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Welcome the "E-Bike" trend, the Changes in Bike Show Booth Design!

2019. Dec. 17873
Bike Cycle E-bike Eurobike Taipei Cycle

 The new solution to the alternative green energy has become a hit in every industry, and bike industry is no exception. World leading bike shows, Eurobike and Taipei Cycle, have been taking this into consideration and hosting several conferences on Electric Bike(E-Bike)! The trendy E-bike has started showing up in the main market as well. With its supporting function to reduce the energy on biking and the alternative solution to short-distance transportation, E-bike is growing more and more popular in the exhibition as well.

This trend also influences a lot on the bike show booth design. We used to put a lot of emphasis on the “outdoor” and “nature” feelings for the booth; yet now, the modern and technology style has become bike show’s favorite style. 


If you go to bike exhibitions quite often, you will notice that design style is not the only thing that changed. The display of the products is changing a lot, too. Traditionally, the products are displayed on the platforms, and sometimes it gets messy easily. However, nowadays, you will see the platforms not in the booth anymore; instead, you get to find AR experience and digital showcase. What’s more important, this gives exactly the high-tech sense to the E-Bike booth. 

E-bike in Europe

Bike Cycle E-bike Eurobike Taipei Cycle

“From the exhibition this year, E-bike is the key to future development, and its growing influences in bike industry is foreseeable. It’s believed that no matter for urban or countryside life, no matter for transportation or leisure activities, E-bike will be the option for the customers.”, said after Eurobike 2019 Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Eurobike. 

According to Klaus, we can also tell that the trend toward E-bike gets clearer and clearer. Many international manufacturers have started planning and preparing for the market. Statistic from ZIV reported that E-bike has 23.5% share in European bike market, and they have grown 37% in the first half of 2019, showing the high acceptance in the local market. ’

E-bike in Taiwan

Bike Cycle E-bike Eurobike Taipei Cycle

According the survey by a local bike website, Cycling Update, nearly 90% of the respondents didn’t buy an E-bike; however, interestingly, 3/4 of them know clearly of how trendy the E-bike is in the global market!

Being a leading bike components manufacturer country, Taiwan is, without doubts, titled as “Bike Production Kingdom”. Although there are still a lot of improvements in the market, but if we can collaborate both ICT industry and bike industry, progressively increasing additional value, we will eventually lead the E-bike trend again! 

E-bike Trend in Exhibition Design

Taipei Cycle, the leading international bike show, is held in Taipei every March. The research director of 4C Consumer Insight, Marian Baukroswitz, pointed out in the forum, “The age of E-bike users is getting younger and younger in recent years. What we are looking for can’t be just a transportation tool but a kind of “life style”.

Hence, the theme and the forums of professional bike shows no longer focus simply on functions and technology; also, the booth design style is changing accordingly. We have to follow up the trend and inject more life style and culture perspective into the design. 

E-bike Eurobike Taipei Cycle Booth Design

BESV – the combination of outdoor and urban style. 

E-bike Eurobike Taipei Cycle Booth Design

White foundation color and cut-shaped panel show the modern technological style.

Welcome the E Generation in Bike Industry

The increasing heat of E-bike has reached an unstoppable level. A series of industrial chain has embarked the transformation and smart solutions have become one of the major products in the international bike shows, so we must keep up the pace with the change.