The 3rd Quarter Review of 2018 – Bike To The World

2019. Oct. 9265

Fallen maples waltz with you and me. Ay! It’s autumn again!

Breezy weather makes this season the best time to go out. With the rising awareness of environmental traveling, two-wheeled bicycle exhibition also kicked off at the same time.

In the 3rd quarter of 2018 review, King One Design is going to lead you to bike around the world. Starting from Eurobike, an outstanding exhibition with the quality of the business meeting and life experience in PARTIES, we get to know how bikes and life influence each other. Next on, crossing the Atlantic, we are hopping onto the North American continent, arriving in Las Vegas, USA. Interbike, one of the oldest bike exhibitions since 1982, has one of the best years as well. Last stop, we are going back to where we root from, Taipei. Taipei Cycle, one of the leading bike exhibitions in Asia, shows some cool designs to the attendees from the globe.

Bike Travel with Ultralight Style

With distinctive cultural backgrounds, located in three different continents, these three international bike exhibitions share the same but slightly different ideas in R&D of the bike industry. As for Eurobike, European lifestyle is highly emphasized, and environmental awareness and light material for city bike is the features.


One thing can’t be missed out is PARTIES! Eurobike not only shows the professional business and informative conventions during the day time, but the night time is also the highlight as well. They offer three parties in different music style for the exhibitors to enjoy the nightlife of Germany.

Bike show exhibition booth design

In Eurobike, FUERDI used natural scenery posters of the wild field to bring the sense of openness into the booth, in which the crowdedness is depleted. The cozy and natural atmosphere makes the booth stand out.

Bike show exhibition booth design

YUENI also puts nature texture into decorations. Light wooden floor and wallpaper, paired with natural lighting, the display shelves are lighted up. The booth is filled with brightness and enjoyment.

Bike show exhibition booth design

SUNNTWHEEL, on the other hand, chooses artificial greens for the design. The simple booth is embellished with green plants. Other than this, on the front center of the booth is paved with artificial grass, in the round shape responding to the cute circular platform.

Bike Travel with Speed Style

With distinctive cultural backgrounds, located in three different continents, these three international bike exhibitions share the same but slightly different ideas in R&D of the bike industry. Interbike, first exhibited in 1982, has become one of the oldest bike exhibition in the world. Along with the globalization and the persistence on the high-quality show, Interbike has established several new records in the bike industry, as well as become the indicative trend exhibition.


However, in December of 2018, the exhibition vice president Darrel Denny said, ”We have made the decision not to proceed with the event that had been scheduled for Reno in 2019.” Despite this sad news, they have been working on the adjustment according to the surveys from 2018 and the marketing trends. We hope to see Interbike again in 2020!

Bike show exhibition booth design

ALLIGATOR, the leading bicycle parts manufacturer from Taiwan, has a great design in Interbike. Clean-carving lines cut out large areas of geometry, plus the interleaved use of black and orange. It presents the booth with speed and powerful image.

Bike show exhibition booth design

BRYTON uses large posters paired with geometric color blocks to highlight the platforms and the back panel. The attendees would easily flow into the booth and have a decent experience here.

Bike show exhibition booth design

INNOVA TIRE, the leading bike tire manufacturer in Taiwan, also used the large posters to draw the attention from the attendees. Another cool element is they have a cloth hanging frame as the display space for the tire, leaving interesting imagination flowing through the booth.

Bike Travel with Avant-garde Style

With distinctive cultural backgrounds, located in three different continents, these three international bike exhibitions share the same but slightly different ideas in R&D of the bike industry. Taipei Cycle, the leading bike exhibition in Asia, has interesting riding activities. Through a beforehand online application, the attendees get the chance to bike around Dajia Riverside Park. Back to our profession, King One Design has some avant-garde designs. Let’s take a look!

Bike show exhibition booth design

APRO has a monotone blue color, yet not boring at all. The consistent use of blue lightens up the booth with relaxation. The two pillars create the two large arc as well, to bring out the image of the booth.

Bike show exhibition booth design

DELI TIRE’s, from Indonesia, the booth is one of our favorite design. The back panels are cut into interesting geometric blocks with an avant-garde flavor. No need of display platforms, the products are attached to the blocks. Such an eye-catching design!

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