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What to Expect in CES2020 - 5 HOT TOPICS

2019. Dec. 31564
CES2020 booth design Las Vegas

CES2020 is ready to go! What about you? This year, CES takes place in Las Vegas, USA, from 7th-10th of January. With 11 official venues, CES spans more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space. Not to get lost, remember to check its interactive map.



5 Hot Topics of CES2020


#G still remains the heat from 2019 to now. This year we can expect the focus on technology breakthrough and popularization in the customer-end market. Also, we will see a lot of Tech Companies showing the latest product, such as transparent 8kTV by LG, surround display smart phone, by Xiaomi, and augmented driving solution by HONDA. 


Lastly, the controversial topic of “Osé” in CES2019 is going to return to CES2020. Cerated by Lora Dicarlo, a female-lead sex tech company, Osé is a hands-free, fully customizable pleasure product which utilizes micro robotics to create a 'blended orgasm' without vibrations. 


When 5G is out, every tech show is going to live it until 6G is out. You just can’t get enough of it. With its high speed and other more advantages, it makes a lot of tele-related devices possible. 


In the video, you are going to see SAMSUNG, the leading Korean mobile company, showing diversities of 5G solutions and applications, such as blazing-fast data transfer, lag-free streaming, etc, which makes life more accessible. 


Since 1950, TV has been a popular electronic products in every household, and now, over 70 decades, TV is still famous and reaches to 8K high solutions level. 


Nowadays, in 2020, we can expect to see more advanced and smart TV as well. But this year, LG's transparent 8K LED screen is the most exciting to see! Click on the video to watch it!

#SmartPhone - Foldable and Surround Display

Foldable phone is also a hit in every tech show, like CES and MWC. This year, we are expected to see displays and screens with more functions. MOTOROLA stepped back into the market in 2019 with MOTOROLA Razr 2019, a foldable phone. To keep up the pace, MOTOROLA will showcase Razr 2020 this year in CES2020. 


In the highly competitive mobile market, Xiaomi strikes a nice score with MIX Alpha in 2019. MIX Alpha, a 5G Surround Display Concept Smartphone, is equipped with surround display that you couldn’t find a single button on the phone. This revolutionary product has been released in the September, 2019. We can expect to see how Xiaomi will grow on this and show more in CES2020.


HONDA is ready to demonstrate a whole new Augmented Driving Concept to the world in CES2020. This car features a seamless transition from autonomous to semi-autonomous driving operation. The system changes between automatic and manual mode with a switch and features more than eight modes between fully autonomous and semi-autonomous operation. It will be hand-free as soon as you swiped the steering wheel, leading you into a new-found freedom!


Last year, CES has a controversial topic of “vibrator” – Osé. Been always male-oriented, CTA, the organization of CES, revoked a prize for the sex toy for women. This action resulted in a huge discussion of discrimination toward females in every media.


This year, CTA decided to put sex toys into “Health and Care” category, as long as it fits the ides of innovation. Meanwhile, CTA also claimed that they will go strict mode on the regulation of hiring female with exposed outfit. We hope to see more promising future not only in the technology but also in sexism awareness and equality. 

CES2020 is on the next week, are you READY?


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