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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

【Lecture Highlights】Culture and Technology: Enhancing Immersive Experiences - Smart Museum Innovation Application Workshop

King One Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of King One Design, recently partnered with the Ministry of Education's Smart Museum to host a lecture titled "Digital Technology in Progress - Smart Museum Innovation Application Workshop" on May 17 at the International Conference Hall, Duxing Building, National Taipei University of Education. The lecture covered various aspects from management to curation and from display to experience, focusing on how museums can utilize digital technology to create more immersive experiences through cultural technology and achieve more sustainable development.

【Interview】Kay Huang:Step into the Flowing Musical Feast of Taiwan

On April 24th, at the University of Washington in Seattle, the Taiwan Pop Music Story Exhibition held its first overseas exhibition, bringing Taiwanese music to the world and allowing more people to become familiar with Taiwan's pop music. The journey through Taiwan's pop music history starts with the psychedelic visual designs of vinyl records and flows through the xylophone of Chen Ming-chang and the electric guitar of Lo Ta-yu, spanning from 1932 to 2010. Together with Taipei Pop Music Center Chairman Kay Huang, and curators Ma Shih-fang and Chen Te-cheng, visitors can walk through Taiwan's musical corridor, where each section features enchanting melodies and memories from different eras.King One Design is honored to assist with the international curation and conducted on-site interviews with the three key figures of this exhibition in Seattle.

【Interview】In the era of team battles, showcasing the innovative power of smart healthcare together.

How to use the "Warm Ocean Theme" to reduce the coldness of medical technology? The Kaohsiung Smart City Expo, held from March 21st to 23rd this year at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, gathered more than 150 domestic and international exhibitors with 550 booths. Representatives from 20 countries, 3 international organizations, and 19 cities also attended. King One Design was honored to assist in planning and designing the "Smart Healthcare Theme Pavilion", integrating the design of a warm ocean to reduce the cold atmosphere often associated with medical technology. Collaborating with 15 medical and educational institutions in the Kaohsiung-Pingtung region, they showcased Kaohsiung's outstanding achievements and innovative applications in the field of smart healthcare.

【Register Now for Free】King One Interactive Technology x Smart Museum | 5/17 Innovation Application Workshop & Lecture

【Smart Museum Innovation Workshop】Digital Technologies in Action! Bringing together the essence of academia, museums, and industry, National Taipei University of Education, the Ministry of Education's Smart Museum Project Office, King One Interactive Technology, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Amazon Web Services Limited, and Awu Corporation cordially invite you to participate in the "Academia x Museum x Industry - Exciting Cross-Domain Dialogue" workshop.

The Brand Marketing Bible2024: Apple and UNIQLO Case Studies in Turning Customers into Fans

The most influential and enduring brands are those that resonate deeply with consumers. Recently, Apple's Vision Pro smart glasses have captured the attention of tech enthusiasts, with engineers even wearing them to their weddings in California. Apple's devoted fanbase adores every product, thanks to the brand's profound marketing that connects the iPhone seamlessly with users' lives. In the fashion world, UNIQLO stands out for its ability to turn customers into fans. From collaborations with Kaws to JW Anderson, and now with renowned fashion designer Clare Waight Keller, are you a fan or just a customer?

【Corporate Interview】Tung Ho Textile Softly "Spinning" its Way Out of the Sustainable Business Opportunities.

Textile products are an indispensable part of people's lives. With the passage of time, the textile industry faces both opportunities and challenges. It requires measuring diverse customized demands and efficient mass production. Digital transformation is the necessary path towards sustainable operation, and realizing sustainable values is a key factor in standing out among numerous brands. This interview features Tung Ho Textile, demonstrating how the company integrates novelty into production, management, and marketing to transform brand advantages into opportunities!

360-degree Reinforcement of Brand Story Depth: From 3D Modeling to Naked-eye 3D

Naked-eye 3D refers to three-dimensional imagery that can be perceived without the use of special glasses or devices. As visual creatures, humans are naturally drawn to images, which can capture attention more effectively than text alone. Consequently, the standards for images have been steadily rising, evolving from static to dynamic, and from 2D to 3D. Brands must utilize images to present more details effectively. Naked-eye 3D technology fosters interaction between consumers and brands, capturing consumers' attention before conveying the brand's story.

As the Green Building Materials Ambassador with a mission, the CHAMPION continues to create sustainable and beautiful homes.

Against the backdrop of the ESG trend, the grand 35th Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition took place in 2023, attracting nearly 500 exhibitors from around the world and featuring over 2,300 booths, creating an unprecedented spectacle. King One Design is honored to have assisted Champion Building Materials in designing and planning their exhibition booth for many years. In line with the theme of the exhibition, 'Grand and Aesthetic Homes' and 'Versatile and Secure Homes,' this time, they specially utilized eye-catching naked-eye 3D technology to enhance brand visibility. By incorporating tile flipping and product carousel effects, they vividly showcased the product advantages, creating brand vitality. The black and white color scheme, combined with the high ceiling space, crafted an art gallery atmosphere, transforming products into artistic pieces to elevate the overall sensory experience. Through situational arrangements, they demonstrated the diverse practicality of the products, proactively generating consumer demand. The smooth flow of the layout guided visitors to the negotiation area, effectively retaining the crowd and promoting business opportunities.

Interview with Grace Han | A Love Letter Unfolding Across Space and Time

Kate Middleton has gained international fame for frequently carrying Grace Han's Love Letter clutch in public appearances. With Grace Han's flagship store returning to London and participating in Asian Art in London, themed "Metamorphosis," designed by King One Design, we interviewed Grace Han to share the beauty of high-end fashion accessories and their collaboration with King One for the overseas exhibition.

The Interactive Digital Showroom for the Motorcycle Industry!

The motorcycle industry is considered a limitless prospect because it represents personalized freedom and is a revered contemporary lifestyle. According to a research report from EMR, the global motorcycle market's Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is projected to reach 8.5% from 2024 to 2032. Asia, North America, and Europe are expected to be key markets. Against this backdrop, how should the motorcycle industry undertake the most effective digital transformation during this opportune period?

【Special Report】Pop-up Store Marketing Strategy Q&A - @cosme Beauty Wonderland

​In the Post-Pandemic Era, as physical events gradually recover, physical marketing activities remain a crucial channel for brands. These events provide companies with the opportunity to showcase their technologies and products, and trade shows serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and trend exploration, fostering business opportunities and partnerships. King One Design specifically visited the @cosme pop-up store to interview collaborating partners. Let's explore their marketing strategies and how, with the assistance of Wang Yi Design, they maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts!