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Interview with Grace Han | A Love Letter Unfolding Across Space and Time

2024. Jan. 10188King One Design Senior Editor

Photo Credit:Grace Han

King One Digital Brand Magazine" Exclusive Brand Interview: Exploring Innovative Brand Marketing - The Intersection of Fashion and Art, Featuring Grace Han Founder Grace Wang.

Q:Can you share your business philosophy or philosophy in one sentence?

"Folding the distance between us to meet again. If time could also fold, we would reunite. With a thousand folds collecting memories, only to commemorate the dearest you."

Grace Han's distinctive business philosophy lies in folding the distance between individuals, making time as soft and resilient as pleated leather. The pleat is Grace Han's signature, meticulously crafted over seven years to create this innovative classic. It not only bears witness to a commitment to quality but also represents a journey of introspective inspiration. Pleated leather is not just a consolidation of lines but symbolizes the diverse facets and profound essence of women, showcasing the beauty of fashion that harmonizes strength and gentleness.

Photo Credit:Grace Han

Q: London can be said to be an important place of inspiration for Grace Han. How does it shape the brand?

London is the starting point for my parents and the wellspring that inspires my artistic vision and design philosophy. From my early years, I've been captivated by the touching narrative of my parents meeting and falling in love in this city, allowing me to deeply appreciate the diversity of London's culture and the profound artistic heritage it embodies. For me, London is like a familiar, natural, and comfortable stage. The opening of the Grace Han flagship store is an expression of my emotions, especially the Love Letter series, which draws inspiration from my parents' story, highlighting the value of familial emotional heritage. Through Grace Han, I hope these happy memories blend into the lives of each customer, continuing the legacy of emotional transmission and connection.

Photo Credit:Grace Han

Q: How to implement artistic conception in leather bag production? Can you talk about the "Inheritance" series?

I consider crafting handbags as "artistic creation." In the early days of our brand, we opened a flagship store in London, but the severe impact of the pandemic forced us to temporarily close the flagship store. At that time, there was a moment of contemplation about giving up. However, fortunately, the following year, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, carried one of our bags, which felt like a beacon of hope. Even before the event with Kate Middleton unfolded, I felt a force supporting me, and upon closer examination, I realized that my mother has always been an omnipresent figure. I used to paint with my mother in her studio during my childhood. Although she never explicitly taught me, I could sense her tremendous passion and dedication to her interests. It is this silent influence that has shaped me into the Grace Han of today.

In this age of information explosion, identifying goals and sticking to what one believes in is a rare thing. Initially, I just wanted to do one thing well, and unexpectedly, I became deeply involved for a decade until now. I have remained focused on what I want to excel in. Challenges arise in the process, and various unexpected situations naturally occur. When they happen, I tackle them head-on. This journey involves overcoming obstacles, but being able to turn one's passion into a career is a source of great happiness. Therefore, regardless of the challenges, I treat them as trials and opportunities for growth.

Although my influence may be limited, I hope to inspire those who are contemplating giving up through my story. Similar to how Kate Middleton passed on her love to me when I was on the verge of giving up, I want to tell those individuals: passion and perseverance are rare treasures. As long as you don't give up on yourself, this strength will attract like-minded partners to join you. Now, as a mother myself, I aspire to be a role model for my children. Regardless of what happens, I will unconditionally support them, just like my mother supported me.

Photo Credit:Grace Han

Although my influence may be limited, I hope to inspire those who are contemplating giving up through my story. Similar to how Kate Middleton passed on her love to me when I was on the verge of giving up.

Photo Credit:Grace Han

Q: Do you have any interesting stories about participating in the three series "Time, Inheritance, Secret Realm" of "Asian Art in London" this time?

Fashion and art are inseparable. Through fashion, art, which may seem distant from daily life, enters the sight of many more people. The rich stories and meanings in art have consistently provided endless inspiration for fashion. Art and aesthetics can also serve as a way to awaken and rescue people's higher spiritual and creative capacities. The interplay between art and business opens up numerous possibilities for both.

It is an honor to be invited by Mo Hai Lou International Art Research Group to be a participating partner in the AAL Artwork exhibition. This platform gathers a diverse array of outstanding talents, allowing us to engage in collisions of artistic expression. In this exhibition, my mother's and my artworks appear together, making the journey from the studio to the Grace Han flagship store. Now, standing on the stage of an art sanctuary, it signifies the transformation of my mother's artwork and my personal growth. We are launching three new art series in this exhibition, narrating the story of how my mother's influence and the mysteries she left behind have gradually shaped me into the Grace Han of today. As we continue into 2024, building upon the narrative of 2023, there is much to look forward to.

King One has not only demonstrated outstanding curatorial expertise but also showcased a keen insight into the local culture, facilitating coordination with local craftsmen. This collaboration not only enabled us to overcome various challenges associated with international exhibitions but also...

Photo Credit:Grace Han

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