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【Corporate Interview】Taiwan Nanotechnology:Transforming Brand Marketing with Innovative Presence in the Pigment Market

2023. Oct. 12198King One Design

In an era of rapid change and constant technological advancements, King One Design serves as a driving force for marketing brands. We continuously seek innovation and develop diverse solutions and technological tools. We combine their expertise with both online and offline channels to create a comprehensive brand marketing strategy for businesses.

This series of interviews will share the key points of King One Design's innovative collaboration with companies. We consistently strive to be the best partner for businesses looking to expand their domestic and international market opportunities. We conducted an interview with Taiwan Nanotechnology company this time, exploring how they incorporate new ideas into management and marketing to transform their brand strengths into opportunities.

Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation is a subsidiary of Sun Hope Lighting Enterprise Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1975 to engage in the production of acrylic color toner. In 1990, it entered into the development and manufacture of nano-colorant and was devoted toward being the "enterprise with the highest competitiveness". In 2001, Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation was established; the new office building and factory were inaugurated on April 27th, 2003. The corporation owns specialized techniques and strong R&D team over four decades, also integrates with various grinding equipments and precise analyzed instruments.

Inherently possessing an innovative DNA, it introduces the latest technological equipment to upgrade its products.

Q:How do a company's products or services incorporate innovative thinking?

A: The company has been at the forefront of innovation from the very beginning by introducing cutting-edge technological equipment, such as precision grinding equipment from Germany, which was of the highest global standard at the time. This advancement allowed for the refinement of particle sizes from micrometers and submicrometers to the nanometer level. In 2008, the company also introduced precision testing instruments from Japan, a technology that was nearly monopolized. This innovation facilitated the transition of our product development from monochrome to color, and it marked the beginning of our gradual replacement of some of our Japanese outsourcing services.

Jack Hsieh,Chairman of Taiwan Nanotechnology

When asked to describe Taiwan Nanotechnology in one sentence, Chairman Jack Hsieh replied, "Vitality arises from color," perfectly capturing the essence of the company's products and corporate spirit.

Q: What are the latest strategies that the company has adopted to adapt to the changing times?

A: Recognizing that digital ink technology enables finer pixel resolution in printed materials, aligning with a global trend, the company has also explored innovative applications of nanomaterials in various industries. For example, organic luminescent materials have found applications in OLEDs, and specialty-wavelength organic luminescent inks have been used in unique displays, electronic storefront advertising, and nighttime illumination. Additionally, the transition from monochrome to color in the e-book industry was achieved.

"The products produced by Taiwan Nanotechnology are semi-finished goods, which are then supplied to various industries. It can be said that our company is the backstage planner of 'hidden champion', with our core philosophy being collaboration with different industries to create value."

In the past, the general perception of ink application was largely limited to printing technology. However, Taiwan Nanotechnology continuously improved its grinding technology, exploring new possibilities for inks, differentiating its products, and expanding its customer base across various industries. For example, replacing dye coloring with pigment coloring in leather goods, developing curtain walls for the 3C industry, and marketing advertisements using electronic storefronts and backlit displays. Furthermore, the application of ITO powder as nanoscale ink has extended to the field of plant growth environments, blocking radiation and mitigating crop loss due to natural disasters, successfully opening up new market opportunities.

Taiwan Nanotechnology's products are continuously refined and can be applied in electronic storefronts.

Q: How do you leverage your corporate culture and characteristics to sustain a competitive edge in the industry?

A: "If a company doesn't progress, it is essentially falling behind compared to its peers." Therefore, we began by improving our company's management. To achieve our goal of visualized management, we introduced various systems such as ERP, CRM, intelligent logistics, and HR systems to efficiently analyze data.

We also actively enhance the management of key performance indicators (KPIs). Decisions are made based on the company's objectives, and these are integrated across all departments to ensure that the entire organization moves in the same direction with clear standards to follow.

While maintaining a leading position in the industry, we also align with the global ESG trends and have implemented improvements in line with government policies. When considering each company's strategic objectives, the key is to enhance the overall efficiency of the company. When introducing new policies, there is often resistance from employees. Internally, Taiwan Nanotech has progressed from resistance, passivity, and acceptance to embracing these values. This progress applies not only to management but also to our products as we continue to move forward.

