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SEMICON Taiwan 2022 x King One Design

SEMICON Taiwan is the world's second-largest professional semiconductor exhibition, attracting domestic and international manufacturers every year to gather and exchange future development trends. King One Design has assisted 13 companies in planning their booths for this event, utilizing professional presentation techniques to showcase each company's unique brand characteristics.

Exhibition Design Express Update

The global semiconductor extravaganza, SEMICON Taiwan, is set to take place on September 6th. Last year, it attracted a total of 700 domestic and international exhibitors with 2,450 booths, reaching a new 27-year high in terms of scale. Joining forces with King One Design, let's revisit last year's exhibition scene and appreciate how we utilized curatorial expertise to highlight the strengths of the semiconductor industry chain and tailored distinctive booths for multiple companies.

The Taiwanese semiconductor industry chain holds a pivotal position in the global economy, and maintaining a leading edge is crucial through spotlight booths and international industry exchanges.

Incorporating product advantages into booth design enhances the connection between companies and their exhibition booths.

ITRI SECPAAS - The curved circular booth design portrays the imagery of cybersecurity services constantly revolving around daily life.

DIMOND-SHAMROCK - The double-deck booth creates an undisturbed meeting area, enhancing the deal-closing rate.

Truewin Technology - Innovative design seamlessly integrates the logo into the wall, allowing exhibition attendees to quickly grasp the focal points of the company's products.

Levitronix® - The booth partitions suspended from the ground and chairs equipped with wheels depict the technical imagery of the company's products.

Creating a professional networking environment to facilitate cross-domain business opportunities and partnerships.

Taiwan's semiconductor industry chain holds a pivotal position in the global economy. The global community is actively strategizing and investing in related technological industries. Through exhibitions and international industry exchanges, maintaining a leading edge is crucial. King One Design specializes in booth planning, creatively integrating brand logos into partition walls, incorporating product placement methods that showcase the company's technical offerings, and enhancing the linkage between booths and businesses. This fosters matchmaking opportunities for domestic and international ventures. Looking forward with King One Design to an even more spectacular SEMICON Taiwan this year!

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