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Artistic Exploration of International Fresh Design: Catch Up with 5 Seaside Public Space Case Studies!

2023. Aug. 2158King One Design Senior Editor

The public spaces of the new era can convey both spatial aesthetics and poetic landscapes.

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Artistically Imaginative International Public Space Design

The concept of public space originated from the civic engagement of ancient Greek city-states. Jürgen Habermas, a leading contemporary German philosopher, defines "public space" as follows: "Citizens can freely enter their squares to practice their ordinary public life." As time evolved, the notion of public space has journeyed into the 21st century, coexisting with people in diverse forms. From outward appearances to inner qualities, public spaces have become more creative and robust, assuming roles in leisure, knowledge education, and aesthetic cultivation.

Public space and public art share a close relationship, mutually influencing and shaping the development of a place, city, and even a country. Beyond enhancing the quality of the environment, they provide solace to people's spirits. In the book "Research on the Interaction between Public Art and Social Relations," it has been mentioned that "the characteristics of space are not limited to the implications of physical space, but encompass a holistic space that includes a spiritual dimension."

Therefore, the design of public space encompasses not only "physical space" but also the design of "spiritual space." Of course, public space doesn't necessarily need to have the function of public art. However, with the progress of contemporary aesthetics, art is increasingly integrated into public spaces. According to the Tate Gallery's definition, "public art refers to art in the public realm. Monuments, memorials, civic statuary, and sculpture are the most established forms, but public art can be temporary as well, in the form of performances, dance, theater, poetry, graffiti, posters, and installations." Due to the ever-evolving presentation of public art, we encounter many wonderful instances of public art in our lives nowadays.

The design of public space encompasses not only "physical space" but also includes "spiritual space" design.

The planning of these spaces can shape the ambiance and image of a city.

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1.Icelandic Public Baths, the World's Finest Public Swimming Pools

"The public art forms a new vocabulary in modern spaces, conveying new aesthetic concepts to postmodern designs." This passage is from the book "Street Aesthetics: Facility Public Art." Indeed, just like being acclaimed as the world's best public swimming pool, many consider the design concept of Iceland's Guðlaug Public Baths to be a symbol of public art itself.

Guðlaug, a term in Icelandic, represents the "Pool of the Gods." The Langisandur Beach is a local treasure in Iceland's coastal tourism industry, and the completion of the Guðlaug Public Baths adds to its allure. Whether it's inviting friends or families, visiting the Pool of the Gods is a pleasant experience. The rock pools formed on the beach echo the design inspiration of the public baths. Each pool is unique, and there are no identical ones. Due to factors like seasons, waves, lighting, and weather changes, every rock pool seen by visitors is one of a kind. This is the only natural beach public bath in Iceland, and many people drive 40 minutes from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, to this place specifically to enjoy the geothermal baths, which have positively impacted the local economy.

The Guðlaug public bath has attracted a large number of tourists.

Image source: archdaily

2.Brighton Beachfront, United Kingdom - Colorful Beach Huts

In every corner of Brighton in the southern part of the UK, there are beautiful and creative artworks that span from cityscapes to breathtaking large-scale sculptures. These public art pieces allow people to explore and discover moments of inspiration during their everyday walks. Additionally, one shouldn't miss out on the art markets and street performances that create an atmosphere where art and the ocean blend seamlessly in the sea breeze.

Of course, there are also incredibly charming beaches here, such as Brighton Seafront. As a renowned seaside city, the promenade is filled with various artworks and cultural activities. However, the most famous aspect of the beach is undoubtedly the painted huts. Some of Brighton's seaside huts have also been transformed into modern public toilets, providing convenient hygiene facilities for tourists and local residents. In this era, the emerging design style that combines aesthetics, creativity, and functionality is becoming an integral part of the urban landscape.

The colorful seaside huts, captured in the morning light, appear even more beautiful and pure.

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In this era, the emerging design style that combines aesthetics, creativity, and functionality is becoming an integral part of the urban landscape.

3.Seaside Tourist Kafka: Island Hopping Starting with Yayoi Kusama's Pumpkins

The Setouchi Art Festival, held once every three years, is filled with stories of encounters between people and the elegant blue islands. The Setouchi Art Festival brings about a harmonious dance between art and nature, creating an unforgettable journey of the soul.

On the coast of Naoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, stands "Pumpkin," a masterpiece by the internationally acclaimed artist Yayoi Kusama. It attracts visitors from all over the world. At the other end of the island, there's a red pumpkin. Yayoi Kusama herself described it: "Chasing the red light of the sun to the end of the universe, it transforms into the red pumpkin on the coast of Naoshima." Setouchi, which once struggled with an aging population and outward migration, has been rejuvenated through several editions of the Setouchi Art Festival, donning a youthful new face. It's as if Yayoi Kusama's ever-vibrant creative spirit has infused the region with boundless energy.

The artwork "Pumpkin" by the esteemed Japanese national treasure artist Yayoi Kusama attracts visitors from both domestic and international locations due to its reputation.

Image source:King One Design Senior Editor

"That's an atmosphere that can only be enjoyed by being there." Public art is not merely a silent presence; it's more like an inviting call to participate. Between the various islands of Takamatsu, from colossal floating art installations to structures hidden among the islands, distinctive artworks, and installations, each piece carries the artist's inspiration and dreams. 

