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@cosme TOKYO Pop-up in Taiwan. Collaborating with King One Design, @cosme brings the beauty paradise of Tokyo's Harajuku, spanning 400 square meters, to Taiwan. Over 500 curated beauty products are available for direct experience. King One Design assists in space planning and interior design, seamlessly bringing the unique display columns of the flagship store in Tokyo into the pop-up shop. The layout ensures a smooth flow, allowing visitors to explore and try products at their leisure, while also providing ample opportunities for photo-worthy moments. Step into the world of @cosme and immerse yourself in a beauty journey like no other.

Expressing the Latest in Commercial Space Design

@cosme, a highly reputable platform for cosmetic reviews and rankings, has set up a pop-up store at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 from November 8th to November 20th. Bringing the essence of @cosme TOKYO Harajuku flagship store to Taiwan, this allows the public to experience the store without the need for a flight. Visitors can get early access to information about products that have received accolades in the Amateur Reputation Awards. Additionally, they can try out products from over 500 brands, ensuring everyone finds the most suitable products for themselves.

A pop-up store provides brands with a tangible opportunity to engage with consumers and interact with them face-to-face. It serves as an excellent channel for OMO (Online Merges with Offline) marketing by seamlessly guiding on-site foot traffic back to the online platform.

Incorporating elements of an amusement park to create a joyful atmosphere and a sense of anticipation.

Placing a Ferris wheel and photo frames at the entrance to create a sense of anticipation for visitors as they enter.

Meticulously arranging various products and props, making it easy for visitors to unintentionally press the shutter button.

Smart sampling machines and Korean-style photo printing stations allow visitors to take home trial products and photos as souvenirs.

Recreating the Japanese flagship store – Taiwan and Japan's beauty and fashion in sync with zero time difference.

Recreating @cosme TOKYO, creating a stress-free shopping environment and service.

A wide array of products, including Japanese brands not yet available in Taiwan, showcased in advance.

Explore freely, try out at your leisure, and beautify together with beauty bloggers.

Customers can freely try and experience, finding the products that suit them best.

Inviting beauty bloggers to participate, boosting popularity and sales momentum.

Venturing into the beauty industry, building OMO marketing prowess.

OMO marketing is currently a trend, particularly in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry such as beauty products. Due to the ever-evolving nature and intense competition within this industry, staying abreast of trends is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

In its inaugural collaboration with the beauty industry, King One Design has infused more captivating elements into the design of the pop-up store. This aims to create an atmosphere that not only attracts consumers but also allows them to experience a joyful and stress-free environment. The design notably incorporates key features from the flagship store in Japan, including the prominent display columns, and ensures a smooth flow for visitors to explore the store and try out products at their leisure. This design truly encapsulates the beauty journey of the @cosme Beauty Wonderland.

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