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Consumer experience is the core! Subverting tradition-4 ways of augmented reality marketing!

2020. Apr. 17572

In the current generation of customization, marketing thinking has changed to focus on consumer experience, reversing the role of consumers in passively accepting product information in the past. With the increasing maturity of AR augmented reality and its interactive experience and other technologies, experience activities that combine this technology have become the new darling of marketing plans. Want to keep up with the trend? Hurry up and put down your pen, pick up your mobile phone and tablet, and use the consumer experience thinking to enter the new era of augmented reality digital marketing. 

Consumer experience augmented reality AR AR application
Consumer experience activities have become more and more perfect because of augmented reality. The ultimate goal of the consumer experience marketing plan: "Let consumers "proactively" build deep brand associations." Therefore, we need more experience activities to let consumers know that this service/product is exclusive to you, and these are convenient It can be easily achieved with augmented reality. Through the high interactivity, perspective, dismantling, animation and other methods of augmented reality, consumers no longer "passively" accept product information, but instead "actively" participate in the product and the story behind the brand, allowing the brand Lenovo is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers, and this is why "Augmented Reality" and "Consumer Experience" are called the soul mates of the marketing world. (Extended reading: The 3 "super" strategies for augmented reality applications: What is augmented reality virtual reality?)

AR Augmented Reality-Classic Case Sharing

Gucci |Put on and take off in one second, try on new shoes with augmented reality. Gucci has changed the way products are presented, allowing customers to "actively" participate in product experience interactions, and use the latest augmented reality applications to create AR interactions. Through the lens of a tablet or mobile phone, you can see the latest virtualized shoes, and directly click to select, you can immediately see the shoes on your feet.
At first glance, doesn’t it seem to be the same as shopping? The biggest change is the "User Center". In the past, you might have to go through the entire store to choose a pair of shoes, but now you can save a lot of time with just a mobile phone or tablet; again, because the way the product is presented has already been done. Good virtual model, so it has your size anyway, and there is no need to wait for the clerk to enter the warehouse to confirm if there is any stock. These problems are solved, because the augmented reality technology directly allows the virtual model of the shoes to be applied to your feet, which saves time and effort perfectly. This is the convenience and convenience of the consumer experience brought by augmented reality. Hit people's hearts directly.
Toyota|Creating your own body parts that are exclusive to you will also change the way the product is presented, while Toyota will "perspect" the interior parts of the car that are not normally seen, combined with the advantages of augmented reality, and show it in the form of multimedia animations and videos. The characteristics and actual benefits of the product.
This is like an image film that understands your heart best, because the director is you! In the past, the automotive industry mostly used "image videos" for promotion, but wouldn't you think that it was actually not connected? What you see in the video is augmented reality. Consumers can use digitized product information and augmented reality technology to present the actual product; and use multimedia presentation methods to get closer to the consumer experience interaction , To actively interact with the product, rather than one-way input product information.

Subverting tradition|4 integrated solutions that augmented reality can do

(1) Multimedia Presentation First of all, augmented reality subverts the traditional marketing method is its "multimedia presentation of products." If we have augmented reality technology today, we only need a mobile phone or tablet to be able to see all the product information, and the consumer experience is at a fingertips, because all you need to do is-click!
Consumer experience augmented reality AR AR application
"Product Modeling" is the all-round digital virtualization of products. High-level and exquisite products can be easily put on the market. From a few heavy machine tools to a bicycle that is convenient for light travel, they can all be displayed through augmented reality. No longer will be restricted by time and space.
Consumer experience augmented reality AR AR application
"Product introduction" has always been the information that consumers need for first-hand contact with products. How to be more vivid and lively? The focus is to be more consumer-oriented so that they are willing to actively receive information, relying on augmented reality to provide Diversified presentation. By clicking on different parts of the product, consumers can see detailed descriptions of specifications, features, etc., without any effort.
Consumer experience augmented reality AR AR application
"Product Process" Factory production lines, technologies, solutions, etc. How do these seemingly "intangible" products appear? In the face of augmented reality, they couldn't be more REAL! Through the animation and filming of the production line, coupled with interactive buttons and simple instructions, products that originally seemed illusory and misty in an instant become approachable. The focus also adds interactivity, allowing consumers to experience and operate by themselves, and then Understand the production line from start to finish.
Consumer experience augmented reality AR AR application
"Product Perspective" How to present the small parts in a machine tool? Give it to Augmented Reality! Since the products have been virtualized and digitized, it is absolutely not a problem to zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, or even "see through." Usually machine tools, automobiles and motorcycles and other mechanical products will choose the "product perspective" augmented reality technology, allowing consumers to watch various small parts in large objects on site, and even combine product introductions. , To make the overall consumer experience smoother and more convenient, with a sense of science and technology!
(2) Situational Experience Activity In the method of situational experience, through augmented reality technology, the situation of product use is reproduced in front of consumers, and the situation is proactively associated with the product. Connection; and through in-depth situational experience game design, step by step, it can more directly meet the real needs of consumers.
This year, Wang Yi Design cooperated with Huaguang for the first time and went to CES2020 to exhibit the latest blood glucose meter. We use AR augmented reality technology to create a highly interactive game experience, bringing users into the experience situation, with exquisite dynamic design, full of realism, and closer to the usage status and timing of the blood glucose meter.
(3) Experience the interactive game Somatosensory Interactive Game Want to subvert the tradition? There must be no lack of consumer experience activities that directly hit the hearts of the people, and highly interactive experience activities are the love of leap marketing experts! And this type of activity can be divided into the following two categories: "Somatosensory interactive game design" Using augmented reality somatosensory technology, the game is no longer just pressing the screen, but requires more physical actions. Complete, greatly increase the sense of participation of consumers, increase the interaction in the game, and better understand the concept of the product and the brand that the brand wants to convey in the game.
ANA’s game design concept uses a highly accessible and easy-to-use "racing-type" game design, combined with AR technology, we can bring games that originally only existed in the virtual world into real life, plus the operation method of shaking from side to side, Let the somatosensory interaction blend in to increase the authenticity of the game. (Extended reading: AR business application model? The social age of somatosensory interaction and augmented reality)
"Immersive Interactive Game Design" Through a head-mounted device, we will enter a more realistic environment, most of which are based on a first-person perspective, allowing participants to experience more personally, as if they were entering a new fictional world. , To achieve a more interesting and immersive consumer experience.
In the Teclast UAV Achievement Exhibition, we created a fun and immersive interactive game area. As long as the AR device is worn, participants can fly with the drone through the effect of the integration of virtual and real. I immersed myself in the first-person view of the drone, flew to the electric towers, and understood the application of unmanned vehicles in inspection equipment with my own eyes.
(4) Integrated APP Customized APP The last method can be said to be the above three integrated solutions. We provide overall design and planning, integrating all the information required by the product into one APP, and the delivery method can be freely selected, such as: flat graphics, dynamic images, or "product model" with the first point "" and "product perspective" are both achievable.
In addition, the biggest advantage of integrated APP-instant questionnaire system. The core value of consumer experience comes from the needs of consumers, and the most direct way to get feedback is a simple and convenient questionnaire system; coupled with the immediacy of mobile apps, it can be tracked and corrected at any time to achieve the best Marketing effectiveness.
Wang Yi Design provides solutions such as augmented reality design and application, and optimizes the search with thematic management, and provides new services, whether it is a showroom, a pop-up store, a commercial design space, or an exhibition booth, we can all Design, plan and integrate. Having been deeply involved in exhibition design for many years, with the most professional service quality and projects, want to create a perfect augmented reality marketing plan? Contact us soon, there will be someone to serve you immediately!
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