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To build a good 3D modeling, which platform should I choose to present the effect?

In today's article, we are going to guide you through the pros and cons of two major platforms: App and Web. When it comes to 3D modeling marketing, you want to make the WOW effect on the product or you want to maximize the spreading? Let us tell you then!

[Interview report] MPI - World Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer: Digital Marketing to Global Market.

In 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the overseas exhibition was temporarily cancelled. The online exhibition plan was urgently provided at the exhibition. When Taiwanese companies were taking a wait-and-see approach, MPI Thermal (a division of MPI Corporation) quickly decided to digitalize marketing and build a building exclusively for its own online exhibition.

What is Inbound Marketing? Two Major Benefits and more examples to help you get better at it!

There are tons of marketing strategies, but which one is the most suitable for you? In this article, we will introduce what "Inbound Marketing" is and how to apply it to your marketing campaign, leading you to see the best result!

What is 3D Modelling? Come and read, you will learn everything within 1 minute!

Do you have a 3D product model on your interactive webpage? With the rapid development of digital technology, the online consumer experience now emphasizes a lot on these two major elements: "interaction" and "experience"! And guess what? 3D modelling technology can just satisfy both wishes at once!

What is WebAR? Enhancing brand visibility with a simple URL!

Having second thoughts on putting AR into marketing campaign? Don't worry, WebAR is here to save the world! WebAR is a technology to show anything that AR can do but on WEB, instead of in an App. This breakthrough helps marketing in so many levels. With a simple URL, the users all around the world could experience the first-hand AR experience on their phone!

Keep up pace! How to do internal transformation - digital tools and employee training!

When you put "digital transformation" into Google search, what would you see? TONS OF RESULTS! But how to choose the most useful article to help you go through the transformation is the key to success! Adding AR/VR to the marketing campaign? Or we dig inward to redefine the corporate culture to defeat Digital Disruption and win the first class ticket to digital wonderland!

Ministry of Economic Affairs certification! Wang Yi Design won the DE3, DE4 technical service energy registration certificate!

The virtual office is ramming! Break the loneliness of working at home and walk to your colleagues to chat!

Level 3 restriction? WFH has become a real thing now! With the dramatic change in the working environment and workflow, we really need to buckle up to adapt to the situation. We present to you “Gather Town”, the cloest-to-real-office-life virtual platform, to defeat loneliness at home by yourself!


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