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Introduction of 3D Logo

OMO combines virtual reality with new trends and digital transformation creates high-traffic business opportunities! (under)

OMO combines virtual reality with new trends and digital transformation creates high-traffic business opportunities! (on)

What is the definition of Experiential Marketing? From 5 perspectives, you will get it!

As purchasing, the seller would try every possible way to raise the purchasing desire through experiential marketing.  Therefore, we can take a look at 5 perspectives to hit the customers heart with touching brand story through various emotional and rational factors such as sense, feel, think, act, relate, etc. Furthermore, to reach the win-win situation, we can definitely incorporate business space design for stronger experiential marketing propaganda!

[Trend Report] The output value of exhibitions is approaching 50 billion. How will the six exhibitions such as CES and MWC be arranged in the face of the epidemic?

The combination of exhibition design and marketing strategy uses digital integration and interactive design to redefine the brand image!

Business Weekly Interview

Under the huge impact of COVID-19, every country imposed strict policy on border control or lock-down to lower the curve. One of the most influenced industries is definitely exhibition industry! However, King One Design has dived into the blue sea of digital transformation and helped many local corporate to sail toward a brighter direction.

What is an online exhibition? Break through the social distance, the first choice for marketing integration in the epidemic situation!

While ton of exhibitions are got canceled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, Online Exhibition rises with a strong wind! With no limitation on time and space, Online Exhibition can save up a bunch of bills due to the reduction on traveling expense and actual booth materials. Plus AR technology, the adaptability and interactivity can introduce Online Exhibition to another level where the normal exhibition booth can’t reach, bringing people all around the world together without stepping out of your house front door.

DIGITAL MARKETING under the outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19)

The exhibition industry is under huge influence by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the global level, and lots of the international exhibitions are calling off or postponing the date. As one of the leading exhibition design company in Taiwan, we are facing the downturn and a lot of cancellations as well, yet all kinds of solutions are well-prepared, including the digital marketing solutions. We value the cost, time, and relation that our client put in, and what we will do is going to be beneficial for both sides, turning crisis into chances! Let’s fight the battle together!


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