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【Corporate Interview】Embracing the Missionary Spirit of IoT, BROWAN Leads the Intelligent Future

2024. Jun. 11185King One Design

With the launch and widespread adoption of 5G networks, IoT devices can transmit data faster and more reliably, thereby expanding the scope of IoT applications. Data analysis collected through IoT helps businesses and organizations make more informed decisions, from improving production efficiency to enhancing security, and promoting sustainable development. The proliferation and development of IoT are continuously transforming the way we live and work.

King One Design, as a brand marketing driver, combines exhibition expertise with online and offline channels to create comprehensive brand marketing for enterprises. Through a series of interviews, it shares the innovative strengths of its collaborations, continually serving as the best partner for expanding domestic and international market opportunities.

King One DiGi BRAND MAGAZINE interviews IoT evangelist and BROWAN CEO Henry Huang to explore how the company integrates innovation into production, management, and marketing, turning brand advantages into business opportunities!

【Company Profile】

BROWAN Communications Inc.

CEO: Henry Huang

Founded in 1999, BROWAN is a subsidiary of Gemtek. It is a professional wireless equipment company that addresses emerging IoT-related businesses with wireless expertise. Focusing on the integration of wireless technologies, Procom assists various customers in designing products within vertical IoT applications, striving to provide competitive, comprehensive, and compatible IoT products.

BROWAN's primary service is the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded based on the observation that in the next twenty to thirty years, the Internet of Things will become the forefront of the ICT industry in the coming years. BROWAN was established to become a driving force in the IoT industry.

Creating solutions for customers to meet their IoT needs

Q:A brief introduction to the company's products and services?

A:BROWAN's primary service is the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded based on the observation that in the next twenty to thirty years, the Internet of Things will become the forefront of the ICT industry in the coming years. The mission of the company is to become a driving force in IoT, assisting manufacturers in meeting IoT needs, enhancing management efficiency and effectiveness, and reducing human error. BROWAN's core business is to assist customers in various vertical markets and application fields by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions, improving management efficiency, and enhancing information acquisition capabilities.

Q:What was the motivation for the company's entry into the market?

A:The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) was proposed in the 1970s, and various technologies were attempted to achieve it. Especially after the emergence of Industry 4.0, there was a desire to automate the manufacturing process and improve the accuracy of overall management information. The demand for manufacturing industries, particularly in electronics, gas, automotive, and other sectors, became apparent. The market was primarily led by Europe and the United States, with demand gradually emerging in Asia and the Middle East. When new technologies emerged and customers began to inquire about needs, it was discovered that there was an opportunity for investment and development. The main application areas gradually shifted from vertical markets to smart cities. Different geographic regions have different application requirements, and deploying systems also incurs costs. For example, in agriculture, high-value crops are more suitable. For instance, the vineyard model can be replicated in olive groves. It is hoped that as deployment rates increase and scale grows, overall manufacturing costs will decrease, making it feasible to introduce IoT into various industries.

Allowing room for trial and error, continuously innovating to explore blue ocean markets.

Q:How does the company leverage its corporate culture and characteristics to maintain a competitive edge in the industry?

A:The company aims to maintain a youthful work team, bringing new energy and perspectives, fostering the joy of exploring the unknown world. It also encourages team members and I to challenge each other, propose stronger product design ideas, and expects the team to bravely accept challenges and continue to explore new markets, establishing the company's role as a market leader. The company is willing to endorse and provide resources for colleagues' ideas, empowering them to implement their ideas, from planning customers and markets to producing solutions. Even failure can serve as a learning experience for the future.

BROWAN has several growth stages. Currently, in the first stage, it offers sensors and stations, along with backend management systems, providing end-to-end solutions. In the second stage of development, it aims to analyze and incorporate AI concepts after capturing large amounts of data, enabling systems to make decisions autonomously. It anticipates that after complementary data integration across different industries, these data will eventually form an ecosystem. This ecosystem can be applied in various fields for reference value identification. Such development will make BROWAN a sustainable and long-term enterprise. If the company develops a new system, it will possess intellectual property rights. Future hardware designs will also need to adhere to the concepts of this system. This business model, compared to Taiwan's traditional OEM and ODM models, is more creative and offers higher returns on investment.

