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What is the definition of Experiential Marketing? From 5 aspects, you will get it!

What Are the Commercial Space Design Concepts? Let's Find Out From these 4 Major Works!

Commercial Space Design is the best way to present the market position, and therefore the design needs to match the brand image to bring out the effect. Normally, you would probably think that there is no difference between Commercial Space Design and Interior Design, right? Well, this is not true! The details are the keys!

What is AR and VR? TOP 3 AR Solutions in Exhibition Marketing Plan!

In what world you haven’t hear of AR/VR? With the rapid developing technology, you will be able to see the fancy Augmented Reality interactive surface from the lab scene in <CSI: Miami > within years. Or you could also see Virtual Reality games in <Black Mirror> by NETFLIX. The characters dived into the virtual world, experiencing the highlighted sensations from virtuality to reality. Well, if you are still a bit confused about what I am talking about, please keep reading this article! Let’s unlock the secret of AR/VR!

5 Reasons Why You Need A POP UP Store

DIGITAL MARKETING under the outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19)

The exhibition industry is under huge influence by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the global level, and lots of the international exhibitions are calling off or postponing the date. As one of the leading exhibition design company in Taiwan, we are facing the downturn and a lot of cancellations as well, yet all kinds of solutions are well-prepared, including the digital marketing solutions. We value the cost, time, and relation that our client put in, and what we will do is going to be beneficial for both sides, turning crisis into chances! Let’s fight the battle together!

What is CIS? Corporate Identity Design that goes hand in hand with exhibition design

Brand Image is not only just the face of a corporate, but also an invisible property, which represents the concept and the value of the corporate. It, therefore, plays an essential part throughout every phase of the company development, and the key to cultivating it is the so-called “CIS” (Corporate Identity System)!

AR Interactive Experience Game - Bionime in CES

Recreate the NEW CLASSIC - Pantone Color "Classic Blue" in Exhibition Design

Speaking of exhibition design, Classic Blue has always been the top color choice in booth design. Classic blue not only represents trust and reliability but also is very easy to raise the resonance with people. Even in practical reason, it can be applied with so many different colors and different combinations can be used in every occasion, which brings us to the fact that classic blue is easily seen in every type of exhibition.

How to Ask for Quotation, Like a Pro?

Is this your first time attending a professional exhibition? Is this your first time contacting a booth design company? Your boss is putting pressure on you, but you just can’t get the price from the design company?

What Is an Interactive Experience? Reveling the Secret to AR Applications!