As the Green Building Materials Ambassador with a mission, the CHAMPION continues to create sustainable and beautiful homes.|KingOne Design




As the Green Building Materials Ambassador with a mission, the CHAMPION continues to create sustainable and beautiful homes.

2024. Feb. 2110King One Design

Against the backdrop of the ESG trend, the grand 35th Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition took place in 2023, attracting nearly 500 exhibitors from around the world and featuring over 2,300 booths, creating an unprecedented spectacle. King One Design is honored to have assisted Champion Building Materials in designing and planning their exhibition booth for many years. In line with the theme of the exhibition, 'Grand and Aesthetic Homes' and 'Versatile and Secure Homes,' this time, they specially utilized eye-catching naked-eye 3D technology to enhance brand visibility.

By incorporating tile flipping and product carousel effects, they vividly showcased the product advantages, creating brand vitality. The black and white color scheme, combined with the high ceiling space, crafted an art gallery atmosphere, transforming products into artistic pieces to elevate the overall sensory experience. Through situational arrangements, they demonstrated the diverse practicality of the products, proactively generating consumer demand. The smooth flow of the layout guided visitors to the negotiation area, effectively retaining the crowd and promoting business opportunities.

This time, King One Design specially went to the exhibition site and interviewed Tim Lin, Vice Director of Champion Building Materials, sharing how Champion Building Materials implements ESG practices and the thoughts on collaborating with King One Design in planning the exhibition booth design.

Event Title: 2023 TaiPei Building Show

Company: Champion Building Materials

Recipient: Tim Lin , Vice Director

Q: On the path of advancing ESG, what adaptability and collaboration potential can Champion Building Materials bring to the construction industry?

A: Speaking of the more mature aspects of Champion Building Materials, firstly, we have a certified Dry-hang wall brick system. If a building adopts this construction method, it can reduce the external wall's load, contributing to enhanced thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Secondly, for architects and the construction industry, we have fully integrated BIM components. Therefore, architects, when selecting Champion's products in the initial design phase, can quickly determine the carbon emissions. Furthermore, Champion Building Materials holds over 200 certifications for green building standards, and many of our products serve as recycled green building materials.

Champion and King One Design have collaborated several times, so this year everyone was relatively at ease. The booth design was simple but achieved the expected results, and visiting clients all considered the product displays at this year's exhibition to be quite impressive.

Q: What is your thought on the booth design for this exhibition?

A: Although it's the first day of the exhibition, due to our numerous past collaborations, everyone is relatively calm this year. From the design to the subsequent construction, this year's approach is more straightforward but still achieves the expected results. We've also gathered feedback from some visiting clients, and they believe that the product displays at this year's exhibition are quite impressive. We've received positive responses, and the collaboration with King One Design is affirming for us.

Tim Lin, Vice Director of Champion Building Materials

Q: As a leader in the building materials industry, does Champion have any plans for different endeavors in future exhibitions?

A: We always hope to bring a fresh perspective to each exhibition. Currently, the company is actively aligning with future net-zero goals. We aim to showcase our products, services, and related support more effectively in the presentation of our collaborative exhibition spaces in order to demonstrate our commitment to achieving these goals.

Conclusion: Continuous communication of brand essence, building up brand trust.

As a leading brand in the building materials industry, Champion Building Materials is aware of its mission for environmental sustainability. Apart from consistently obtaining carbon reduction certifications, the company also introduces relevant system products to facilitate the achievement of net-zero goals. During exhibitions, there is a continuous effort to communicate the brand essence and share more knowledge about green building materials with the public. Champion Building Materials is dedicated to working hand in hand with the public to contribute to a better future for the planet.

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