Chairman Jack Hsieh (right) and Project Manager Dealan Hsieh (left) of Taiwan Nanotechnology exchanging experiences and ideas in their work, collaborating on the development of company business strategies.

The chairman shared his experience of pursuing an EMBA at Tunghai University, during which a professor advised to let go of past successes and focus more on the long-term sustainability of the business to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

The manager believes that to continually maintain the company's competitive edge, it is essential to enhance the color compatibility of the products. He also expressed the company's commitment to fulfilling the color needs of all industries and being more responsive than others, which would lead to seizing more opportunities.

Showcase differentiation within the exhibition, boldly forging your own path of innovation.

Q: Is the company currently focusing its product market more on the domestic or international front? How is it breaking into the international market?

A: Currently, the company's three major product lines are primarily focused on overseas markets, with each having its key target countries and regions. We frequently participate in exhibitions to enhance brand visibility and regularly attend exhibitions in different countries. At the forefront of the exhibition, we observe visitor numbers, visitor demographics, estimate potential customers, understand consumer needs, and evaluate the benefits. Only when there is a clear advantage will we decide to participate. King One Design is our important partner on-site, as they can closely monitor market trends and further assist us with theme curation and booth planning for Taiwan Nanotechnology.

Dealan Hsieh,Taiwan Nanotechnology Project Manager

Under the strategic guidance of King One Design, seven years ago, we began our journey as bold innovators, becoming the most eye-catching booth at exhibitions.

Q: What is the reason for the continuous choice to collaborate with King One Design for exhibition design?

A: "Initially, when we started participating in exhibitions, our booth designs followed more conventional styles. However, our brand recognition was not as high, making it challenging for customers to leave a lasting impression. Unlike well-established brands, even with standard booth styles, they can attract customers. After discussions with King One Design, we decided to choose a unique style. For instance, we opted for a black color scheme, which is rarely seen in the exhibition hall, and used different materials to highlight our products, making them instantly visible. The most crucial aspect of participating in exhibitions is to make attendees willing to focus their attention on the booth, providing an opportunity for further conversation."

Taiwan Nanotechnology boldly chose a less common black color scheme within the exhibition hall to stand out and enhance visibility.

When discussing booth design with King One Design, our focus is quick and highly efficient. They often meet our requirements in terms of themes, styles, and elements, and they always come up with new ideas. Our booth is consistently the most unique, and mentioning it during client interactions always evokes their memories.

Using gradient color strips to showcase Taiwan Nanotechnology's color product technology, making it eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Continuously leading in quality, gaining consumer recognition through product innovation in marketing.

Q: What are the benefits and highlights brought by King One Design's brand marketing planning for the company?

A: "For industrial product packaging, it is essential to pursue a design with texture, as the product enters the end consumer market. It's crucial to convince customers that the company's products are of high quality. If you only emphasize the functionality of the product but neglect the packaging design, customers won't be persuaded. Therefore, Taiwan Nanotechnology plans to start with innovative packaging design for ink, which does not deviate from the main market's application specifications but differentiates itself in the market. We can use creativity in cartridge and packaging design to make consumers perceive the product as valuable and trustworthy. Thus, under King One Design's planning, we aim to enhance the visual appeal of our packaging to gain market recognition through our brand marketing. Our commitment to high quality will then amaze our customers."

In the future, Taiwan Nanotechnology will collaborate with King One Design to innovate packaging that showcases the high quality both inside and outside the product.

The collaboration with King One Design has extended from exhibition planning to product packaging, optimizing and enhancing the overall visual appeal. This, combined with high-quality products, will continue to amaze customers, demonstrating the company's strength both inside and out.

Q: What are the ideas for future collaborations with King One Design?

A: "In the future, we would like to explore online or interactive displays. We will consider the product types that are suitable for interactive displays and think about using digital technologies such as AR and 3D stereoscopy to showcase our inks." He added, "Creating product display samples in a deconstructed and reconstructed manner can provide a clearer view of the distinctive features and highlights of our various products."

Conclusion: From brand marketing to digital transformation, the company continues to move forward and expand into the market.

A: Adapting to the changes of the times, a company's digital transformation is, in fact, the path to its sustainable development. In the early stages, it might represent efficiency and quality, later shifting to innovation and speed, and ultimately progressing towards green and sustainable practices.

The vitality of a company comes from innovative transformation. Finding the right way for itself can transform brand strengths into business opportunities, allowing for sustainable business operations.

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