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What is an online exhibition? Break through the social distance, the first choice for marketing integration in the epidemic situation!

2020. Apr. 22121
online exhibition

While ton of exhibitions are got canceled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, Online Exhibition rises with a strong wind! With no limitation on time and space, Online Exhibition can save up a bunch of bills due to the reduction on traveling expense and actual booth materials. Plus AR technology, the adaptability and interactivity can introduce Online Exhibition to another level where the normal exhibition booth can’t reach, bringing people all around the world together without stepping out of your house front door.

What is Online Exhibition?

An online exhibition, also referred to as a virtual exhibition, online gallery, cyber-exhibition, is an exhibition whose venue is cyberspace. Unlike physical exhibitions, online exhibitions are not restricted by time; they are not forced to open and close but may be available 24 hours a day. Nowadays, online exhibitions are usually incorporated with AR or VR technology to offer interactive experience. 

Why does your company need Online Exhibition?

online exhibition

Every country started Social Distancing to keep people safe in the house and reduce the curve. Although the sensations created by in-person connection is irreplaceable, we can turn to a great substitute - Online Exhibition, which, thanks to AR and VR, is able to recreate nearly the same experience. From offline to online, we bring the booth and products onto the virtual platform, where the users can access with just one touch on the mobile or template. This magical touch makes every thing in the physical exhibition possible on the internet; as a result, we now have this wonderful become the digital integration marketing solution. 

online exhibition

Another inevitable reason you would need Online Exhibition is - sustainability. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary of World Earth Day, and we certainly didn't want to put it away in the closet again. Each company has its own social responsibility, and by having Online Exhibition is not only a way to reduce the use of natural resources and to avoid the carbon footprint of personnel travel but also definitely a grand gesture to show the green image of the brand on the website.  

Gain these TWO advantages from Online Exhibition!

online exhibition

Attending a physical exhibition can cost you a great fortune. From booth design, construction team to the on-site expense, the price ranges from NTD 100,000- to NTD 1,000,000- . However, if we turn our eye onto the Online Exhibition, a simple flipping of the idea, you can reduce nearly ⅘ of the original cost, not to mention the reduction on natural recourse and the CO2 footprint, which shows the green spirit of sustainable environmental protection for the brand.

online exhibition

Interactive experience is one of the biggest perks for Online Exhibition. All the products within the booth are available for interaction. With one simple click, the users can not only view the texts description but also any form of multimedia. The real sensation to the physical exhibition is there for you, even without stepping outside to the danger of infection.

Where to display your Online Exhibition?

online exhibition





King One Design has the professional 3D designer team, covering structural and style design. With the AR engineering team’s participation, the 3D booth model can go to the WEB directly from 




APP form of Online Exhibition can also maximize your marketing benefits. According to the survey of ITU, there are more than 50% of the global population using internet in 2019. Imagine this, your booth can expose to more than 3,000,000,000 people around the world! How crazy is this if you just put your booth online! 

The BEST two types of design for your Online Exhibition

online exhibition

Situational Design


Situational Design usually will go with APP Online Exhibition.  The goal is to bring users into the scene through the reproduction of the actual scene, and we can easily launch the prologue of the online exhibition through various vehicles. If you can properly add emotional and sensory experience marketing techniques, and add immersive experience interaction, online exhibition can more effectively promote the brand image.


online exhibition

Booth Design


If your focus is to reproduce the booth itself, WEB Online Exhibition would be the best option for you. Starting from the landing page, you can see the whole virtual exhibition hall, as if the customers walking into the real exhibition. For the service, all the details can be modified as your wish. If you just want enjoy some simple fun, Static 3D rendering with low technical content will be your option. 

Examples of Online Exhibition

Example (1): National Palace Museum

If you say National Palace takes second place in the achievement of Online Exhibition, no one would dare to say their own is the first. The abundant of historically and culturally meaningful relics are displayed inside of the beautiful palace, where you can now see all of them on the National Palace’s website. Fluent user experience makes the whole exhibition more immersive and accessible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the history even during the epidemic prevention period.



National Palace uses advanced image browsing technology to display the original appearance of the map in high resolution. It also allows users to understand the functions and features of ancient maps in a virtual environment through interactive experience games.The game design is about the emperor of the Ming Dynasty ordered the officials to make the drawing of the map as the background. The user needs to help the officials to place the map icon in the appropriate location according to the description of each local chronicle to complete a post map.



Example (2): Interactive Table

Interactive Table shows a lot fun through variety of games, such as  themes sorting, immersive environment; plus the touch screen offers the interaction in real-time as you can see the users placing the cute icon to activate the AR image target function. The design is in 2.5D and cartoon style to flip the traditional image and to bring the vitality to the exhibition. 



You will love these TWO systems to perfect your Online Exhibition!

online exhibition

CX depends a lot on customers’ feedback; therefore, owning a whole questionnaire system is utterly important for a company. Along with the immediacy of Online Exhibitions, you will be able to make quick adjustments to your marketing strategy at any time based on the feedback you receive, or long-term plan for  your products features.

online exhibition

Owning a beautiful Online Exhibition is never enough, so you will also need a full backstage controlling system to track all the useful data. Every click and every browse will leave the digital footprint, being collected and analyzed correctly, these data will be your strongest foundation in the hope to customize marketing plans that meet the target customer group, complement each side to maximize benefits.


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