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AR Interactive Experience Game - Bionime in CES

2020. Jan. 21532

If you ask around for the best way to drive the traffic into the booth, 99.9% of the exhibition marketing experts would tell you this: INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE. Here are some common types of interactive experience: Somatosensory interaction, Augmented Reality (AR) and AR commercial applications. Later in this article, we are going to focus on AR and have more in-depth discussion. 


The high compatibility made AR a perfect candidate for exhibitors marketing plan. It can be presented in so many different ways, driving traffic in and more importantly, providing an immersive and interactive experience to the customers. It's undoubted that you can see it everywhere in the exhibitions nowadays, CES 2020 included.


AR Interactive Game

Here we can see a great marketing sample with AR interactive experience in CES 2020, designed by us and our client, Bionime. 


We created an interactive experience game for Bionime to demonstrate a potential using situation for blood sugar meter. The player would be introduced into an immersive environment to learn about the products with our game.



Situation: Athlete


In the game, you will see 4 different characters, 2 athletes and 2 diabetes patients, and how they apply blood sugar meter in daily life. The fluctuation of the blood sugar influences athletic performance directly. Therefore, having a blood sugar meter can undoubtedly help the athletes to track the blood sugar level in real-time. With a more convenient APP on the mobile phone, it will send the notification to warn the athlete to intake the energy gel for optimizing the athletic performance. 



Situation: Diabetes Patients


Real-time monitoring is way more important for the diabetes patients. In the game, you will see two situations with diabetes patients, Mom&Kid and Husband&Wife. We introduced the remote monitoring system for immediate warning and help to prevent the tragedy from happening. 



Play and Get the Prize


At the end of the game, the result will be uploaded to the cloud and then the user can collect the Rightest Coins by clicking the virtual coins falling from the cloud for the online purchase of Bionime’s products. 


In addition, in response to our client’s need, we also designed a simple questionnaire to gather participants’ immediate feedback to achieve the best communication results.

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