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EMO Hannover 2023 x King One Design

The EMO Hannover 2023 held in Germany, saw the active participation of King One Design, which assisted 14 Taiwanese companies in booth planning. The booth design incorporated brand colors to accentuate brand identity and created a spacious layout to showcase key machinery, enabling visitors to focus on the visual elements. This approach aims to elevate Taiwan's machine tool industry on the international stage, shining brightly and demonstrating its competitiveness.

Exhibition Design Update Report for Your Information

The EMO Hannover 2023 held in Germany on September 18th this year. It is the world's largest biennial machine tool trade show. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this year's exhibition was a tremendous success, attracting over 1,964 exhibitors from more than 42 countries worldwide. Taiwan had a significant presence with 144 exhibitors, ranking fourth in terms of quantity and second among non-European countries. King One Design actively played a role as a behind-the-scenes marketing force, professionally showcasing Taiwan's industrial strength.

At the online press conference held in Taiwan, Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, the Executive Director of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders' Association), stated, "We believe that this globally leading exhibition can make a significant contribution to the advancement of Taiwan's industry." Participation in this event is a crucial key to showcasing Taiwan's competitiveness in the machine tool industry.

MYLAS|Brand Color-Infused Design with a Fusion of Bar Culture

Simplified Color Scheme Design, Showcasing Brand Elegance and Professionalism.

Planning the bar area and meeting space to create a relaxed atmosphere that fosters business opportunities.

Goodway|Altering Booth Orientation for Efficient Space Utilization

Utilizing an angled open visual approach to create differentiation from other exhibitors.

Designing pillar-wrapped relaxation and meeting areas for effective space utilization.

WELE|Making the Space More Spacious And Easier For Conversations with No Dividers

An almost barrier-free design, allowing for greater flexibility in workflow and space utilization.

Using a red carpet and a curved counter to create a sense of prestige in the meeting area.

Eumach|Incorporating Exotic Visual Elements to Showcase Elegance and Professionalism

Blending the brand logo with exotic cultural visual elements, creating a subtle yet eye-catching look.

Placing machine tools at the forefront of the booth to directly and clearly showcase product advantages.

Staying ahead of industry trends to maintain a leading position and seize business opportunities in the future.

VDW points out that Taiwan possesses a highly efficient machine tool industry, ranking 7th globally in production, with over 70% of its output being exported. Therefore, manufacturers of production technology in Taiwan should showcase their significance in the international arena.

International exhibitions serve as a platform to exhibit the latest technology and company strategies, fostering knowledge exchange. King One Design leverages its expertise to enhance the connection between brands and booth design. By employing distinctive visuals to emphasize brand identity, the focus remains on the products themselves, allowing international buyers to witness the substantial strength of Taiwan's machine tool industry. With outstanding quality and service, it not only sparks business opportunities but also builds strong and enduring partnerships.

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