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[Exhibition Introduction] US Consumer Electronics Show CES2019

2019. Feb. 19871
CES Booth design

“What? 4G internet? Come on, it’s already the 5G Era!”

“FaceTime is so old-fashioned, FaceMe is the lit!”

“Is your home getting SMART as well?”

If you are looking for a place to track down all the latest technology trends, you will not want to miss CES2019! Every exhibitor seized the time to demo the latest products and live streamed the press conference on the internet. All the buyers and customers were waiting for it despite the time differences. Some stayed up, some woke up early, just because they don’t want to miss it!

CES 2019

CES 2019 was held during 1/8-1/11 in Las Vegas, USA. This year, CES attracted more than 4000 exhibitors to demonstrate the latest technology and innovative products. It has become one of the leading tech exhibitions of the world. The organizer, American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said the focus of the year was 5G, AIot, and AR/VR technology, and the new exhibition hall – Eureka Park.


This time, King One Design not only built the extraordinary Taiwan Tech Arena pavilion, but we also built quite fun exhibition booths, waiting for you to explore with us!


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Black&White, Sense of Technology

CES CyberLink booth design

CyberLink - All Black

As the leading exhibition of the world, CES was just like a battlefield. The exhibitors had to bring their A-game to beat other rivals. Major color tones were black and white, the neutral color. CyberLink chose a wide range of black, showing a deep, great, and determined personality. Since black could never go wrong and could set off the texture and value of other colors, the printed poster on the back panel was highlighted. The visitors could view all the info with pleasant.

CES ECS exhibitin design
CES ECS exhibition design

ECS - Black and White

On the other hand, ECS went for black and white. Combining both, it showed the plain but deep personality. The main cube cabin has two sides with both colors. On the white side, it’s built like a cozy room, mainly showing the smart products; on the other side, black was the dominant color, showing a real-size model car.

Play With Design

CES QNAP exhibition booth design

QNAP - A Pyramid!

Being outstanding is not an easy job, but if you leave to King One Design, it may be another story. Creative design has been always our forte. A big hanging sign? Come on, we give you an upside-down pyramid! How to display software systems or solutions? Worry not, we built a retail store in the exhibition hall and let the visitors operate it by themselves!


The upside down pyramid was so epic that QNAP owned the exhibition hall! Besides the huge size, the contrast use of bright yellow and dark blue left a huge visual impact on the visitors. The peak of the pyramid served as the function of the indicator, leading visitors to look at the booth. The island stand still owned the openness right underneath the huge hanging pyramid.

CES ASKEY booth design

ASKEY - A Booth without Showcase Platforms

Askey Computer Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASUS Computer, totally brought their A-game to CES. Without eye-catching banners and platforms, ASKEY went another path-Simplicity. We still could blend creativity into simple designs. A wooden net was built in the front of the booth, lessening the coldness of technology; moreover, the wooden texture served as a nice background for the small yet focused banner to show the name of the brand.

CES TAITRA exhibition design
CES TAITRA exhibition design

TAITRA - Situational Design

TAITRA has a lot of brands in one booth, displaying more than just actual products, they were curious about how to demonstrate the software and solutions. King One Design built an actual real-size retail store onset. The wooden texture pillars and walls made TAITRA’s booth stand out among all the other booths. The eye-catching fascia sit on the one side of the booth, attracting visitors into the booth. When stepping into the booth, it’s just like going into a store, browsing through the products on the shelves and operating the machines at the cashier.