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Digital Transformation for Traditional Industry? Nankang Tyre Example!

2020. Jun. 10574

"Tyre Maker" and“Tyre Run”are two major digital transformation project from Nankang Tyre. We are responsible for all the planning and design, and finally, the outcome is a huge success.  With the launch on both Google Play and App Store, the apps are sold worldwide and put traditional media behind. Moreover, the interactive experience can bring the products into customers life rather than just displaying it, which creates a huge ripple effect for rebound marketing. While playing, products, services and brands can still get comprehensive exposure, which is undoubtedly the preferred method for digital transformation.

The Turning Point

What traditional media CAN NOT do: continuity of brand exposure


With the rising of 5G, AR, and VR, digital transformation is no longer a unreachable dream. How to keep the value of the brand while undergoing the digital transformation is the biggest task for most of the traditional industry, and our client, Nankang Tyre is included. 


A marketing specialist from Nankang Tyre said, “Tyre making is a very low-profile industry. For one thing, we need to emphasize on our professionalism in the marketing campaign for the fact that our clients are mostly not end customers.  For another, we used to use traditional media, such as newspaper, magazines, as the major media for brand exposure. As a result, we are currently having difficulties to bring up the inbound rate. Yet these 2 apps are the savior of the day! The digital transformation actually solve this problem and increase the continuity of brand exposure. 


Now, let’s take a look at how we work this out!

Interactive Experience wows Nankang Tyre!


We have been working with Nankang Tyre in the exhibition for several times, but this time we stepped out of the comfort zone and helped them embark the journey to digital transformation with “Tyre Maker” and “Tyre Run”.

At first, Nankang Tyre was not familiar with this whole AR trend until our cooperation started. They only knew Pokemon GO is the application of AR, but that’s it! 


The shock that digital transformation brought to Nankang was HUGE! The immediate response from the client are positive and the rebound rate is better than paper media. With one touch, “Tyre Maker” could lead you into the situational factory and interact with the 1: size machine. The user could learn thoroughly about the production line regardless of the physical boundaries. Besides, Nankang Tyre is planning to integrate this app into staff training as well, to show the  determination of digital transformation. 


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Same as a gaming app, Tyre Run is another great example of the successful digital transformation. The game plan aims at incorporating the features of the products into the game, in which the users could enjoy the fun but also learn about the products. Moreover, this helps to improve the brand exposure and product promotion. Its versatility and practicality are also the specialties because there is no need to connect to the Internet to play four games, so that the sales could use it as a demo and also a relaxing game to kill time when abroad. 


Reviews and Inbound Marketing

Raise the Difficulty, Raise the Discussion


We have been talking a lot about branding. Now, let’s hear some reviews from Nankang Tyre and the customers. Nankang Tyre said that after "Tyre Run" and "Tyre Maker" were officially launched on Google Play and Apple Store, the report rate soared, taking over online game forums and ranking in top of the download list soon after the launch. 


The multi-language selection (Chinese, English, Japanese) has achieved an increase in the global marketing map; the client also has the ability to comprehend the content with the native language, filtering out the language barrier and making it accessible. 


There are some interesting feedback about the "Tyre Maker":  Some customers mentioned that the game is very difficult, and it takes a lot of concentration to complete the task; but because of this, the users are willing to play it repeatedly and therefore creating a huge discussion within the users’ group, finally resulting in a excellent word-of-mouth marketing!

The Future in Exhibition

For the future development, Nankang exhibition marketing specialist also has some words to share, “The traditional exhibition campaign aims at attracting people’s attention, so we would hire many SG to host and hopefully heat up the atmosphere.”


After this project, he added, “We are actually thinking of bringing Tyre Run into the exhibition. ”With a realistic racing steering wheel, participants can actually sprint in the exciting New Berlin circuit at the booth! While other exhibitors are still distributing gifts, Nangang Tire has already been deployed ahead of schedule, synchronizing the activities of the exhibition venue to digitize and enhance the brand competitiveness.

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