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【Special Report】Pop-up Store Marketing Strategy Q&A - @cosme Beauty Wonderland

2023. Dec. 11211King One Design

​In the Post-Pandemic Era, as physical events gradually recover, physical marketing activities remain a crucial channel for brands. These events provide companies with the opportunity to showcase their technologies and products, and trade shows serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and trend exploration, fostering business opportunities and partnerships.

King One Design specifically visited the @cosme pop-up store to interview collaborating partners. Let's explore their marketing strategies and how, with the assistance of Wang Yi Design, they maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts!

【Pop-Up Store Introduction】
@cosme TOKYO Flash Taiwan, creating the @cosme Beauty Paradise, brings the 400-square-meter beauty haven from Tokyo's Harajuku to Taiwan. With 5 vibrant highlights, it offers visitors an immersive beauty experience. The @cosme TOKYO award-winning product display wall is authentically replicated in the pop-up store, featuring over 500 selected beauty products for direct exploration. Additionally, there are Instagram-worthy photo walls and a Korean-style photo sticker machine, inviting visitors to embark on a beauty-enhancing amusement park journey.

A pop-up store can be considered a small-scale, short-term, and refined exhibition. It draws the public into a carefully crafted space by the brand, encouraging active interaction with the audience. It swiftly leaves a lasting impression on the brand, bridging the gap between the brand and the public, and bringing them closer together.

Transitioning from online to offline, engaging with consumers in a real, face-to-face setting.

Q:The original intention behind the establishment of @cosme?

A:As an information hub for beauty products, our goal is to enable consumers to find products that suit them through our website. 

Q:Why did @cosme decide to plan a physical pop-up store? Have there been different presentation methods in the past?

A:@cosme originated as a website, excelling in online marketing. However, we observed that users often encounter beauty products in physical retail channels such as department stores and drugstores. Recognizing the importance of truly engaging with consumers to build a consumer-centric beauty ecosystem, we decided to venture into face-to-face interactions. This led to the decision to plan a pop-up store.

In February of this year, @cosme established its first pop-up store, transitioning from online to offline with the theme "Unlocking Cherry Blossom Radiance." It aimed to capture the ambiance of early spring in Japan, providing an immersive experience akin to being in Japan. The current pop-up store endeavors to bring the Tokyo store experience to Taiwan, requiring extensive discussions with the Tokyo store on how to authentically recreate its atmosphere.

Q:The pop-up store takes inspiration from @cosme's physical stores in Japan. How does it differ from other beauty stores?

A:@cosme, originating from a website, has its foundational strength in user-generated reviews, building a brand based on grassroots recommendations. In its physical stores, a crucial element is the "Best Cosmetics Wall," which compiles products ranked by user reviews. This wall serves as a reference for beauty beginners. While @cosme did have physical stores in Taiwan from 2017 to 2020, the pop-up store specifically brings the essence of the Tokyo store experience to Taiwan, emphasizing the importance of user reviews and rankings in guiding consumers, especially those new to the beauty scene.

Q:What are the distinctive highlights of this pop-up store?

A:This pop-up store brings the iconic "Best Cosmetics Wall" pillar from @cosme TOKYO Harajuku flagship store to the venue. It also exclusively showcases some Japanese brands, offering visitors a taste of Japan without the need for a plane ticket.

The main highlight is the opportunity to try out 500 brands' products for free, creating an atmosphere of freedom and exploration. The aim is to empower consumers to select products that suit them through trial experiences. There's also a smart sampling machine that provides samples of selected brands through interactive engagement.

Additionally, tapping into current youth trends, the pop-up store features a Korean-style photo sticker machine with colorful photo props, allowing visitors to capture and commemorate their experience.

Q:Could you introduce the concept behind the theme "Beauty Wonderland" for this exhibition? What key messages do you hope to convey to the exhibition visitors through this showcase?

A:The core of @cosme lies in Beauty + Ranking, allowing users to freely explore a diverse range of beauty products based on user-generated reviews and rankings. The theme "Beauty Wonderland" for this pop-up store is designed to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We aim to foster a sense of joy and happiness for visitors as they explore the diverse offerings in the pop-up store.

