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2019. Aug.


Booth Design Elements - Screen

Pingfeng, also known as the folding screen, is the representation of traditional Chinese artifact. Due to the ability to fulfill both aesthetic and practical purpose, every household above the mid-class had it since Ming Dynasty. Until today, it’s often to see amazing pingfeng elements in many interior design projects, and exhibition design is no exception.

The Balance between Aesthetics and Practicals

There is always a tough task to strike the balance between aesthetic and practical purpose. Either the idea goes too beyond imagination to realize in reality, or the design goes purely for functions, without any creative spark. The following are some great works that find the balance, from Lievore Altherr, a Spanish Design Studio.

Exhibition booth design

With the summer taste of macaron color, the movable sliding pingfeng gets to add a touch of playfulness to the plain office.Lievore Altherr

Exhibition booth design

The round and rectangular pingfeng collide, creating a playful style. Lievore Altherr

Space Magician

Within the limited space in one booth, it leaves a huge problem to the booth designer on how to arrange the space efficiently and smartly. As we know, the Chinese style Pingfeng could also function as the room divider. The high adaptability outperforms the plain panel or walls. What’s more, Pingfeng could also reduce the confined feeling and increase the accessibility to meet the needs of drawing more traffic into the booth.

Exhibition booth design

Tantti Lab – Medical Japan

Situated at the front corners, the two pingfeng pathed out a welcoming entrance. The dynamic use of shapes added a touch of liveliness to the booth.

Exhibition booth design


Borrowed the concept of Pingfeng, you could see the upright panels creating showcases and room dividers, creating the fluent route.