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Sustainability in Action! Exploring Green Initiatives Through Three Exciting Exhibition Cases.

2023. Sep. 1372King One Design

What do you primarily think of when you see the term "sustainability? Taking public transportation? Or environmental conservation and plastic reduction? Sustainability is not just a goal but also the outcome of our actions. With the global prevalence of the SDGs, various industries have begun to prioritize sustainable development, even recruiting Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) to oversee related matters. Exhibiting at trade shows is one of the channels companies often choose for market expansion and external communication. Naturally, this has led to the emergence of sustainability trends, encompassing exhibition themes, materials, event formats, and promotional media. At the exhibition venue, you can truly experience that sustainability is not a noun but a verb, requiring every participant to turn slogans into actions.

The Exhibition Blooms with Greenery as Exhibitors and Visitors Join Hands to Practice Sustainable Actions.

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Sustainability and Trade Shows – Green Initiatives Blossoming Across Industries

From government agencies to various industries, the integration of sustainability concepts into booth design and exhibition themes is becoming increasingly intertwined.

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In the Process and Purpose of Green MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) Industry Guidelines proposed by MEET TAIWAN, it is recommended that exhibiting companies can manage transportation, catering, accommodation, promotional materials, and other aspects through the 3R approach (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Furthermore, taking booth decoration as an example, practices such as utilizing modular setups and green building materials, minimizing large-scale printing and output, and using LED lighting fixtures are all sustainable actions that can be implemented during exhibitions.

Source:MEET TAIWAN(Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program) Process and Purpose of Sustainable MICE Industry Guidelines

In recent years, many companies have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability during exhibitions by showcasing innovative approaches. For example, at the Food Taipei Mega Shows, "Food Safety and Sustainability" served as the exhibition's central theme, featuring a wide range of products and technologies, including organic foods, automated equipment, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly machinery, and sustainable packaging materials. This emphasis on sustainability extended from the manufacturing process to the final products. Additionally, the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) introduced an Online Catalog Theme Exhibition of "Sustainable and Environmental Protection" presenting a curated selection of products aligned with sustainability principles. Global buyers had the opportunity to inquire about these products directly through the website, reducing transportation costs associated with overseas buyers attending the physical exhibition while simultaneously promoting sustainable products.

Eugene Chien Ph.D., Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, states, "Sustainability is, in fact, a comprehensive enhancement of a company's competitive capabilities, and given the current international trends and standards, 'sustainability' is an inevitable path to align with international practices."

1.Spinning Sustainability - Taipei Cycle

In daily life, mobility is the first step for everyone to practice sustainability. In addition to using public transportation, bicycles, which do not require energy consumption, are the preferred choices. Taipei Cycle has become an exhibition with sustainability as its main theme. In addition to showcasing materials and processes that align with sustainability, companies also integrate technology to make sustainability more convenient. When designing exhibition booths for companies, King One Design also incorporates elements of sustainability.

(1) Constructing booths with recyclable steel frames to reduce disposable decoration materials.

(2) Reducing the number of booth partitions not only decreases decoration material consumption but also keeps exhibitors more focused on bicycles themselves.

(3) Combining projection screens for flexible content presentations while reducing the need for printing posters.

(4) Incorporating green plants into the booth decor, adding warmth to the visual design and enabling reuse and recycling.

In addition to showcasing materials and processes that align with sustainability, companies also integrate technology to make the practice of sustainability more convenient.

King One Design incorporated white islands with green plants into SunnyWheel's booth design to enhance the connection with product sustainability."

King One Design constructed HYENA's booth using recyclable and reusable steel frames.

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2.Green Curation for Our Planet – "Our Ocean Conference (OOC)" in Palau

The oceans are a globally interconnected shared resource. When discussing sustainability issues, the focus naturally shifts to the oceans. Protecting the oceans becomes a key action for practicing sustainability. King One Design collaborated with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) to participate in the "Our Ocean Conference" organized by Palau. When planning the exhibition of Taiwan's achievements in the field of oceans, the exhibition design echoed the conference's spirit of environmental conservation and reuse.

(1) Display backboards are made from environmentally friendly corrugated paper material, which can be flattened during transportation to reduce volume and increase cargo capacity. After the exhibition, they can be recycled.

(2) Wooden pallets are utilized to construct the exhibition area, which can be recycled and reused after the exhibition, reducing the consumption of disposable decoration materials.

Choosing sustainable and eco-friendly decoration materials can reduce resource consumption and environmental impact. Through these actions, curation can not only convey information and green creativity but also play an active role in environmental protection.

The booth design incorporates visual elements of marine ecology, providing exhibition attendees with the sensation of being immersed in the ocean.

King One Design used wooden pallets and corrugated paper materials to arrange the booth, aligning with the conference's environmental conservation spirit.

Live Coverage from "Our Ocean Conference" in Palau

3.Constructing Sustainable Green Value - Taipei Building Show

As people's needs increase, the continuous construction of new buildings for living, working, and shopping has led us into a world of concrete jungles. Building materials have also followed the trend of green construction. In the Taipei Building Show, environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient and carbon-reducing manufacturing processes, and improvements in building energy efficiency were showcased. When King One Design planned the booth, it aimed to highlight the company's strengths while also considering sustainability.

(1) Using the company's products as partitions, showcasing the products while reducing partition materials.

(2) Reducing enclosed spaces to make more efficient use of natural light sources, aligning with the trend of green building applications.

(3) Planning scenario-based booth designs that directly use the company's products for display, thus reducing construction costs.

King One Design utilized Champion Building Materials' slates as partitions to reduce disposable material consumption.

King One Design utilized scenario-based booth planning with equipment from Takara standard, reducing construction costs.

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Conclusion:Green MICE, Connecting Online Exhibitions to Create Value in the Era.

Feeling the spread of greenery in exhibitions, the sustainability of exhibitions has become a global trend. Corporate participation in exhibitions is a crucial channel for aligning with international standards, allowing companies to gain a competitive edge on the international stage. With the easing of the pandemic, physical exhibitions both domestically and internationally are gradually resuming. Many exhibitions are also incorporating or maintaining online exhibition formats. By connecting online and offline exhibitions, companies can reach their audience through more comprehensive channels, extending the era of value in exhibition participation. In the wave of sustainability, it is hoped that companies participating in exhibitions can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability issues, exert positive influence, and enhance their brand value and brand preference in the minds of consumers.

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