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Aeonmotor x King One Design

The grand EICMA 2023 exhibition has kicked off with a spectacular display as King One Design collaborates with Aeonmotor to craft a booth of minimalist grandeur. Leveraging expansive cross-beam structures, our design creates a spacious layout to showcase the complete product lineup. The booth features distinctive lightbox hanging points and a backlit 3D brand logo, creating authentic highlights that captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression of the brand.

Exhibition Design Express Report Update

Welcoming the 80th edition of the EICMA International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition, the world's premier trade show for the two-wheeled industry. This year's event, held in Milan, Italy on November 7th, has attracted nearly 40,000 businesses from around the globe. In total, it has garnered the attention of at least 560,000 visitors, including 7,000 journalists and industry professionals from 62 countries. In this fiercely competitive international arena, King One Design leverages its expertise to help brands shine brightly at this grand gathering.

In the fiercely competitive exhibition arena, brands must capture the attention of attendees to have the opportunity to further arouse their interest in the brand.

Simplicity, while still focusing on details, enhances brand memorability.

The unique suspension points for the lightbox create a distinction from other competitors.

Adding a backlit 3D brand logo not only draws attention but also enhances brand memorability.

Utilizing products as wall decorations serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Effectively optimizing space to balance product showcase and negotiation functionalities.

Reducing partition design to maximize space for product placement.

Utilizing wall space to showcase smart instrument systems.

Planning semi-private/hidden spaces for discussions.

Elevating brand visibility to create opportunities both domestically and internationally.

International trade shows serve as platforms for showcasing product technology and fostering cross-border exchanges. King One Design, in planning exhibition booths, places a strong emphasis on corporate needs, balancing aesthetics with practicality. We opt for simple yet attention-grabbing elements, such as lightbox hanging points and 3D backlit logos, to enhance brand visibility. Our design approach involves the effective use of space, catering to both product display and discussion requirements. This ensures that businesses can seize limitless opportunities for expansion on the global stage.

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