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New Trends in the Exhibition - Green Energy | Wisdom | AR

2019. Aug. 152

Still believe in “Knowledge is power”? Now it’s believed that INFORMATION is power!

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The so-called “latest trend” seems to be pretty far away from our daily life, yet it has been lurking in already. How to foresee the trend is definitely the key to become the dominant character in the exhibition industry. This year, the major tech shows were all showing 5G development, which leads to the next chapter of Smart Era. Another amazing tech trend definitely belongs to AR, which brings visitors the best interactive experience. Lastly, the sustainable spirit and environmental preservation awareness green up all the exhibition worldwide as well.

Green Power – Sustainable Design

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Environmental sustainability is such a hit recently. From the high-end fashion industry to the first-class energy industry, every industry has started the greening project. Yet are you ready for greening up the booth?

Since EU passed the Circular Economy Package(CEP) in 2018, many European countries has increasingly incorporated the concept of sustainability and cycle into exhibition design. Via re-using recyclable materials and reducing one-time use disposal waste, they show the determination for a greener future.

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Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

Intuitively, the sustainability is the meant to give back to the environment, but what if this concept could help cost down the budget on your booth. As we know, a lot of decoration materials or components are actually reusable, such as, well-cut light box. Also, another perk would be the clever use of colors. So the lightbox could be reused as an interesting decoration sign in your office.

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Digitalization is a common method to reduce the waste on paper. By digitalizing the brochure and flyers, we could reduce the paper waste significantly and increase the sense of technology.

Tech Power – Smart Design

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AI and IoT are two very familiar subjects in tech shows in the last 5 years. Along with the growing of 5G technology, every exhibition and every booth is getting smarter and smarter.

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Smart City

Smart City is the solution to all the urbanization problems. Proposed by IBM, the concept of “Smart City” is people-oriented, focusing on the most important elements of urban composition – residents. Through collecting and analyzing the data from the city, we get to learn deeper about the life patterns; furthermore, we could upgrade the whole city accordingly.

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Smart Factory

With the coming of Industry 4.0, the traditional industry is under the need of transformation. Many major machine tools manufacturers have embarked on developing smart production and, combined with AI and IoT tech. For example, TIMOS and TMTS, the leading machine tools show in Asia, created a great platform under the themes like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

AR Power – Experience Design

exhibition design AR

Last but not least, we present you the king of experience marketing – Augmented Reality. Via mobile devices or tablets, the users are easily accessible to the virtual world while standing in reality. Plus the high stability and high efficiency provided by 5G, the interactive experience empowers you to attract attention and brand exposure.

exhibition design AR


The interactivity tells the brand story more. Throughout the process, the users are able to live in the experience, acquiring a deeper understanding and familiarity with the brand. Other than that, if you find a way to project it to the big screen, it will definitely become a strong promotional strategy.

Latest Trend in Machine Tools Show

Machine tools are the foundation of all walks of life. No matter how big the exhibition hall is, the space of your booth is fixed; no matter how rich you are, it’s still impossible to fit 10 gigantic into your booth. This where AR comes into the plan. The digitization helps to save up so much space; furthermore, you can see all the details of the gigantic machine from the 3D model on handy mobile devices.


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