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What is CIS? Corporate Identity Design that goes hand in hand with exhibition design

2020. Jan. 304,180
CIS CI Graphic Design exhibition booth design

Brand Image is not only just the face of a corporate, but also an invisible property, which represents the concept and the value of the corporate. It, therefore, plays an essential part throughout every phase of the company development, and the key to cultivating it is the so-called “CIS” (Corporate Identity System)!

What exactly is CIS?

Corporate Identity, 


commonly known as CI, usually refers the logo (including standard font and icon) and a system of related design. 



Corporate Identity System, 


commonly known as CIS, usually refers specific use of CI related design, such as standard color, font, page arrangement, etc in the hope of staying visual stability and consistency. 



Why do we need CIS for exhibition design and marketing?

With the visualization, the brand image can be used on so many practical uses, such as product, marketing campaign, to increase the exposure and reinforce the value. Therefore, we have to apply good design and symbolism to make the abstract concept and image into real life. 


The core concept of exhibition booth design is to convey the brand image through booth, and guess what? CIS is also doing the same thing. 


The difference is that the former one mainly focuses on telling the brand image through structure and 3D design; on the other hand, the later one mostly relies on 2D graphic design to convey the idea. Added symbolic meanings into the design, both can be fun and playful to show the character and value in the design. 

The seed of CIS - Logo Design

When you look over all the banners on the street, the huge and golden M is easily popped out. Simple and iconic are the features of a good design, a good CIS. A clear logo can easily capture the eyes of the visitors and then pass a series of abstract concepts such as corporate culture and ideas to consumers. In addition, creative visual symbols can improve recognition and stimulate consumer interests. Finally, customers will gained brand loyalty so to achieve marketing purposes.


Simple and Clear Message in the Design


How to make the logo recognizable is always the first thing to think about for logo design. The most common way is to combine the elements that convey the brand image and the name of the brand itself, so that you get to see the first thing you need – NAME! 


Now let’s take a look at this good example: 

CIS CI Graphic Design exhibition booth design Logo design

Using the English name of the corporate “Gamesparcs” as the main portion in the logo, the shooting star is the highlight and lead the vision to ignite the fire and bright future.

Creativity of the Design



"Creativity is contagious, spread it!" by Einstein. A creative logo is going to attract A LOT OF attention; furthermore, it will drive people to take a picture and record it forever. This is exactly a characteristic of a good log. Now let’s take a look at our picture-taking logo design case at Semicon Taiwan 2019. 

It is the combination of chameleon and information security. The colorful chameleon is the best adapter to the fast-changing environment, which symbolizes the quickly-developing technology. The curling tail wraps a key hole to symbolize the info-security is going to be protected. 

The Blossom of CIS - Whole-Plan

The wide use of CIS can maximize the exposure and therefore establish a more comprehensive brand image, spreading the service and concept to the customers, and this, is extremely important in exhibition industry as well. 


King One Design once worked with leading medicine company AbbVie. We not only made the booth design, but also covered every part of the event, stage, promotional products with a consistent style of design in the hope to keep the brand exposure going and gain the resonance  and identity. 

CIS CI Graphic Design exhibition booth design promotional product

In every level, promotional products have quite practical use, also with high reuse rate in daily life. The research shows, there are up to 89% will remember the brand on the promotional products for almost 24 months! 

Because the logo is right there on the promotional products all the time, so it’s really easy to raise the brand recognition. The study shows that 9 out of 10 people will remember the name of the brand and its logo; 7 out of 10 people will make action again with the brand.