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DIGITAL MARKETING under the outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19)

2020. Feb. 25430

The exhibition industry is under huge influence by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the global level, and lots of the international exhibitions are calling off or postponing the date. As one of the leading exhibition design company in Taiwan, we are facing the downturn and a lot of cancellations as well, yet all kinds of solutions are well-prepared, including the digital marketing solutions. We value the cost, time, and relation that our client put in, and what we will do is going to be beneficial for both sides, turning crisis into chances! Let’s fight the battle together! 

Exhibitions are CANCELLING!

MWC 2020

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Major international smartphone companies cancelled the attendance to MWC 2020 over coronavirus fears. the CEO of GSMA, John Hoffman, commented, "With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020." after the emergency meeting held on 14th of February.

 BBC also reported that GSMA has been encouraging the authority to announce the Public Health Emergency, so that the insurance company will cover this huge amount of lost.

Smart City Expo 2020

exhibition booth design booth design exhibition design

Under the outbreak of COVID-19, Smart City Expo 2020 has announced to postpone the exhibition date to 1st-4th of July. Smart City Expo is an international exhibition held in Taipei Nankang Exhibition Hall in March every year, welcoming buyers, influencers, and professionals from all over the world. After a thorough discussion, the organization had to call off and postpone the expo to later in the summer. 



The Impact of Exhibition Cancellation

Take MWC as an example, the cancellation will lead to the loss of 492 million euros, not only in the exhibition itself but also the surrounding business such as event MC, construction team, and tourism. However, the health still takes the priority and the cancellation of the expo needs to be done. As the leading booth design company, we are undergoing through a tough time as well as all the other exhibitors, but we are now ready to fight back with a series of supporting measures, hoping to minimize the loss between customers and us.


Also, in the battle of COVID-19, we need to focus more on the digital marketing solutions. The intensive person-to-person interaction in the exhibition would become the most suitable inhabitation for the virus to thrive. Therefore, to reduce the physical contact could help the transmission less possible. It’s a way to protect ourselves, also to protect others. 




exhibition booth design booth design exhibition design

Milan Fashion Week opt to livestream the event.

Digital Marketing is the BEST solution under the circumstances!

Here are some solutions from different exhibitions. For example, Taipei Cycle postponed the official date from March to July, but they are announcing a brand new exhibition - “Taipei Cycle +”, incorporating 5G high speed advantages to  transform the traditional exhibition into a digitized version, taking the venue of forums and speeches to the internet platform. At the same time, the annual Milan Fashion Week, first time in the history, opt to livestream the event instead. This was done as a preventative measure to "support national efforts in safeguarding public health," the company said on Sunday.


"Digital Marketing" is undoubtedly the best answer for exhibition marketing today. The platform without actual products is not only a trendy presentation but also, for nowadays, reduces the interaction between person to person. Furthermore, we can utilize Augmented Reality tech to make the whole presentation even more flashy and eye-catching. 

AR Interactive Experience sample

Lastly, health still prevails than others. Any problems can be renegotiated to create a win-win situation if we are safe and sound. We all hope that the COVID-19 will slow down earlier, so preventive measures are essential. Remember to wash your hands when you are all right, wear a mask on public transportation, and prevent the spread of the epidemic together!