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State-Owned Enterprises Zone x King One Design

The Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023 is the largest annual international technology exchange event. Taiwan Sugar Corporation has partnered with King One Design to design and plan the State-Owned Enterprises Zone with a core focus on "sustainable development." The exhibition integrates the "Net Zero Carbon" theme of five state-owned units and creates booth images based on the concept of coexistence with the environment and sustainability. Qualified green building materials are used to construct exhibition booths, while also reducing carbon emissions and waste during the construction process. From booth design to exhibition content, everything aligns with the theme.

Exhibition Design Express Update for Your Information

This year's Taiwan Innotech Expo, held from October 12th to 14th at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, was a grand event that attracted nearly 50,000 visitors. It featured participation from 430 domestic and international companies and academic research institutions representing 21 countries. In total, the expo showcased 1,048 cutting-edge technologies across various themes, including clean energy, cybersecurity, space technology, AI, and more. Through this exhibition, Taiwan engaged in international exchanges to showcase its technological innovations and capabilities. King One Design was fortunate to be involved in the design and planning of the State-Owned Enterprises Zone, highlighting Taiwan's innovative potential and advanced technology.

Taiwan is globally renowned for its inventive capacity and technological prowess. We look forward to using the exhibition as a platform to facilitate technology exchanges and drive the commercialization of technological innovations.

Integrating green energy ingenuity into our booth design not only aligns with sustainability but also showcases innovative technology.

The landscaping plants are sunn hemp, serving a dual purpose of showcasing Taiwan Sugar Corporation's research and development in carbon reduction agriculture while also greening the booth.

The ceiling features a curved, arched design that provides a dark space for projection in certain exhibition areas, combining both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Utilizing sloped poster walls adds depth to the space and enhances the presentation of exhibition content.

By using LED lighting fixtures and glass partitions, we achieve reduced energy consumption for lighting while increasing the sense of spaciousness.

Starting from the details of the booth design, we manifest the spirit of sustainability from the inside out.

Taiwan's continuous progress across various industries relies on its innovative and inventive capacity. Both the government and businesses actively exploring novel solutions. Green energy and sustainability-related technologies are thriving.  In this regard, the five state-owned enterprises are showcasing interdisciplinary innovative technologies with a primary emphasis on promoting environmental sustainability. In planning the exhibition booth, King One Design remains closely aligned with the concept of sustainability. In designing the booth, King One Design closely adheres to the sustainability concept. For example, using sunn hemp to display Taiwan Sugar Corporation's research in carbon reduction agriculture while greening the booth. From the selection of green building materials, spatial arrangement, reducing energy consumption to booth greening, we aim to manifest the spirit of sustainable innovation from the inside out.

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