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Exploring Rediscovery through Immersive Experiences: The three major popular scene marketing strategies with 3D interactive websites.

2023. July. 31298King One Design

Scene marketing in various industries and its application and commercial opportunities on 3D interactive websites open up a journey of exploring and rediscovering immersive customer experiences.


3D Interactive websites, a perfect fusion of technology and humanity

Many businesses consider website optimization as the first step in their digital journey, hoping to capture the attention of customers at the intersection of their online and offline journeys through a compelling presentation of their brand and product information. However, website optimization is no longer confined to creating visually appealing or functional individual features. It is now crucial to integrate practicality and aesthetics in website planning while also offering innovative value to both the company and its users.

Enter the world of 3D interactive websites and their impact on immersive customer experiences in various industries' scene marketing!

Going beyond traditional flat web design thinking, 3D interactive websites digitize space and products, allowing users to contribute to the creation of value. This realization of the "immersive experience," a popular keyword, aligns with the concept presented in the book "Marketing 5.0": "the perfect fusion of technology and humanity in customer journey design."

This article will explore the application and benefits of 3D interactive websites in scene marketing for different industries, unveiling the journey of immersive customer experiences, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Calculating light, shadows, and other elements are the soul technologies behind digitizing all products, presenting a vivid and natural 3D virtual spatial platform that allows people to immerse themselves and explore freely.

The intricate effects of light, shadows, and more can also be faithfully recreated within the spatial environment of a 3D modeling website.


The intelligent guide, where "Less is more" engages in effortless dialogue within the space

An exceptional 3D website now features three-dimensional spaces, products, and an interactive character that transforms the website into an engaging scene—a smart guide. The current smart guide has become more lifelike, potentially incorporating AI capabilities, serving as a virtual assistant. Beyond merely showcasing actual products, it can simulate various scenarios, guiding consumers through their lens to observe details while offering explanations. This breaks away from the passive, one-way interaction and transforms the consumer experience.

Through the incorporation of human-like character settings, the smart guide becomes the ultimate tour guide, enhancing individual user experiences and creating an immersive journey for visitors. Imagine the website as a dynamic and immersive digital landscape, meticulously curated with various scenes. However, experiencing this alone can be isolating. The smart guide acts as a companion, initiating dialogues when needed, following the "Less is more—engage in conversation when prompted" interactive path, alleviating concerns about social anxiety and making the experience more enjoyable.

Moreover, the smart guide's human-like service, including realistic appearance, real-time consultations, route guidance, and intelligent responses, adds potent Martech capabilities to the smart website.

In the online home viewing center, what people appreciate is not just the house itself but their dreams

Steve Jobs once said, "Customers don't know what they want until you show it to them." Now, let's delve into some real-world examples of 3D interactive website applications in different industries.

Amid the constantly unyielding housing market prices, most homebuyers are seeking not just a property but a sense of security and a dream for their future. In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, how can one gain the trust of customers and stay ahead? By utilizing a 3D smart website to create an online home viewing center, potential buyers can experience a lifelike feeling, get closer to their dreams, and immerse themselves in the happiness of living there. The website showcases the prowess of high-end home space design, from open multifunctional layouts, material applications, lighting and illumination, color integration, to furniture and decor arrangements.

What sets the 3D smart website apart? It is interactive and personalized, emphasizing user experience, transcending the one-way relationship of traditional flat information websites. With the patented "3D modeling refined spatial technology" by King One Design, the online home viewing reception center extends its panoramic view beyond 360° to 720°, providing users with an even more immersive home viewing experience. Users can now authentically feel the atmosphere and style of indoor spaces in the virtual environment, even extending the experience outdoors to explore lifelike public facilities and lush green surroundings.

No longer constrained by traditional 2D websites, the smart interactive website revolutionizes the way home viewing is done. With a simple touch, guided by the smart assistant, users can explore every corner as they wish, bringing unprecedented convenience and joy to the home buying process.

Before physically viewing a property, potential buyers can comprehensively understand its features, saving time and costs while finding satisfaction through an immersive panoramic experience. Buying a home is about having a piece of the sky of your own, a starting point to fulfill dreams. When the 3D visual effects shine beautifully, accompanied by the azure sky and strolling through nearby parks and commercial areas, it changes the process of home viewing. Offer potential buyers such an immersive imagination through the smart website!

