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How to Ask for Quotation, Like a Pro?

Is this your first time attending a professional exhibition? Is this your first time contacting a booth design company? Your boss is putting pressure on you, but you just can’t get the price from the design company?

What Is an Interactive Experience? Reveling the Secret to AR Applications!

5 Simple Steps to Boost Brand Awareness - Pop Store!

What to Expect in CES2020 - 5 HOT TOPICS

CES2020 is ready to go! What about you? This year, CES takes place in Las Vegas, USA, from 7th-10th of January. With 11 official venues, CES spans more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space. Not to get lost, remember to check its interactive map(check down

Welcome the "E-Bike" trend, the Changes in Bike Show Booth Design!

The increasing heat of E-bike has reached an unstoppable level. A series of industrial chain has embarked the transformation and smart solutions have become one of the major products in the international bike shows, so we must keep up the pace with the change.

Anywhere Door to Exhibition - Contextual Booth Design

Contextual Design is not necessarily a must-do for an exhibitor to think about, but it does bring a booth into another immersive environment with higher quality in better user experience. And everyone knows, the better user experiences are, the easier to bring in the traffic, so now it’s just obvious that you could consider using the contextual design in your next booth, isn’t it?

Fly Your Own Airplane - AR Interactive Experience Activity with ANA Airlines

Together, stronger! Our client ANA Airlines showcased an AR interactive game in Taipei International Travel Fair 2019. Combining both O2M and O2O interactive activity, we project the game to the big screen on the stage, serving as the best eye-catching tool for MC to heat up the crowd, increasing the traffic with no efforts.

Breaking News: CES - Taiwan Tech Star

The 3rd Quarter Review of 2018 – Bike To The World

Breezy weather makes this season the best time to go out. With the rising awareness of environmental traveling, two-wheeled bicycle exhibition also kicked off at the same time.

AR interactive experience design x Taipower Drone Examination Project