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2019. Aug.


The New Philosophy of Exhibition Marketing: the Charm of Promotional Products

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Not a single company can live without a marketing department. Marketing team covers the branding and make sure the products can be seen and sold properly. This is also why marketing and advertisement industry has the market value up to 1.2 trillion! 

Never underestimate this old trick!

Promotional products have been widely used in offline marketing strategies for every industry, which is also the most direct and visual branding methods. One of the oldest promotional product trick can be traced back to Roman Empire. Fruit stands would give out “free samples” to the shoppers, attracting them to the stand and hopefully made purchase. And guess what? This century-old trick still works now!

Promotional products are useful tangible items imprinted with an advertiser's name, logo or message designed to increase brand awareness among consumers. The common ones are, pens, USBs, towels, and T-shirts. 

Low Cost

Exhibition Marketing

When it comes to marketing campaign, people usually want it to be super fancy and magnificent, especially in exhibition industry. Of course, maybe you could throw a lot of money on hiring Black Eyed Peas, like Intel, to perform at the booth, yet even with the reasonable expense and limited resource, you can still have the wow factor that Black Eyed Peas brings.

In every level, promotional products have quite practical use, also with high reuse rate in daily life. The research shows, there are up to 89% will remember the brand on the promotional products for almost 24 months! 

Raise Brand Recognition

Brand promotion

Cultivating the brand recognition is the key step in market strategy. With good brand recognition, the clients could relate to the products or service as soon as they see the brand.

Because the logo is right there on the promotional products all the time, so it’s really easy to raise the brand recognition. The study shows that 9 out of 10 people will remember the name of the brand and its logo; 7 out of 10 people will make action again with the brand. 

Repeated Exposure

promotional product

Facebook posts will be missed within a wipe, but the small and tiny promotional products will stay aside you longer than your boy/girlfriend. Moreover, PPAI’s research showed that up to 81% of the people will keep the promotional products over A YEAR! 

The constant exposure is very helpful for raising the recognition and hopefully expanding to surroundings. 

Constant Reminder

marketing data

The function of traditional business card is for the holder to access to the products related info and contacts. Nowadays, QR Code is widely used as well. Printed with both logo and QR Code, promotional products can serve the functions of business card as well. No wonder someone calls it Moving Business Card! 

Brand Loyalty and Resonance

Last but not least, the study already shows that 82% of the people have positive feedback on the brand, which will lead to higher loyalty and return for another purchase action. So take the move, and give out the promotional products! Moreover, guess what? There are 83% of people who are willing to make the purchase again. 

After learning so many advantages from promotional products, there is one last thing to keep in mind. Don’t ignore the QUALITY! As small as they may be, it still carries the image of your brand, and clients will inevitably make the connection between quality of the promotional products and you brand. Also, remember branding and marketing requires time to brew. There is no short cut! Be patient and wait for the customers coming back with a pen printed with your logo!

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