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Anywhere Door to Exhibition - Contextual Booth Design

2019. Nov. 13565


There are so many different types of professional exhibitions all over the world. Today we are going to see one of the hottest type – Gaming Exhibition, G2E Asia; furthermore, you will discover the secret of contextual booth design and how it brings the traffic more than other kinds.



King One Design, together with XSG, participated in G2E Asia and G2E Las Vegas. We brought the concept of contextual design into the booth and helped XSG to build an outstanding booth with eye-catching banner

Besides the banner that tells the brand story, we also introduce the magic of contextual design to XSG. By creating a simulated and contextual environment, the attendees are more likely to relate themselves to the products and brand, both emotionally and physically, creating better user experience without the need of staffs explaining so much on set.



Reveal the Secret of Contextual Design 


Apart from structure design and construction methods, we believe it is also critical to be aware of how to create an interactive experience with booth itself. Throughout the experience of visiting the booth, the attendees undergo the whole new immersive environment, leaving a stronger and better user experience. 


By incorporating the contextual design, the dream of an immersive environment within one booth becomes achievable. Later on, we are going to discuss further in this topic with two sub fields – “Color and Graphic Design” and “Structural Design”. 


Color and Design 


Every color has its corresponded “psychological meaning”, which affects tremendously on how people perceive things. Therefore, we can tell that if the color is used wisely, there is going to be stronger and longer connections between the booth designs to the perceptions of attendees. 

Take XSG’s booth in G2E Asia as an example. We can see there are 3 main colors, red, gold, and black, which are the most commonly seen colors in the casino. Each color symbolizes different meaning, but together they are able to change the mind of seeing the booth itself, bringing the attendees into a more immersive environment.



Structure and Design


Besides the mind play of colors, we can always find a more direct access to achieve the immersive environment. The structure design and the display could definitely do a huge favor on this. 


Again, with the booth of XSG in G2E Asia, we can see plenty of actual casino elements placed in the booth, such slot machines and bar area. All above makes it easier to create an immersive booth decoration to encourage attendees, unconsciously, to interact with the booth, products, resulting in more traffic. 



Contextual Design is not necessarily a must-do for an exhibitor to think about, but it does bring a booth into another immersive environment with higher quality in better user experience. And everyone knows, the better user experiences are, the easier to bring in the traffic, so now it’s just obvious that you could consider using the contextual design in your next booth, isn’t it?