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How to Ask for Quotation, Like a Pro?

2020. Jan. 8554

Is this your first time attending a professional exhibition? Is this your first time contacting a booth design company? Your boss is putting pressure on you, but you just can’t get the price from the design company?

On behalf of the design company, it is very important to let our client know this: we can’t be 100% SURE about the price until we have received all the details and needs.

First, the factors that can determine the price differ in so many unimaginable ways. Some visible factors are like, the size, the structure, the material of the booth design. Also, some factors are the time, the location, and the country. Last, there are some invisible factors that only an experienced one could notice. Followings are the 3 categories of the factors that determine the price:

Factor: Booth Design

exhibition booth design price

 “Hello, we have a 3 square-foot booth. How much is it?”

Umm, knowing that the size of the booth could determine the prize is very smart, but besides this, there are still many different factors to be concerned, like materials and structure, etc. 



We have three different of materials for booth design: System, Overlay, and Wood. Since most of our clients focus on the customized design, let’s start with Wood.


Wood is the most expensive yet most formable material among the three. Furthermore, due to the higher and higher awareness in sustainability, a lot of exhibitions start to forbid certain materials, but not wood, because it is obviously an environmental-friendly material. 


For System and Overlay, they are commonly seen material as well. System is a fixed-frame portable aluminum booth. It has the lowest price but, you know how business works, you get what you pay for. Overlay is the mix of the other two. It has the aluminum structure but covered with the wood decorations. The price is in the middle, also it looks high-quality. However, the flexibility and formability are still very limited, so we don’t recommend these for the customized booth design. 





In terms of structure, since we are professional at customized design cases, the structure must be taken into every project. Every project has different needs, every client has different ideas, so we believe the mutual communication is meant to be done. In other words, structure is a factor that definitely determines the price, but it still differs in every project. 



In short, 


How to be pro at this? Let’s start with the materials, which easy to handle because now you have understood the price of each material and how they would look like. But still, if you want a professional booth that can speak for your brand, go with the customized design! 


As for structure, it covers in the design, so be patient and provide enough details and needs to us, and then we can reach closer to the dream price that you need for reporting to your supervisor!


Don’t worry!

Contact us if you have zero idea of what a booth would look like. We have a very professional and experienced team to help you with the design, but remember to bring enough details, such as the logo, the information you want to expose in the booth. 

Factor: Administration Fee

exhibition booth design price

 What you see is not the only thing you paid for!

Besides the visible factors, there are way more factors hiding behind the project and booth itself. The administration is a real trouble if you attend the exhibition for the very first time. Something as huge as the availability of hanging sign, the height limit, or something as small as how to dispose the trash. 


In short,


This is all about EXPERIENCE. To be fair, these so-called “administration factors” could be found on the internet and be handled by exhibitors yourself. However, if there is a professional exhibition secretary with proficient language ability, you can leave the worries of communication to them. The time you saved can be used more wisely for preparing a better exhibition. 

But still, remember these administration factors are just small parts of the whole cost, the main goal is still giving us your ideas and needs. 

Factor: Hidden Ones

exhibition booth design price

 Hello, I saw your booth design in CES 2019. I would like to ask how much is it?

No, no, no, don’t rush! Time changes, currency rate changes, registration fee changes EVERY YEAR! These hidden factors are easily taken for granted by the exhibitors, but not for us! 


Honestly speaking, we could give you the precise cost of the specific booth design we made in the past, but the truth is, the price differs from exhibitions to exhibitions, including the administration fee and electricity as well. For example, European countries value much on environment and sustainability issue, so we can only choose WOOD material and the disposal policy would create higher cost. Sometimes, even within in the same country, the administration/registration fee may be different from city to city. 


Currency Converting Rate is also another hidden factor. From 1(Eruo) : 42(NTD) in 2014 to 1(Euro) : 34(NTD), Euro has been dropping throughout the past few years. This affects the local expense, not only affected by the registration fee, but also on the payment for construction team. We insist on working with the local teams to secure the quality of the booth, so the converting rate definitely affects. 

In short, 


I have to say, these hidden factors are extremely difficult to notice if you are a super newbie in exhibition industry. Nevertheless, nothing appears overnight, and lucky enough, you get to read this article to learn more about the little secrets of different factors in booth design price decision. 


After hearing all these on and under table factors, it may be a bit over-whelming at the same time. Well, but after reading this article, you would know that “experience” plays a very important role in exhibition industry. Although the first time, you may encounter a lot of obstacles, which, from another perspective, are exactly the nutrition for your exhibition experience.

Lastly, now you know how many factors would affect the price. All you need to remember is bring enough ideas and needs for your booth. If you have no idea, do find some references and get ready for discussion with us back and forth. 

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