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3 Key Points to Keep in Mind When Undergoing Digital Transformation

2020. Aug. 14688
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While the COVID-19 pandemic goes on all over the world, lock downs and border control making traveling and international exhibitions impossible, Taiwan, as if another alternative universe, has lifted the restriction and the business is slowly coming back! Here are 3 key points for the traditional industry that wants to make progress in digital transformation. 

Why do we need Digital Transformation?

digital transformation TAITRA

On the Digital Transformation Forum by TAITRA, experts in all major fields unanimously called on all industries to pay more attention to digital transformation and grasp the current situation of accelerated technological development. CEO of TAITRA added, “The pandemic will make the transformation run 5-10 faster, and this is going to be inevitable. ”

This pandemic is like the test for every single corporate, challenging the surviving ability and also the catalyst for digital transformation. Moreover, major companies need to take action on leading in digital transformation. From trend and brand image, product marketing strategy, to the change of employee mentality, no matter from which aspect, digital transformation is the epidemic The best solution is also an urgent task for survival and competition!

What's happening on the world?

digital transformation

We are running out of time!


We have inevitably been involved into the global market economic system, and there is no escaping from the damage and lost caused by pandemic. As a result, we need to make the products and service digital because the biggest strength of digital transformation is to break the boundaries of virtual world and reality. Also, we don’t have to worry about the original plan and business meetings got canceled by the travel restrictions or cancellation of the exhibition.



Set the goal and GO!


Now, the global market economic system is still in a very fragile stage if there is another blow. However, well-prepared and mid to long term planning are the measures to be made when it comes to digital transformation; with the rapid development of hardware, 5G technology and the establishment of base stations are also becoming normalized. From now on, the digital future can be laid out to quickly return to the global economy in the post-epidemic era.

3 key points to achieve

NETFLIX digital transformation

 1. Digitlized Your Business Model


The new type of business model thriving from the internet crashed the traditional industry. Take Netflix as an example. Their secret to success is “Customer Center Policy! With the uncountable viewing data and sophisticated Big Data analysis, they are able to invest and create the original content based on the viewers’ interests, and this is exactly why “Narco” and "Orange is the New Black"


The Netflix example marks the milestone of digital transformation and customer’s centered experience. The internet working actually helps the transformation of the market to be more easily approachable for global customers. From the management point of view, the focus could be “How to use the digital technique efficiently, but not over take by it.”

With the development of 5G, the internet speed has been upgraded to a new level; therefore, we can see AR and VR integration become possible, and so do online forums and online ordering. As a result, the new way of  interaction breaks the boundaries of virtual world and reality, and the global market is able to reconnect regardless of the pandemic. 


Nankang Tyre wants to show the real scenario inside of the factory with “Tyre Maker”.  In the first stage of the project, King One Design’s AR marketing team had many online/offline meetings and went to the factories to gather all the details from the production line, in order to allow users to immerse themselves and restore the most real production process. (Also read: AR APP - Tyre Maker)

3. Change of the Mindset 

“We don’t want our staff to know everything, instead, to search for the answer all the time!” by Sharif Khan

Building  a nice and sensible corporate culture is definitely a vital part in the process of digital transformation. As Regional General Manager for Human Resources (HR) in Microsoft Asia, Sharif Khan said, “We don’t want our staff to know everything, instead, to search for the answer all the time!” This may be frightening to the traditional Asian style education learners. What do I do if there is no answer? What’s the standard? Especially in the management level of the traditional companies, they have to face the fact that they know nothing, and it’s okay! It’s much more important to listen, to learn about the technique required to achieve the goal of digital transformation. 


Besides, determination and strong mind are the key to success. No matter in management, senior, or newbies, every person in the company has to deal with a total new field of technique, mindset, etc. In the throes of transformation, it’s essential to re-evaluate the whole company organization, to set up a new working protocode, and to always be willing to learn from each other and take the comments. By doing so, the future of your digital blue sea will await you!