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King One Design x TAIROA

TAIROA International Forum will combine "past experience" and "future foresight", from product technological innovation and upgrading and new battlefields to break through, invite a series of heavyweight companies and experts to share. Wang Yi designed the main visual design this time, including the stage back panel and the main visual wall, positioning the forum's style in a more distinctive "technological future", which is in line with the tonality of the event.

Main visual design-King One Design x TAIROA

The TAIROA International Forum will combine "past experience" and "future prospects" to break through from product technological innovation and upgrades and new battlefields. It invites a series of important companies and experts to share with you. The audience attracts more than 130 industry players to listen to and participate in the conference! And Wang Yi designed this time to arrange the main visual design, including the stage back panel and the main visual wall, highlighting the "future style of technology" and making the brand more distinctive.

The Economic Daily pointed out: "In the live forum, four CEOs from the shopping malls also put forward more in-depth sharing and unique insights on business strategies such as "corporate sustainability", "economic transformation", "territory expansion", and "product research and development"." The symposium will take the application and product development of robots in the next 20 years as the main shaft as the finale. In the foreseeable future, the coexistence of man and machine is really not far away!

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Please refer to the APP design and AR/VR digital project designed by Wang Yi.

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