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AR Popularization in Exhibition Industry

2019. Aug. 21545

Augmented Reality has been a hit in every major industry, and the applications have gradually been developing into refined level. International Data Corporation’s (IDC) research showed that AR/VR market was developing steadily and the environment growing to its mature phase. The trend of 2019, on the other hand, focused on the technique revolution and applications. The constant growing injects the energy into the market; as a result, there are more and more industries showing interest to AR/VR suppliers.

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You get what you pay for. Every exhibitor is fighting for the space and tries to optimize the space arrangement. However it’s always a tough task to balance between leaving free space for accessibility and getting products showcased. 

Thank god, we have AR in our hand! With AR tech, no matter which size of the products can be showcased with the mobile devices, leaving more freedom for spatial design. Meanwhile, we can provide variety of customer experience activities, which is like feeding two birds with one scone situation! 

Over 30% of the exhibitor chooses to RENT the AR devices. 

AR device

The purchase cost is too high, so depending on the client’s budget, we sometimes go with rental devices as well; hence, the cost can be reduced. Therefore, we can put more effort and budget on enhancing the quality of user experience to meet client’s need and grow market maturity. 

Solving the problem of hardware device, now we are facing another high cost material – Software and Internet. 

5G exhibition design

According to the research, users have these two problems:

1) 38% of the users don’t have positive feedback due to dizziness and low solution during the process.

2) 32% of the users can’t afford the price.  

The problems above slow down the market development. Also, the main internet still mainly relies on 4G connection, which has low transmission rate and delay. Furthermore, with the requirement of HDMI cable, the AR devices was limited to a certain space.

However, with the support of 5G, AR devices can finally live without cables; moreover, the high transmission speed could move the data calculation to cloud, resulting in lightening the devices and also lowering the production cost. Wireless is within reach in the near future!