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Fly Your Own Airplane - AR Interactive Experience Activity with ANA Airlines

2019. Nov. 11937

 Ever since entering the internet era, the length of attention of a human has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today.

In a B2C type of exhibition, every exhibitor must drain their brain out to find the most eye-catching way to increase traffic. Among all the useful methods you may think of, “interactive” activities are always the first and most popular one that gets applied; furthermore, with the rapid development of technology, AR/VR has stepped into the exhibition business as well, and it seems undoubtedly unstoppable!  


Organizing a good exhibition activity doesn’t take much time, but to make sure it is eye-catching enough, even just one extra second, could make a huge difference! Especially in B2C exhibition, there are too many dsitractions so that the traditional ways, like quiz games, may not be enough for nowadays. You have to think out of box to surprise the visitors and drive the traffic in. 

Traditional vs AR/VR Interactive Activity

Speaking of interactive activity, the first one, also the traditional one, you may think of is quiz game. This is the typical ONE-TO-MANY(O2M) type of interactive activity. The MC heats up the atmosphere by leading the crowds to clap, to scream out the company’s name. Sometimes it comes with quiz game and giving out the promotional products as well.

 Another is ONE-TO-ONE(O2O) interactive activity. With the maturing AR/VR development, personal interactive experience is highly-valued and able to accomplish nowadays. This ONE-TO-ONE type of game could optimize and lead into a deeper, more customized user experience.

What if we can combine both?

Together, stronger! Our client ANA Airlines showcased an AR interactive game in Taipei International Travel Fair 2019. Combining both O2M and O2O interactive activity, we project the game to the big screen on the stage, serving as the best eye-catching tool for MC to heat up the crowd, increasing the traffic with no efforts.  

Press start, let’s start the flying journey with ANA airplane designed by King One Design!


With AR technology – “Image Target”, we create the bridge between virtual and real world.

Scan “ANA 25th Anniversary” icon

Travel with a world map to make the interactive experience closer and realer to the brand.

Choose the destination

Press “登機” (On Board) to start the game.

Receive boarding pass

Fly the airplane with controlling the tablet from side to side.

Start the game

To reach higher score, remember to pass the center of the circle and remain the stability.

Get higher score

End game. See you on the next flight!

Final score

The concept of the game is inspired by the easily-accessible “racing game”. With AR technology, we can bring the virtual aircraft into real life and race with other competitors. Plus the somatosensory interaction, it makes the experience closer to the real piloting. 


Apart from the easy accessibility from racing game, ANA Airlines also hired a MC to keep the crowd actively involved by projecting the game to the big screen. MC could also introduce and draw much more attentions from the passersby, which made the booth one of the most visited in ITF. 

The interactive experience generation is no longer out of reach!

With the rapid development of technology, the interactive experience generation is no longer out of reach, AR / VR is integrated into the exhibition activities, and the exhibition design is no longer just a "screen" talk, but a real technology that can be reached with our bare hands. If you are interested in AR exhibition related project, hit us up by clicking the link down below..

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