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2019. Jan.


TMTS – Creating Connections And Activating The Future!

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show(TMTS) 2018 took place at Wuri High-Speed Railway Special District, 11/07-11/11, 2018. The exhibition area was 91,000 square meters and was divided into 4 exhibition halls. The organizer expected the business opportunities driven by the exhibition to be up to 10 billion dollars, a new record! The display included a variety of related products such as metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, and components. Also some accessories, cutting tools, measurement, and automated process. Last but not least, the applications of smart manufacturing and mechanical arms.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also called the 4th industrial revolution, is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Another important value is to integrate all the experiences in sales and products with related industrial technology. The theme of 2018 TMTS is “Creating the Connection, Activating the Future!” It is based on the concept of I4 and perfectly interpreted how we are ready to cope with the upcoming Smart Era.

「Creating Connections and Activating the Future!」

With the coming of Industry 4.0, smart machinery and smart manufacturing technology came into being. TMTS proudly announced the theme “Creating the Connection, Activating the Future!” focused and connected to the future Smart Era.


Lai-Sheng, Chen, the chief of Smart Machine Technology Center of ITRI, said, Smart Production will bring promising business opportunities, resulting in solving the need to low-volume production with a wide range of items, fast production, and short life cycle. Also, it brings the solution of lacking labors. The exhibitors of TMTS brought the latest research results, technology development, and products to show their strength to the whole world.

Design Talk

Last but not least, it’s time for some serious discussion about our strong point, Booth Design! Different exhibitions have different features, and the exhibitors would love to fit their booth accordingly. In most of the machine tool exhibitions, the design usually goes with a simple and neat style with no much crazy fanciness. Plus, the clear-cut block separation helps the attendees to view the entire booth at a glance; furthermore, due to the reduction of platforms, any size of the machine is able to fit into the booth for the attendees to inspect the details of it.


As for the color tone choices, it also goes simple. Similar to the technology exhibition, the booths need to show the modernity and professional of the brand, so we set white as all the foundation color, pairing with corporate’s color, to jazz up the liveliness. Apart from that, there is an interesting design you could find in TMTS works. That is the generous use of Chinese characters. We barely find Chinese on the banner, even the exhibitions in Taiwan, due to the globalization. However, TMTS may be the perfect one that you could enjoy the beauty and delicacy of Chinese words.

Works in TMTS