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6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths You Need to Know

5 minutes to grasp the key to the explosion of generative AI in 2023: from machine learning to ChatGPT

Computer science pioneer Mark Weiser once said, "The greatest technology is the one that has integrated into our daily lives and gradually disappeared." With the optimization of ChatGPT, the power of generative AI has exploded this year! Compared to many technologies that gradually integrate into our daily lives and become invisible, "Now may be the luckiest time because many ideas can be realized through artificial intelligence." OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said this in a recent public speech in Taiwan. Do you also feel that the next great technology has officially arrived?!

Bring your designs to life! Four tips for video marketing and short video trends to tell you at a time

The short video generation is coming, have you kept up? How to quickly capture the attention of the XYZ generation and increase the popularity of brand community discussions? Let's follow Commissioner King One Design to see short video trends and how to use video marketing to bring designs to life and produce videos that fully interpret the brand image.

【2021 Red Dot Design Award】 Take you to review the award-winning works under the integration of commercial space design and digital technology

The 2021 Red Dot Design Awards came to a perfect end, and the winning works for commercial spaces are amazing. Among them are several high-profile commercial space award-winning works. In response to the advent of digital technology, the space design combines digital technology and upgrades the use of commercial spaces, allowing companies and employees to enjoy the benefits of digital technology combined with commercial space!

You Need to FACE it: iPhone 13's strongest tech - Facial Recognition!

Facial Recognition is already commonly used in everyday life, especially after the pandemic has caused the change in every perspective of work! Lots of the brands, such as iPhone 13 and Cyberlink, are incorporating digital tools in the company to help with the marketing (collecting customer data and giving out recommendations to the customer) and in more fields. It's now or never! You will need to FACE this change for sure!

The virtual office is ramming! Break the loneliness of working at home and walk to your colleagues to chat!

Level 3 restriction? WFH has become a real thing now! With the dramatic change in the working environment and workflow, we really need to buckle up to adapt to the situation. We present to you “Gather Town”, the cloest-to-real-office-life virtual platform, to defeat loneliness at home by yourself!

The voice is in charge! A new marketing revolution brought by the popular Clubhouse and Podcast!

In this data is the boss of the digital generation, being able to produce higher-quality "content" has become a major goal of the brand enterprise ball! What emerged at the historic moment is the well-known Clubhouse and Podcast voice communication platform! Today, Wang Yi, senior editor, will take you in-depth understanding of what brand-new reforms Clubhouse has brought? And why it will become popular overnight and become the new darling of the marketing industry!

AR/VR comes back to life! See how industries are creating new markets through augmented reality and virtual reality applications

With the vigorous development of technology, software and hardware, AR/VR has spread all over our life. This article will tell you how major companies can start deploying AR/VR through the application and trend of augmented reality and virtual reality. innovative market!

A new business model under the impact of the epidemic is born! Does remote work and digital optimization become mainstream?

The government promotes going international, how can Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises break through the transnational walls through online exhibitions!

Hard to survive the epidemic in brick-and-mortar stores? The key move for the well-known retailer Walmart to grow up against the wind!

2021 marketing trends, 4 digital methods to accelerate consumers’ digital experience