【Corporate Interview】Tung Ho Textile Softly "Spinning" its Way Out of the Sustainable Business Opportunities.|KingOne Design




【Corporate Interview】Tung Ho Textile Softly "Spinning" its Way Out of the Sustainable Business Opportunities.

2024. Mar. 20116King One Design

Textile products are an indispensable part of people's lives. With the passage of time, the textile industry faces both opportunities and challenges. It requires measuring diverse customized demands and efficient mass production. Digital transformation is the necessary path towards sustainable operation, and realizing sustainable values is a key factor in standing out among numerous brands.

King One Design, serving as the marketing catalyst for brands, continuously seeks novelty and change. It develops diverse solutions and technological tools, combining professional curation with online and offline channels to create comprehensive brand marketing for enterprises. Through a series of interviews, we will share the niche points of innovation through collaboration between King One Design and enterprises, continuing to serve as the best partner for expanding business opportunities in domestic and international markets for enterprises.


This interview features Tung Ho Textile, demonstrating how the company integrates novelty into production, management, and marketing to transform brand advantages into opportunities!

【Company Profile】Tung Ho Textile - Currently chaired by Ms. Tsai Shu-Ying, leading the team forward. Founded during Taiwan's post-war reconstruction period, under strong government encouragement for the textile industry, Mr. Cheng Wang established "Tung Ho Textile". With a history of over seventy years, the company has weathered various challenges, including the Asian financial crisis and the trend of textile factories relocating to Southeast Asia. However, Tung Ho has always adhered to its principle: staying in Taiwan and paving its own path. Embracing the belief that "opportunity is for those who are prepared", the company is dedicated to researching and producing distinctive short fiber yarns. Branded as "The Comprehensive Functional Short Fiber Textile Expert", Tung Ho has successfully met market demands for eco-friendly and functional textile products.

Not content with the current state, advancing sustainability through intelligent production management.

Q: Briefly introduce the company's products and services?

A: Dong Ho Textile is committed to researching and producing distinctive short fiber yarns, positioning itself as "a comprehensive expert in functional short fiber textiles." Specializing in environmentally friendly and functional short fiber textiles, the company operates with "sustainable development" as its core philosophy. It develops a range of low-carbon yarn varieties, utilizing certified organic cotton, recycled fibers, zero-carbon Tencel fibers, and biodegradable polyester as raw materials. Moreover, it prioritizes materials with green certifications and achieves reduced carbon emissions through the use of clean energy and process efficiency.

On the path to excellence, customer satisfaction and sustainable development remain our unwavering mission.

Q: Share your business concept or philosophy in one sentence?

Our business philosophy and core values are rooted in 'thoroughness, excellence, sustainability, and customer-first' approach. On the path to excellence, customer satisfaction and sustainable development are our unwavering mission. The spirit of continuous improvement, rooted in thoroughness, is the shared guiding principle for all employees at Dong Ho Textile.

Q: How does the company leverage its corporate culture and unique qualities to maintain a competitive edge in the industry?

A: Dong Ho Textile encourages continuous learning and innovation within our teams, viewing knowledge management as crucial. We drive digital transformation by introducing automation equipment and intelligent production, while implementing digitized process management to enhance inter-departmental collaboration and communication, maintaining high efficiency and quality production. Additionally, we closely monitor market trends, introducing low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and functional materials to offer specialized products and customized services, thus creating market differentiation.

Insight into market trends combined with innovative development can enhance competitiveness and visibility.

Q: What trends and changes are observed in consumer markets and demographics? How to guide and create consumer demand amidst market fluctuations?

A: As consumer markets increasingly prioritize environmental sustainability and functional materials, the global demand for functional apparel is transitioning towards everyday use. Dong Ho Textile continuously develops products aligned with market trends, featuring natural texture, comfort, lightweight, and multifunctionality in short fiber functional yarns. For example, utilizing recycled materials, low-carbon eco-friendly yarns, and composite functional yarns. Additionally, we start from customer development, collaborating with upstream raw material suppliers and downstream fabric manufacturers to create distinctive and valuable products for customers. Through the integration of the industry chain, we actively participate in the development and innovation of international brands. The integration of the industry chain can bring the power of innovative breakthroughs, enhancing value and competitiveness.

SIRO-WRAPPED blended yarn: Combines the stiffness and strength of long fibers with the soft touch of short fibers. It offers outstanding properties such as moisture-wicking, excellent anti-pilling performance, and instant cooling sensation.

SIRO-FUSE custom satin blend yarn: The satin yarn can incorporate various fibers such as cotton, polyester, CD, rayon, modal, Tencel, etc. Utilizing advanced European equipment, precise control over twist length and twist ratio creates customized satin effects. The yarn offers a rich variety of colors and diverse forms.

King One Design possesses extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of exhibition design, capable of tailoring exhibition solutions for us to highlight product features.

Q: What are the reasons for choosing to collaborate with King One Design for curation? What benefits or highlights does the planning bring to the brand?

A: King One Design boasts extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of exhibition design, enabling them to tailor exhibition solutions for us to highlight product features and enhance exposure and image. Through collaboration, we anticipate attracting more environmentally conscious and function-oriented visitors, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of our products and values.

Utilizing humanoid models to showcase the versatility of the product also injects vitality into the brand.

Q: What are the expectations for future collaborations with King One Design?

A: We look forward to sparking attractive and creative designs with King One Design for future exhibition planning. Through exhibitions, we aim to promote the development of textile technology and innovative concepts.

Conclusion: "Spinning" towards consumer demands, creating sustainable value.

Dong Ho Textile strives for breakthrough innovation. In addition to its existing yarn products, to better meet consumer demands, it continuously monitors relevant trends both domestically and internationally. It develops and manufactures functional yarns, introduces automated intelligent equipment, and selects materials that reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. From processes to products, the company aims to be more environmentally friendly, ensuring the sustainable development of its brand value.

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