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To build a good 3D modeling, which platform should I choose to present the effect?

2021. July. 30417King One Design
Welcome to the 3D research base! Here, you can find all the information and cases related to "3D modeling" in the current marketing market! Whether in the B2B or B2C industry, 3D modeling is a key technology to take your original marketing plan to the next level. On the digital platform, you can greatly increase product interaction and present products in multiple ways, so that brand professionalism can be presented, and also give consumers a highly interesting experience process. In today's article, Wang Yibian will take everyone to understand the "presentation platform"-the analysis of the characteristics of App and Web, and then understand which platform is the most suitable brand for you!
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Exquisite 3D modeling of Nangang tire

Nangang Tire "Running Tire App" by Wang Yi Design

Why does digital marketing need 3D modeling?

Advantage 1: Provide the best interactive experience

Now the core of marketing and design thinking: "interactive experience". Whether in the APP or the Web, 3D modeling can bring a very powerful eye-catching and interactivity to the brand. In terms of data, there is interaction, there is traffic, and there is traffic, there is conversion rate! In physical marketing (such as exhibition venues/pop-up stores), activities that include 3D modeling can not only gather and stay crowds, and cause a wider eye-catching effect; online activities (APP/Web) will greatly increase due to interaction The staying time of the user will make the brand and product more aware of the brand and product during the experience, which will trigger further discussion and sharing among the users.
Wang Yi Design, App, Web, 3D Modeling

3D modeling before rendering by Wang Yi design

Wang Yi Design, App, Web, 3D Modeling

3D Modeling and Rendering by Wang Yi Design

Advantage 2: Display high-fidelity products

In the digital marketing generation, in addition to the main interactive experience, don't forget to add 3D modeling technology to showcase highly realistic products. The level of immersion can be discussed separately from modeling and rendering. Modeling is the most important first step in creating a 3D product display. It requires a professional 3D design team to model and create the base of the object. Next, to give the base vitality, it depends on rendering technology! You can imagine making plaster sculptures, matching skins, clothing, and calculating light and shadows in a more detailed manner. It is the soul technology of digitization of all products!

Advantage 3: Multiple choices of interactive effects

After having a detailed 3D product model, what other interactive features can you add to restore the actual viewing experience? One of the great advantages of 3D product models is that it digitizes everything! Therefore, the original 2D display, or even the viewing methods that cannot be achieved by physical viewing products, can be achieved in the 3D product model. There are many interactive effects, including 360-degree rotation, explosion (explode the product parts to watch), perspective (watch the internal structure of the product), dynamic viewing (make the product model move)... etc. to achieve the best product The viewing experience.

Two choices of 3D modeling platform: App & Web

3D modeling compatibility: high rendering (rendering): high-quality shelf program: more cumbersome User experience: smooth
3D modeling compatibility: high rendering (rendering): medium quality (too high will affect the speed of experience) Shelf procedure: no need to put on the shelf User experience: change according to the modeling quality

3D modeling + APP platform

Features: Smooth user experience (easy to combine with AR) The biggest advantage of App is: "User experience is extremely smooth", because each App uses a separate engine! When viewing 3D modeling products in the App, we can provide the best quality rendering effects, and there is no need to worry about the high-quality images eating up too much traffic and causing the problem of too slow loading! In addition, on the App platform, we can easily combine AR augmented reality with 3D modeling to create an attractive marketing tool!

Case-Combining employee training & machine digitization (Nangang Tire)

(Click me to see more: how big manufacturers show their global marketing power) The leading tire brand-Nangang Tire has created a digital app that integrates employee training during the course of digital transformation last year! Among them, 3D modeling technology is used to strongly optimize the presentation of the internal machine. Through the rendering of machine gloss technology, the appearance of the machine is perfectly restored in the App!
Wang Yi design team, one-stop 3D modeling design and complicated App launch procedures

3D modeling + Web platform

Features: Unrestricted iOS/Android platform launches, censorship restrictions. Web platforms are familiar Google Chrome, Safari, etc., available on every computer and every mobile phone; in other words, if the Web is used as the main platform, the popularity The natural transmission rate will be very, very much higher. Not only can you save time-consuming procedures and cumbersome review systems on the shelves, but you can also directly use URL links or QR Codes to send URLs to consumers. Everyone can see the 3D modeled products, which is very convenient to use! It is also very often used in lectures and online conferences as a bridge to connect and interact with consumers!

Case-Interactive Website & Dynamic Rendering (TAMI)

(Click me to see more: How TAMI went from a physical exhibition to an online exhibition) In the online exhibition of the Russian Machine Tool Exhibition, Wang Yi designed a mobile online booth for TAMI, which caused considerable repercussions during the exhibition! What is amazing is the "dynamic rendering" on the machine, which is also a major advantage of 3D modeling. During the web page use, you can directly watch the machine dynamics on the website without jumping to the video player program. Rendering and actual motion effect display!

In the same scene: a good partner for 3D modeling-AR augmented reality

AR augmented reality is to project objects in the virtual world to interact with them in the actual scene, and the most commonly used technology is 3D modeling technology. The video above is a display of AR products on Apple's official website, which is what we often call "WebAR". Its advantages are smooth user experience and professional digital brand image, which is the best solution for digital transformation of enterprises now!

What platform are you suitable for?

APP has a long time to establish a brand's digital image, a non-single display function extension: employee training App (big manufacturer)
Web is a short-term project for building a brand's digital image. I want the official website to be upgraded.

3D modeling case recommendation

AR+APP-Live Marketing of Australian Animals (Zappar)

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Web-Interactive website & 360 immersion (Xinji Information)

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"There is no best platform, only the most suitable platform." In conclusion, 3D modeling product display is definitely the future trend, and it will be sooner or later for companies to join this technology! But I still want to remind everyone that unnecessary follow-up is just a short-sighted choice. We must first examine the suitability of our products, understand the effects of different ones, and time needs short-term traffic bursts? Or a long-term project? It can even be created once, and it can be synchronized as a tool for employee training! First understand your own needs, or discuss the direction of execution with a professional team, and then feel free to hand over professional skills such as execution design and application for shelves to Wang Yi Design for assistance!
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