there is no difference between Commercial Space Design and Interior Design, right? Well, this is not true! The details are the keys!