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Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo 2019 - Welcome The Age of 5G & IoT

2019. Apr. 15929

Smartphone, smart home and all the other SMART products have made our lives more convenient. So is the city where we live. A smart city has been the top discussion in technology and human development. Along with IoT and A.I. tech, the city is getting smarter and smarter, as well as the safety and energy-saving solution. And readers, this is how Smart City & Expo came into being.

The Origin of "Smart City"

From the first Industrial Evolution in the 18th century, the city was slowly rising and introduced a better lifestyle to the world. Because of this, the citizens flooded into the city, resulting in Urbanization. Nowadays, due to excessive economic development, the urban population density is rapidly rising. According to statistics, the global urban population accounted for only 13% in the early 20th century, but after the middle of the 21st century, up to 70% of the population will live in cities. Overdevelopment comes with prices. The livelihood issue gradually starts emerging onto the surface. Energy-saving, transportation, health, and education are part of the urbanization problems to be solved.


Smart City is the solution to all the urbanization problems. Proposed by IBM, the concept of "Smart City" is people-oriented, focusing on the most important elements of urban composition - residents. Through collecting and analyzing the data from the city, we get to learn deeper about the life patterns; furthermore, we could upgrade the whole city accordingly.

Smart City Summit & Expo 2019

Smart City Summit & Expo (Smart City) is a platform where city governors from the globe share the experience of smart city solutions. So far it is also the biggest Smart City Professional Expo in Asia. The themes include Smart Medical, Smart Education, and Smart Energy etc. Besides the professional forums, in the 6th edition, Smart City released a new area – “Smart Transportation!” In total makes 4 Smart Areas in Smart City.


This time, King One Design had the honor to work with great exhibitors and built wonderful booths in Smar City 2019.

FET - The Upcoming Era of 5G

Far Eastone promoted three core technology powered by 5G, Big Data, AI, and IoT. Stick to with the same concept, we built a brand new theme pavilion, exhibiting “Smart City” and “Smart Enterprise” areas.


We handled booth design and construction. The booth was very open and had a lot of “circular” elements. Going around the whole booth, the circular banner was built 4-meter tall, adding more height space and accessibility. At the same time, you would see the two areas were connected by the huge circular banner, showing individual features but retaining the same style at the same time.

Axiomtek - Smart Campus

Axiomtek participated in Smart Education area of Smart City. Together with King One Design, we built a situational campus booth. Axiomtek showed their pioneering industrial computer devices; on the other hand, we brought the whole camp in the exhibition.


At the entrance, you would see the security system and smart street light, guarding the first gate; stepping into the booth, info security and smart classroom were there for you to have a look. “E-Board”- TouchIT, a 75-inch touch screen, was the highlight of the day! Every two hour, the presentation started and brought the visitors back to memory in school life. It’s just like a campus tour all over again!


Smart Retail is another theme of Axiometk. Without noticing, Smart Retail has already lurking in our daily lives. Some of the supermarkets has brought in self-check counter, where the customers could scan the bar code on their own. Moreover, with the image identification system, Axiometek introduced the automatic checkout system that you get to skip the scanning and let the machine do the work. The accuracy is up to 98%! In no time, the arrival of unmanned shops is close at hand.

The Milestone of Smart City

Fooling around in Smart City, you would see every exhibition booth was unique in their own way. Every exhibitor played smart with their features, presenting the innovative discovery and applications. We are looking forward to seeing smarter applications to help with the city residents to prosperity!


Lastly, let’s meet again next year with the 7th edition of Smart City on 3/24-3/27, 2020!