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Why is VR virtual reality so strong? Even tech giants are optimistic about new digital business opportunities

2021. Jan. 21426King One Design Reporter

What exactly is Virtual Reality?

"Virtual Reality will make users unable to see the real environment and are completely immersed in the virtual world presented by the head-mounted display."

  • Compared with the augmented effect of AR, virtual reality allows users to be completely immersed in the virtual world without seeing the real surrounding environment at all. The interactive methods are mostly carried out by joysticks, controllers, etc., while the interaction is The same is based on virtual objects.

  • Virtual reality VR is mostly used in games, simulation training, vocational training, etc., because you can enter the virtual world only by wearing a monitor, which can greatly reduce the risk of actual performances and greatly reduce the expenditure of actual equipment.

Why has VR become a big hit?

As early as more than ten years ago, VR has had a prototype development, and many big technology companies have also quietly entered the market. Even the Japanese game company "Nintendo" released the first device similar to current VR glasses as early as 1995. -Virtual Boy! It was just because the hardware cost was too high at that time, the equipment was too large, and the transmission technology was not yet mature, which led to the failure of the business model to develop smoothly.

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Nintendo’s first VR game device released in 1995-"Virtual Boy"

The massive demand in the game industry

"U.S. market research company Digi-Capital has conducted a series of surveys on AR/VR. They predict that by 2024, AR/VR market revenue still has a chance to reach around $65 billion."

  • The user-centered marketing experience has gradually become the love of the mainstream market, and the VR technology, which is the most immersive experience, has risen at the same time and has become everyone's favorite!

  • The game industry is moving towards the goal of "immersive" and "real-time experience". Therefore, the ultra-realistic environment not only allows players to experience the environment, but also adds more sensory stimulation. VR technology is just the solution to this demand. It seems Just like the game in the album "Black Mirror", it's really not far from us!

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What is the principle of VR application?

"Using computer analogy to generate a virtual world in a three-dimensional space provides users with an analogy about vision and other sensory organs, making users feel as if they are immersed in the environment, and can observe things in three-dimensional space in real time without limitation."

The 5 most common VR glasses

Digital transformation, VR headset, VR, virtual reality

1. VIVE: China-made VR device, high image quality and dynamic tracking area is super wide!

#Heavy gamers must buy

2. Cardboard: The price is so close to the people, and you can enter the VR world with a mobile phone!

#Getting started

3. OculusVR: A pioneer in the industry, the glasses themselves are lightweight, highly durable, and the operation is the smoothest!

#Suitable for you with abundant funds

4. PlayStation VR: A must for PS4 players to easily enjoy high-quality virtual reality!

#Without PS4 as long as less than 8000 yuan

5. Gear VR: The CP value is the highest, suitable for all ages, as long as the mobile phone and the Internet can play!

#The most popular representative

An Analysis of Global VR Trends

The popularization of VR is no longer a patent for high-end customers

Due to the ultra-high-speed development of the Internet of Things in recent years and the gradual formation of 5G software and hardware, the business application model of VR has gradually developed outside the game industry; more importantly, as the threshold for use is lowered, there will be a greater base Of consumers joining the VR market, presumably applications other than games will also become more popular. The plot in "Black Mirror" is not far away!

The way of communication between people will change from physical environment to virtual space

Global technology experts have predicted that VR/AR will be the main form of human communication in the future. In 2020, when the epidemic is raging, many companies have been forced to move their meetings online, or even develop VR meetings, to reproduce the five-sense experience simulation and relive the interaction between people through immersive experiences.

Who are the leading international VR manufacturers?


Do you think Facebook is just a social platform? In fact, Facebook has already started research and development in the VR field. The main development goal is to closely integrate social networks, Instagram, WhatsApp and other services through the Oculus platform! Think about it, if you open Instagram one day and those photos are all in VR virtual reality, wouldn't it be more real? Meetings that span time and regions are easier to achieve!

Sony (PlayStation)

Sony (Sony) launched the world's super hot-selling VR headset PlayStation VR in October 2016, and has shipped more than 5 million units so far. (Statistical date: 2020/07/08)! Although it is not as good as the actual sales of PS4 and PS5, this huge number is enough to encourage more game makers to invest in making VR games, which greatly highlights Sony's pivotal role in the VR market!


HTC's own VR head-mounted device HTC Vive has long become the world's leading brand, and Wang Yi's VR design also uses this product. In the report for the third quarter of last year, HTC continued to deepen the diversified development of virtual reality enterprise applications, expanding its customer base to the automotive, defense, healthcare, and other industries. In addition, there is also a workplace safety training solution in cooperation with ElevateXR, which uses VIVE Focus Plus. It can be seen that in the future VR blue ocean, HTC will inevitably have a place!

Current Status and Trends of Taiwan's VR Virtual Reality Industry

Digital transformation, VR, virtual reality
  • Taiwan’s hardware technology will keep a place in the VR blue ocean

Qualcomm and Himax Optoelectronics are the two leading technology companies in Taiwan. In addition to specializing in mobile phone chip systems, Qualcomm also extends its technology to the chip manufacturing of VR devices to optimize the process of using real devices. In addition to continuing to deepen its own technology, Himax Optoelectronics has also increased the production of various components such as liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS), LCD timing and wafer level optics (WLO); in the future, AR/VR head-mounted devices will be developed towards "lightweight" In the direction, presumably these increasingly lighter and smaller optical components are bound to break out of the market!

  • Taiwan’s VR soft power still lacks talents, content and service vendors

There are many problems in the current industrial environment of AR and VR in Taiwan. In terms of talents, Taiwan lacks majors in "information management", "3D graphics", and "cross-domain knowledge", among which cross-domain talents are even more lacking! In addition, Taiwan, which has a strong hardware supply chain, can strengthen the integrated solution-oriented development of "content" and "service" and reduce its dependence on foreign countries, so that the overall industrial environment can develop in a balanced manner!

※The Ministry of Economic Affairs will review and certification in 2021! Wang Yi Design won the DE3 and DE4 technical certificates! ※

Featured Case: Taipower x Jinmen Smart Network VR Interactive Game

Wang Yi Design x Taipower Cooperation Case

In this year (2020) Taiwan Innotech Expo (Innovation Technology Expo), Taipower (Golden Gate Smart Network) in order to promote the smart grid to let more people understand, through VR virtual reality technology, combined with "energy storage system" and "ADR solution", Create a multimedia interactive experience, let users understand the operation of the smart grid, and accumulate trust and recognition of Taipower.

Wang Yi Design is good at telling stories with "visual". From the past exhibition booth design to the current 3D digital interactive design capabilities required for digital transformation, AR/VR design, etc., it can be regarded as the industry's leading digital integrated design company; In addition, we have a one-stop in house service process, from the initial planning and discussion of project contact, product visualization/digitalization to the final overall brand packaging and planning, a single window can save much The cost of communication back and forth, rest assured that we will leave the digital transformation to us!

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