Immersive 3D Reception Center

It has revolutionized the process of home viewing, offering potential buyers an immersive imagination like never before.


Buying a house is about having a starting point to fulfill dreams. When you open the smart website with its exquisite 3D visual effects, it provides the most authentic experience, helping home seekers achieve their goals in the present moment.

Manufacturing, Intelligent Creation! A portable 3D database that can be matched globally

Still relying on rigid product photos and descriptions on websites to attract domestic and international buyers? KiNG One Design's 3D smart websites have successfully created interactive 3D websites for many outstanding companies or entities in various fields, including real estate, manufacturing, technology, government agencies, and more. These websites can have diverse styles, providing virtual showrooms available 24/7 to users and showcasing machinery anytime, anywhere.

In industries like manufacturing and home decoration, the design of the virtual exhibition center combines 3D modeling with smart navigation. From entering the lobby to exploring various high-end home scenarios, business clients can interact with products and simulate scenarios in the virtual environment, making product explanations much more effortless.

From a marketing perspective, 3D online showrooms optimize lifelike product displays and contextual scenarios. However, more importantly, they digitize assets, providing long-term benefits to customers. Imagine 3D websites as portable databases, allowing business clients to showcase products on the go, saving time on physical visits and achieving high conversion rates. In the post-pandemic era, participating in international exhibitions and face-to-face marketing are dearly missed. Through 3D online showrooms, participating in global exhibitions becomes effortless, eliminating worries about lost or delayed shipments due to international logistics. "By simply installing a few screens and opening our website, all display content becomes portals, showcasing the services and powerful technology that customers value right in front of them. From business negotiations to global exhibitions, Wangyi Design's 3D interactive websites can create limitless possibilities for the future of business."

King One Design's 3D modeling online showcase center created for Siemens functions as a 3D database that is not constrained by time and space.

The film and television industry initiates an immersive sensory storytelling journey

How you tell a story can greatly impact how willing someone is to listen. The concept of immersive experience is all about offering immediate value! Imagine 3D interactive websites as choosing the iMAX version when you go to the cinema, where your senses are surrounded by the entire story. It leaves you feeling thoroughly satisfied after watching movies like "Avatar," "Gravity," "The Avengers," and others that incorporate 3D modeling technology. But what if we combine 3D modeling with smart websites? If we 3D-ize both the characters and the story space, we can create a 3D interactive storytelling theater that brings users an incredibly realistic and on-site sensation.

In the digital era, if the film and television industry integrates 3D interactive website technology to provide a 3D-narrative-driven experience, users will gradually understand the story, mission, and values during the website navigation, offering an unprecedented storytelling experience. Naturally, producing 3D film and television works requires special cameras and post-production techniques to capture and present lifelike three-dimensional images, which increase the production cost and investment. However, this approach provides filmmakers with more possibilities, breaking free from the limitations of flat visuals and presenting more breathtaking and visual effects in scenes and actions.

Through 3D interactive websites, the audience can immerse themselves in the film's scenes, becoming part of the story. Whether exploring mysterious ancient civilizations, embarking on time-travel adventures, or strolling through parallel future worlds, 3D interactive websites allow the audience to immerse themselves in the story, feeling like they are present at the scene. From the big screen to website production, 3D interactive websites become a new stage for storytelling in the film and television industry, enabling the audience to explore, experience, and participate in the story.

Conclusion: High-value 3D website context marketing creates a deeply satisfying immersive experience

Scene marketing is regarded by marketing guru Philip Kotler as an essential and indispensable strategy in marketing. This article delves into immersive experiences and discovers that personalization and interactivity play a significant role in enhancing the depth of immersive experiences. It reveals how 3D interactive websites can cater to industry needs and engage in one-on-one marketing with customers in real-time, providing a seamless and comprehensive omni-channel experience. Feeling satisfied within these scenes creates a more immersive experience, enabling businesses to establish a strong emotional connection with users. Value co-creation is the most crucial element for building customer relationships in this era.

Whether it's B2B or B2C, building a 3D interactive website puts information right in the hands of consumers on their mobile phones, because consumers are always connected, allowing them to find you online.


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