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2018Q1 Review – Electronic Exhibitions

2018. Mar. 28273

A good beginning is half the battle. Q1 of the year has always been the battlefield for every company, especially in the Tech industry. It’s because there are three main electronica exhibitions taking place in these three months; hence, every company is dedicated to building eye-catching and glorious exhibition stands, for the purpose of attracting the attention from the attendees.

As a saying goes, “The professional know the ropes, while the laymen just come along for the ride.” Among all the glorious exhibition designs, how do you distinguish the good ones to mediocre ones? What kind of viewer do you want to be, a professional or a layman? Don’t worry, before we start to review the good pieces of work from Q1, let’s have a little chit-chat about the three tips to appreciate a stand.

First Tip: See the Basic “Outline”

The first thing we see is the structure of the booth. It includes the stands type, and other structural design. You can find resourceful information down here:


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Second Tip: Detect the odor of Design

Become your own Design Detective! Here we have some informative articles that can help you cultivate your detective abilities and more details will be reveiled.


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Third Tip: Foresee the trend through booth design

Custom-made” has become the main focus for, basically, all the exhibition design company. In other words, the final design has to show the customers (the company)’s corporate’s image and features. Also, the rapid change of the electronic industry trend is always chasing us, so if we are not able to absorb the latest knowledge, it’s will be super easy to be caught up and get eliminated. That’s one of the reasons why we, King One Design, is promoting AR technology and using in our design project.

Now, it’s time to use these three tips to appreciate the works in the three main electronic exhibitions, CES, USA/MWC, Spain/Embedded World, Germany, from Q1, 2018.

Dig Out Your Inner Detective of Design

First, let’s dig the soul of inner design detective! The appeal of Electronics Company is the image of “technology” and “professional”. In design, we often use the “whiteas the main color of the technology-related industry booth. Because of its capability of matching other colors, white is often chosen as the foundation main color to go with corporate’s color. The diverse combinations build up the minimalism style but keep it professional at the same time. This is why the majority of electronic exhibitions stands to choose white as the main color tone!


Followings are our works in CES, USA/MWC, Spain/Embedded World, Germany. Let’s see how good your inner detective is!

Searching For The Interesting Details

Details, details, details! The finishing touches are the door to standing out from the crowd, and the key to this door is the element of natural texture! Among all the white stands, adding a touch of green helps the stand to shine like, the concept of tree, wood texture or real plants.


Followings are our works in CES, USA/MWC, Spain/Embedded World, Germany. Let’s see if you can discover where the elements of natural texture are!

Foresee The Co-existence of Techonology and Humanbeings

2018 is a very important year in Smart Era. Electronic manufacturer have invested in the development of intelligent technology AI and IoT technology in order to respond to the wide application of Internet of Things in various fields. Coupled with the application of smart applications, the memory market is expected to grow continuously, and the application market will become bigger and bigger. Not only will the need of consumer electronics grow but also the need of industrial, public equipment, automobiles and home appliances will grow as well.