BROWAN has always adhered to the missionary spirit from the beginning, embracing dreams and believing that within the next decade, IoT will be ubiquitous worldwide, becoming an integral part of people's lives.

Employing a dual approach of brand and product promotion, BROWAN creates comprehensive exhibition marketing.

Q:What is the positioning of participating in exhibitions within the marketing strategy?

A:For the general public, BROWAN is a company name, and its business is system solutions. It offers different solutions for individual product brands, and customers do not need to know the specific operational mode. They only need to know that using BROWAN's products can achieve connectivity. For example, in 2000, when we started selling WiFi services, there were high costs and no applicable tools or systems. However, we believed it was feasible and continued to promote it until now, enabling even the elderly to easily use WiFi. BROWAN still adheres to the missionary spirit from the beginning, embracing dreams and believing that within the next decade, IoT will be ubiquitous worldwide, making IoT an integral part of people's lives.

Therefore, the company now tries to participate in exhibitions as much as possible, especially in major exhibitions where the company name is represented. Currently, we are considering participating twice a year, at events like MWC and GITEX in Dubai. These major exhibitions cover a wide range of technologies, and we typically utilize larger booths to advocate for the importance of IoT and convey to the market that "if there's an IoT demand, BROWAN is the solution." Additionally, for individual technology exhibitions such as LoRa or WiFi-related events, we participate about two to three times a year. Through participating in exhibitions, we gather information and assess whether the industry is worth investing in for research and development, involving both software and hardware teams, to launch more powerful application systems to meet the needs of various industries.

Participating in exhibitions is a mutually beneficial endeavor for the company. It not only delivers value to customers and the market but also enhances recognition for BROWAN and deepens understanding of its systems, thereby creating more business opportunities.

Q:What benefits does participating in exhibitions bring, or what trends have been observed?

A:Everyone is contemplating new commercial applications for wireless communication. Over the next two years, we hope to expand our participation in exhibitions to facilitate information dissemination and exchange. Through these exchanges, we can identify pain points for certain customers that can be replicated and implemented for other clients. This information is only obtainable in real-world settings, so the company strongly encourages employees beyond the sales team to participate in exhibitions. The exhibition process allows for a better understanding of customer and market attributes, which also aids in personal career development. For the company, this is a mutually beneficial endeavor, delivering value to customers and the market while enhancing recognition for BROWAN and deepening understanding of its systems, thereby creating more business opportunities.

In terms of product design, we aim to create a certain feeling and atmosphere, gradually forming the essence of BROWAN. When you think of BROWAN, what color comes to mind? We not only pay attention to solutions and products from other brands but also observe how they market themselves. Our products and packaging maintain a consistent color scheme, allowing everyone to recognize them as BROWAN's products. This ensures that exhibition attendees can link the booth to the IoT, synonymous with BROWAN's image.

King One Design's resources at the Barcelona MWC exhibition are quite comprehensive. We have collaborated for two consecutive years and plan to continue this long-term partnership. In the future, we hope to incorporate more three-dimensional arrangements with King One Design to enhance the utilization of limited space.

Q:What are the reasons for continuing to choose to collaborate with King One Design for exhibition curation? What benefits or highlights does their planning bring to the brand? What are the expectations for future collaboration with King One Design?

A:Continuing the successful collaboration experience with the parent company of the group, King One Design exhibits a very attentive service attitude and high level of cooperation. They are very responsive and proactive in implementing improvements on-site. With their comprehensive resources at the Barcelona MWC exhibition, we chose to collaborate with King One Design for our first exhibition, and the fit was excellent. Therefore, we continued the collaboration for the second year as well. For future collaborations with King One Design, we hope to incorporate more three-dimensional arrangements to enhance the utilization of limited space. Working with King One Design allows us to translate and embody BROWAN's corporate values and spirit at exhibitions continuously. It helps us market BROWAN as a leading industrial IoT solution provider, using products to actualize and reinforce our brand image. By strengthening actual solutions with marketing, we create awareness for the brand and expand its value cycle.

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