They become mediums for exchange between people and the islands. This art festival, often referred to as the "triennial covenant with the sea," takes people on a unique journey, enticing travelers from around the world to excitedly pack their bags and partake in a sincere pact where reality and fantasy intertwine.

The Tourist Center on Ogijima Island in Takamatsu, with its white lattice-like roof, has become a popular spot for Instagram-worthy photos among visitors.

Image source:King One Design Senior Editor

4.Damsui Small Library: Either on the Way to Reading or on the Way to the Sea

Having arrived in the romantically serene Europe and witnessed Japan's revitalizing art projects in remote island tourism, have the broad possibilities of public space and public art opened up before you? Back in Taiwan, the planning of public spaces has indeed taken on a different perspective – it has become an area where citizens of all generations can obtain nourishment and genuinely experience.

Nestled by the sea, Tamsui New Town is located at the northern end of Tamsui District in New Taipei City. Revered by local writers as a gentle land named after the sea, it's the happiness of Tamsui residents. However, the Tamsui Small Library, an extension of New Taipei City Library, carries an additional mission of attracting visitors. Embarking from the Light Rail Hongshulin Station, today's destination is this diminutive library – a new stop of the era. Designed by King One Design, a micro-library has been established within the Light Rail Hongshulin Station in Tamsui. This compact and stylish reading space is richly stocked with books. Though small, it's comprehensive and all-encompassing. It could even be said that the Tamsui Small Library, situated by the sea and fashioned like a micro-library, has elevated itself to an Instagram-worthy attraction, transcending being just a reading spot. It's now a fashionable place to immerse oneself in and capture a memorable photo.

Image source:New Taipei City Library

Extending the symbolism of the sea, as shipping container structures are flexibly integrated into various themed settings, the "Damsui Small Library" resonates with the nearby Jimmy-themed shipping container structures. Against the backdrop of Tamsui, the entire scene is adorned with bicycles and travelers. The metallic shipping containers complement the overhead steel framework, seamlessly blending the themes and materials into the environment. The design also pays attention to intricate details, resulting in a warmer and harmonious overall ambiance. Regardless of your identity – whether you're a resident, a reader, or a tourist – you can find a place that resonates with you.

The Tamsui Small Library, with its unique spatial design blending seamlessly with the ocean view, has become a popular hotspot for Instagram check-ins.

Image source:New Taipei City Library

Whether you arrive as a resident, a reader, or a visitor, regardless of which role you embody, you will find your place within this compact container library, where everyone can claim their spot.

5.Seaside Solar Photovoltaic Education Center: Transmitting Green Energy Knowledge Through Digital Upgrades

The environment is an integral part of nature, and when in such environments, public spaces should strengthen their connections with the surroundings, thereby carrying a higher level of responsibility and mission.

Along the way, you can enjoy unbeatable ocean views and whimsical windmills. Self-proclaimed as a green energy demonstration park, the "Chenya Solar Photovoltaic Education and Exhibition Center" located in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park aspires to integrate outdoor education at all levels of schools, aiming to root green energy education. With the presence of offshore wind turbines, onshore wind turbines, solar power plants, and other green energy facilities in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, the goal is to promote the significance of green energy education and advocate for sustainable development.

The trend towards sustainability for the common good has bestowed upon the public spaces situated in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park the mission of being Earth-friendly.

Image source: Chang Hua county Government

Designed by King One, the solar photovoltaic education and exhibition center created for Chenya Energy efficiently utilizes a two-story space spanning 278.5 ping (920 square meters). From spatial planning and exhibit design to traffic flow organization, smart navigation, AR app development, digital interactive games construction, and the establishment of solar energy databases, the project thoroughly embraces the thematic essence of a green energy tourism facility. It has successfully transformed the somewhat solemn topic of green energy into a digitally engaging space suitable for family outings and educational travel.

Exploration This Outstanding Cases

King One Design ingeniously orchestrated the spatial layout, incorporating AR, digital interactive game construction, and the establishment of solar energy databases, among other elements and installations.

Image source:King One Design

Within the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, there is also a digital educational exhibition space adorned with the radiant blue sky, azure sea, and lush wooden elements, making it a worthwhile destination for families to explore together.

Image source:King One Design

Conclusion: What about the future? The interaction between public spaces and the vitality of the masses.

The shimmering deep blue sea reflects the clear summer sky. When the public attractions by the seaside combine the beauty of island oceans with the creativity of public facilities, experiences in spaces beyond private domains become an essential fabric of the city's context and daily life scenes.

From public baths, mobile beachside facilities, traveler interaction centers, libraries, to educational exhibition halls, all don a beautiful and azure countenance. Whether basking on the sunlit beach or gazing from indoors at the distant horizon where the sea meets the sky, the significance of public art, sculptures, paintings, and more in public spaces deeply infuses the city and locales with vitality and character. The fusion of creativity not only enhances the quality of life for people but also captures the attention of tourists, propelling urban aesthetics and tourism economies.

Public spaces have become places for relaxation, interaction, appreciation, contemplation, and learning. This delightful encounter also offers suggestions for a holiday lifestyle, hoping that after every stroll through the blue, the clamor and weariness of daily life can be washed away, allowing for a deep breath and a fresh start.

The trend of using artistic architecture to reshape public spaces allows seaside corners to engage in a visual dialogue with human vitality.

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