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2022 Taipei Building Show x King One Design

The Taipei Building Show is the largest event of its kind in Taiwan, showcasing a wide range of architecture and building materials. This year, King One Design has collaborated with CHAMPION BUILDING MATERIALS, Takara standard, CHUN TSAI Commercial Lighting, and Daisin Waterproofing to create comprehensive booth designs. These designs are tailored to showcase the products in dedicated and immersive exhibition spaces, allowing attendees to fully experience the features and applications of the showcased products.

Exhibition Design Fast News Update

The Taipei Building Show is a significant architectural event in Taiwan. Last year, it took place at the TaiNEX, attracting over 500 domestic and international exhibitors during the four-day exhibition. Overseas customers also visited the event. King One Design utilized its expertise in exhibitions to assist clients in showcasing their brand spirit and product advantages on the international stage.

King One Design utilizes expertise in spatial design and curation to tailor exclusive application scenarios, fostering a more intuitive connection between exhibitors and their brands for exhibition attendees.

CHAMPION BUILDING MATERIALS|Combining aesthetics and quality

The partition retains visual transparency, allowing external foot traffic in the aisle to appreciate the elegant interior decor and products.

Scenario display areas are set up with furniture and lighting to create different atmospheres, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of tile combinations and applications.

Adopting a gallery-like display approach, the products themselves are showcased as works of art, allowing for a clear view of the texture and quality of the tiles.

Takara standard|High-quality Japanese-style home living aesthetics

Immerse yourself in high-quality Japanese housing with our contextual booth combining three leading brands.

Experience the immersive setting of a kitchen space adorned with enamel cookware, allowing exhibition attendees to feel as if they are in their kitchens.

Creating a clean and comfortable space with overall bathroom fixtures.

CHUN TSAI Commercial Lighting|Illuminate your imagination of space using light

Capture attention by utilizing our own products to illuminate the space.

Place lighting fixtures on platforms to allow exhibition attendees to observe the functionality of the fixtures up close and accurately find products that meet their needs.

Daisin Waterproofing|Fearless against wind and rain, providing a secure home

Capture attention by utilizing square-shaped floating balloons, making the exhibition attendees focus on your brand.

Create a desirable space and generate new value in architecture

With rapid technological advancements, architectural techniques have also evolved, offering people more comfortable living and working environments. Through our exhibition expertise, King One Design aims to showcase how brands can enhance efficiency and quality in architecture. We strive to redefine the perception of buildings from cold objects to entities imbued with new value, creating endless possibilities.

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