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5 Reasons Why You Need A POP UP Store

2020. Mar. 51,116
pop-up store showrrom design

Pop-up Store at Huashan Cultural Creative Park (Photo: Lind Hub)

If there are thousand of ways to make a store pop out, the best one would be to create a POP UP SHOP! The creativity and the hot topic will not only bring the people into the store but also make them uploading pictures. If you want to organize a comprehensive pop-up store marketing plan, you have to think out of the box and focus a lot on integrating experience, setting, and creative campaign. By doing so, you will find the brand exposure rising and bring more positive effects. What else do you need to build a outstanding pop-up shop? Let's keep going on...

Why is Pop up store such hit?

The rising of pop up store is actually resulted from the change in experience marketing and customized service. Back in the days, whole sale is key to lowering the price to attract more purchase. However, this kind of business mode has come to a trap that everything becomes too repetitive and leads to the successive establishments of homogeneous stores, which ultimately makes it difficult for consumers to cause freshness.

Pop up store is the key to breaking the repetition because it can connect both online and offline market. In this case, you can not only bring up more purchase rate but also create resonance to bigger and deeper connection to customers, finally leading to inbound effect. Along  with content marketing strategy on every social media, it brings the brand into the customer's daily life and resonates within.  

The Secret of Pop-up Shop

pop up store showrrom design

Don't be fooled by the numbers, the goal is to create topicality!


The primary goal of the pop-up store is to "create topicality", not the numbers of the sold products. The first thing you need to focus on when leading a pop up store campaign is to create a fascinating and eye-catching shop and a great content that leads to bring up the topicality, so that the brand awareness will grow naturally, and then the indirect customers will ACTIVELY look for the brand from the direct customers' posts and pictures on the social media.



Let's get Guerrilla Marketing going! Pop-up stores can be everywhere.


Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results



Pop-up shops are often referred to as guerrilla warfare in the marketing industry, and the location is another focus of the pop up store planning. The preferred area of the store must be in a highly crowded business area, such as shopping center, department store, etc; and with the "POP-UP" feature, the expensive rent can be easily solved, and the fixed cost is much lower than the normal store at the same time. 


5 Reasons You Will Need Pop Up Store!

pop up store showroom design

1. Increase Brand Exposure


As mentioned above, the brand's massive exposure is the most intuitive effect of pop-up stores. Cooperating with high-profile brand and product experience activities, so that consumers can be willing to pick up their mobile phones to take pictures and check in. It is definitely not difficult to increase the brand ’s exposure significantly.



2. Create Topicality


Sometimes, the pop-up shops do not even need to sell products, on the other hand, to increase brand popularity and create high topicality. For example, the shower facilities designed by Sprite beverage machines, etc. This is a great example of generating a huge deal of heat by the creative structure.

pop up store showroom design

3. Expand the Inbound Marketing Map


In the highly interactive experience and social process of pop-up stores, the connectivity between brands and consumers will grow significantly, and brands can also resonate naturally in the consumer community, making the inboubd customer market more diffuse Naturally, consumers will actively search for products, rather than brands actively looking for consumers.



4. Low Cost But Effective


Because the pop-up stores usually exists in a "flash". As short as one day and on the market for one month, pop-up stores require instant high-topic, high-temperature marketing operations. Therefore, compared to the lease and decoration of physical stores, pop-up stores can significantly reduce costs in this regard. . The characteristics of rapids and retreat also often make the brand's exposure last for a long time in the community, and eventually achieve high-yield results.

pop up store showroom design

5. High Customer Gathering Rate


Customer Gathering rate is second to the development of products, gathering speaks for the company's growth rate. According to a survey conducted by RET Ruiyide China Commercial Real Estate Research Center, as long as a high-quality pop-up store pays 1% of the cost of intellectual property display, it can get 100% of the customer acquisition effect, which is equivalent to the number of visitors in 2 cinemas and 6 chain restaurants. Not only that, if the pop-up store is located in a shopping mall, it can also contribute 10% to 15% revenue growth rate for landlords on average.

King One Design's Pop-up Store Case

Danhai Moving Library is the latest showroom case from King One Design. In order to provide convenient borrow/lend service, New Taipei City Municipal Library created a temporary moving library for citizens at Danhai light rail Hong Shulin Station. Citizens could visit and borrow/return the books at any time. 


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