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The 4th Quarter Review of 2018 – Machine Tools Exhibition

2019. Jan. 23324
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The last quarter of the year symbolizes an end but also a brand new start. Just like the Industrial Revolution in 18th Century, the machine tools exhibitions bring the world the latest technology development. Most of the international machine tools exhibitions are biennial, and this year we welcomed TMTS(Taiwan), JIMTOF(Japan), SIMTOS(South Korea), and IMTS(USA).

What Happened Before Industry 4.0?

Since the First Industrial Revolution back in the 18th century, human beings could literally not live without machines. Following by the invention of the light bulb and the electricity, the Second Industrial  Revolution offered a more efficient power to generate the big machine tools.


The tight connection between 0 and 1 showed the Third Industrial Revolution after WWII. The Third Industrial Revolution was also known as “Digital Revolution.” Due to the wide use of computer and digital data, the big wave came to the industrial fields, influencing all the traditional industry. They started to learn automation to increase productivity, yet at the same time, the cost on human recourse was dramatically dropped.  


The 4th Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Another important value is to integrate all the experiences in sales and products with related industrial technology. The theme of 2018 TMTS is “Creating the Connection, Activating the Future!” It is based on the concept of I4 and perfectly interpreted how we are ready to cope with the upcoming Smart Era.

International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)

Date: 2018/09/10 – 2018/09/15


Location: Chicago, USA


Numbers of visitors: 129,415


Numbers of exhibitors: 2,563



The biennial IMTS is the largest machinery manufacturing exhibition in the United States. With more than 80,000 exhibitors from 100+ countries, the deal made in IMTS has reached 10 billion NTD, reported by the press. King One Design has rich experience in international exhibitions. We are recognized by the Machinery Association for many years and has become the recommended design company for this exhibition. It cooperates with many machine tool manufacturers to create the best booth design. The following will guide you through the work of IMTS.

Design Talk

“Simplicity,” “Square,” and “Magnificent” are the features that clients look for in terms of machine tools exhibition design. The reduction of pillars is also a must-do in this kind of exhibition design due to offering more free space for showcasing the big machines. Less talking, more watching! Let’s have a look at the fantastic booths in IMTS designed by King One Design.

Seoul International Machine Tools Show (SIMTOS)

Date: 2018/04/03 – 2018/04/07


Location: Seoul, South Korea


Numbers of visitors: 103,000


Numbers of exhibitors: 1,222



The 18th Seoul International Machine Tools Show was successfully ended. The theme was “Industry 4.0.” It showed a lot of latest technology application based on IoT. Moreover, the organizers presented a super useful APP – “Mathmaking4U.” It could help the sellers and buyers to find each other in an efficient way, meanwhile providing both sides a platform to share the information.

Design Talk

In SIMTOS, you get to see Simplicity and Magnificence in the booth design as well. The massive use of white as the foundation would go perfectly with any brand’s logo or vibrant colors, in a way to show the liveliness of the brand.

Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF)

Date: 2018/11/01 – 2018/11/06


Location: Tokyo, Japan


Numbers of visitors: 150,000+


Numbers of exhibitors: 1,085



The 29th Japan International Machine Tool Fair(JIMTOF) took place on 11/01-11/06, 2018. “CONNECT” is the theme of this year. JIMTOF focused on the concept of “CONNECT,” using FIELD System (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive System) by Fanuc to connect 72 corporate, 300+ machines to build the exhibition into a huge smart factor, pacing the road for the visitors to the new era of IoT and machine industry.

Design Talk

Being the leading machine tools exhibition in Asia, every exhibitorors were dedicated themselves to show the best in JIMTOF. One of the special feature in terms of design is that you get to see Chinese words on the booth board, which is rarely seen in the USA or European exhibitions. If you have time to visit JIMTOF next year, remember to look for the beauty of Chinese words.

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show TMTS

Date: 2018/11/07 – 2018/11/11


Location: Taichung, Taiwan


Numbers of visitors: 85,000


Numbers of exhibitors: 750



Taiwan International Machine Tool Show(TMTS) 2018 took place at Wuri High-Speed Railway Special District, 11/07-11/11, 2018. The exhibition area was 91,000 square meters and was divided into 4 exhibition halls. The organizer expected the business opportunities driven by the exhibition to be up to 10 billion dollars, a new record! The display included a variety of related products such as metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, and components. Also some accessories, cutting tools, measurement, and automated process. Last but not least, the applications of smart manufacturing and mechanical arms.

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