In recent years, a common trend in the beauty industry is incorporating elements of OMO (Online Merges with Offline). For instance, creating pop-up stores that feature products with positive online reviews and facilitating offline sales. This approach encourages consumers to become online members, subsequently guiding them back to online platforms for further purchases, thereby fostering a more interconnected network with the brand.

The young and visionary CEO, Robert, possesses insightful perspectives on beauty marketing trends.

OMO Marketing Expands Brand Infinite Business Opportunities

Q:The beauty industry often opts for which marketing channels, content, and public engagements?

A:The beauty industry still adopts various marketing strategies, and in recent years, a common trend is incorporating elements of OMO (Online Merges with Offline). For example, creating pop-up stores that feature products with positive online reviews and encouraging consumers to become online members during offline engagements. This, in turn, guides them back to online platforms for further purchases, creating a more intimate connection with the brand. In the current pop-up store, the presence of a smart sampling machine allows consumers to actively interact with the brand. Additionally, encouraging membership sign-ups and inviting consumers to share their experiences during in-store purchases all contribute to the benefits of OMO marketing.

As @cosme advocates for consumers' "real" experiences, collaborations with physical retail channels are common. In this pop-up store, there are cards prepared for in-store scanning, allowing consumers to purchase from other physical channels, creating mutual benefits.

In the past, there have been cross-industry collaborations, such as designing badges in collaboration with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's beauty STAGE. This initiative aimed to transfer online reviews into a physical presentation, providing consumers with additional information during their experiential journey.

Q:What are the differences in consumer profiles between online and offline in the beauty industry?

A:Because @cosme serves as an information hub for beauty, the online consumer base primarily consists of individuals who have a clear interest and purpose in beauty products. These online consumers are actively engaged in the beauty community. In contrast, the offline realm of pop-up stores allows us to reach a diverse audience. While some of these individuals may not have initially intended to make a purchase, their exposure to the store environment and the opportunity to explore and try out products can stimulate latent needs, leading to eventual purchases.

Q:Can you share the experience of collaborating with Kine One Design this time? What kind of collaboration do you hope for in the future?

A:The pop-up store this time was held in a different venue from the one earlier this year. Many of the venue planning ideas were novel, such as presenting the "Best Cosmetics Wall" in pillar form for the first time. This required considerations for height, three-dimensional lighting techniques, and more. Throughout the communication process, Wang Yi Design provided close and real-time collaboration, making on-the-fly adjustments on-site. The attention to detail in edge binding, the solid choice of materials for shelves, and careful consideration to avoid cutting into text on cupboard doors all maintained visual integrity.

Looking ahead, @cosme is shifting part of its marketing strategy and channels towards offline activities. There are plans to organize one to two pop-up stores per year, and the possibility of venturing into long-term temporary counters. We hope to continue collaborating in these future endeavors, sparking even more possibilities. Additionally, the "User Sharing Gatherings," held quarterly for several years, will persist. These invitation-only events host around 40 to 50 participants, providing an opportunity to engage with consumers face-to-face and further strengthen community cohesion.

Conclusion: As the line between online and offline blurs, smartly utilize omnichannel marketing strategies.

Pop-up stores serve as a marketing secret weapon bridging the online and offline worlds, capitalizing on the public's inclination towards limited-time experiences. They encourage people to seize the opportunity to interact with the brand. These stores also act as a channel for brands to test the market and serve as an excellent tool for OMO marketing, allowing consumers to freely move between online and offline realms, thereby expanding the customer base on both fronts.

More than just physical spaces, pop-up stores are crucial arenas connecting brands with consumers. The atmosphere they create and the products they showcase play a pivotal role in shaping the initial impression for the public. On-site, considerations must balance product thematic and diverse displays, taking into account factors like traffic flow and display heights. This ensures that visitors can easily spot highlighted products, effectively boosting brand visibility and sales.

A pop-up store can be seen as a small-scale, short-term, and refined exhibition, drawing the public into a carefully crafted space. It invites active interaction, leaving a swift and lasting impression, ultimately closing the gap between the brand and the public.

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